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Open Letter to @SenDougJones

Not so interested in what y’all had to say, way more interested in what y’all did and are doing, this varies in form and intensity from Illegal to Immoral to Reprehensible, & heritage of some who Immigrated FROM Germany NOT AGAIN, NOT HERE, NOT NOW, NOT EVER!


:It’s Democrats who are forcing us to separate children at the border. Adviser Miller:This is our policy to separate families. DHS Sec. Nielsen We do not have a policy of separating families at the border.

They have said that ALL of the people involved cross {whichever legal} border illegally to make asylum requests so face criminal prosecution BUT  but if they go to official border crossing where applications processed they are constatly {for a long time now} turned way, told to return later, NOT even allowed to step over on to US soil, even though their border JOB for refugges is to LET them IN and PROCESS them, which they don’t even let them in, BUT at the same time #Trumpedup has military of all kinds sent to border to ‘protect’ it, while still NOT allowing refugees in at ALL, but can spend millions to send in the military and house kids illegally ripped from their parents in attempts to politically ransom them for a Wall that he has no idea how to make nor fund, because he gave the top richest ongoing tax breaks. They have kids, even infants, in conditions WORSE than zoo animals, with less space than zoo animals. #RepublicanNestOfDispicables

These actions and conditions violate the 14th Amendment as coduct that “shocks the conscience”, violates Human Rights, Geneva Convention, Red Cross, etc, for children that are NOT enemy combatants yet are treated WORSE than if they were.

They are claiming, yet there are differing stories as always with this so called administration, that there is no policy {where in other places it clearly says there is or something to that effect}, and with or without papers is NOT the issue, BECASUE asylum seekers are REFUSED entry to US, refused even the CHANCE to actually apply, so there is no way the border patrol knows whether their paperwork is good enough etctera, because they NEVER get asked for ANY, totally REFUSED ANY assistance or help or even questioned in any way, just turned totally way, and that is illegal under that 50’s law, period. THEN there is policy that all adults crossing illegally, however they define THAT, are being criminally prosecuted, still with NO access to asylum, so how do they know whether it’s papers or proper ones, and how can they try and convict someone for something they are legally trying to do but which are illegally denied access to. Then they want to turn around and deny entry based on applying for asylum, being illegally denied that application without any proof in any way good or bad, but using that ‘conviction’ to say they are criminal and therefore denied.  At which point they then kidnap the children saying they are ‘unaccompanied minor’, and put them in to a human zoo, on thin mats and sheets, and made to wear armbands reminiscient of mark of the beast/666 and Hitler’s Germany, probably not tatoos YET, because of budgets….

They are NOT being sent to immigration detention, but instead are being referred for criminal prosecution, sent to a federal jail, and before federal judge weeks later to see if they’ll get prison time, where their children are kidnapped because can’t be kept with your children in federal lockup. Average courtrooms of that type have it where you are brought before the judge in mass assembly line, some having 1.000 cases a day, and sentenced within a few minutes to time served…as long as they plead GUILTY.

There are cases where immigrant familities are separated after coming to ports of entry, presenting themselves for asylum {following US law}. Trump claims they only separate families at ports of entry BUT…Ports of entry are NOT accepting them, AT ALL, and if ‘worried about the safety of the children’ {because they are basically going to charge the parents with something, at which point again back to supposed unaccompanied alien minor, although that is supposed to describe people under age of 18 who come to US without adult relative {which they just TOOK}, and are then sent to Office of Refugee Resettlement/ORR, part of Department of Health and Human Services…where they are bundled in to worse than zoo like conditions, tagged, and supposedly attempts made to identify nearest relative…who they probably have in federal prison at that time. Those places are understaffed, overwhelmed, kids and infants packed in worse than caged animals, and very little if any health care etcetera given to them.


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Prerna P. Lal, Esq.


ICE has now released a flyer for parents separated from their children at the border.

A flyer.

And it’s in English.

 From April 18 to May 31, Department of Homeland Security officials reported in June, 1,995 children were taken from 1,940 adults. This is undercount because according to DHS officials this number is only for the familties separated when parents were sent in to criminal custody to be prosecuted for illegal entry, so does not include families who presented themselves for asylum legally at port of entry but were then separated, nor does it count all the ones illegally denied even the chance to go in to the port of entry {which is more than all the others combined, according to reports coming in from all over}, and Trump has stepped up detention of asylum seekers, which is illegal in most cases to begin with, (and immigrants, period). But because there are such strict limits on keeping children in immigration detention it’s next to impossible to get any definite numbers. Trump’s so called solution is to prosecute larger numbers of immigrants for illegal entry — including large numbers of asylum seekers. That allows the Trump administration to ship children off to ORR, rather than keeping them in immigration detention.

In theory, unaccompanied immigrant children are sent to ORR within 72 hours of being apprehended, kept in government facilities, or short-term foster care, for days or weeks while ORR officials try to identify the nearest relative in the US who can take the child in while the immigration case is being resolved, but the system for dealing with unaccompanied immigrant children was already overwhelmed, if not broken already. ORR facilities were already 95 percent full as of June 7; 11,000 children being held. Supposedly the government reserved an additional 1,218 beds in various places for migrant children, including some at military bases. So, once again, Trump is treating the US military, it’s members and facilities, as his own areas to do what he will with them, at the expense of the American Taxpayer as well. The agency being overloaded for years includes backlog in 2014 when they ended up caring for kids for days or even longer, with the American Civil Liberties Union report in May 2018 documenting hundreds of claims of “verbal, physical, and sexual abuse” of unaccompanied children by Border Patrol. Additionally there are questions about how carefully ORR vets the sponsors to whom it ultimately releases children, with cases of teenagers getting released to labor traffickers by ORR, in April that of 7,000 children it attempted to contact in fall 2017, 1,475 could not be contacted — leading to allegations that the government “lost” children, or that they’d been handed over to traffickers. In May the government put out a request for proposals for “shelter care providers, including group homes and transitional foster care,” to house children separated from parents. One organization coordinating placements is placing children with foster families in Michigan and Maryland — and planning to expand to several other states. Some of these foster families have experience fostering unaccompanied children, but they’re not used to children who’ve just been separated from their parents.

Some families have been reunited, but the government is sending very mixed signals about how that can be accomplished, and whether Trump is even trying to make it happen at all. In an ACLU lawsuit over the separation of families in immigration detention, a DOJ official told the judge that “once a parent is in ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] custody and the child is taken into the Health and Human Services system, the government does not try to reunite them, and instead attempts to place the child with another relative in the United States — if the child has one.” That isn’t what ICE and DHS say. They claim that once parents have finished their criminal sentences for illegal entry or reentry, they can be reunited with their children in civil immigration detention while they pursue their asylum case. They don’t appear to have a system to bring families back together.

******* Personally I say hit Trump etc with Kidnapping charges, since they were taken from LEGAL GUARDIANS/PARENTS who were with them AT THAT TIME, not even told what was going on and/or why…Violates all sorts of rights and laws and protections.

One flyer given to parents in Texas offered a number to call to locate children. But the number was wrong: Instead of being a number for ORR, it was an ICE tip line. (The flyers had to be corrected in pen.) And even if a parent can call ORR and ORR can identify the child, they might not be able to call the parent back — because immigrants in detention don’t have phone access. (Federal judges sentencing immigrants have urged the government to make sure  that they have access to phones so they can relocate their kids.) The plaintiffs in the ACLU’s family-separation lawsuit are one woman separated from her child for eight months after she presented herself for asylum at a port of entry, and another woman who was sentenced to a brief jail term for illegal entry but couldn’t be reunited with her child for months after her release back to DHS custody. Some parents are being deported without their children. And some small children, according to advocates in Central America, are getting deported without their parents.

Trump has responded to criticisms of family separation by claiming that a “Democratic law” requires him to do it, and that if Congress doesn’t like it, they can change the law.

Donald J. Trump


Separating families at the Border is the fault of bad legislation passed by the Democrats. Border Security laws should be changed but the Dems can’t get their act together! Started the Wall.

This is not true. There is no law that requires immigrant families to be separated. The decision to charge everyone crossing the border with illegal entry — and the decision to charge asylum seekers in criminal court rather than waiting to see if they qualify for asylum — are both decisions the Trump administration has made. Other administration officials back up Trump by pointing to the laws that give extra protections to families, unaccompanies children, and asylum seekers.  The administration has been asking Congress to change these laws since it came into office, and has blamed them for stopping Trump from securing the border the way he’d like. (Those aren’t “Democratic laws” either; the law addressing unaccompanied children was passed overwhelmingly in 2008 and signed by George W. Bush, while the restriction on detaining families is a result of federal litigation.) In that context, the law isn’t forcing Trump to separate families; it’s keeping Trump from doing what he’d perhaps really like to do, which is simply sending families back or keeping them in detention together, and so he has had to resort to plan B.

Some administration officials say they’re prosecuting immigrants (and separating families) for a simple reason: They want to stop people from coming into the US illegally between ports of entry. “You have an option to go to a port of entry and not illegally cross into our country,” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told a Senate committee last month. It sounds like common sense — and it allows the administration to avoid awkward legal or moral questions about trying to keep out people fleeing persecution. But there isn’t evidence that strategy will work. In early May, rolling out the zero-tolerance policy, the Trump administration claimed that a pilot of the program along one sector of the border had reduced border crossings in that sector by 64 percent — but failed to produce numbers to back up that claim, and instead  produced numbers about something else. Furthermore, the administration sends mixed signals about whether it actually wants people to use ports of entry to seek asylum legally. {There are numberous, recent reports, many even on video, showing ports of entry NOT allowing any entry, in any way, no matter what, not even asking the simplest of questions, just telling them there’s no room, to come back at some other time, while the people are left with no options but to hang around, attempt to make tent cities, beg for food, etcetera.}

Some asylum seekers have been separated from their children at ports of entry, Trump has promised to prosecute anyone who submits a “fraudulent” asylum claim — and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made it clear that he suspects many, if not most, asylum claims are fraudulent. Meanwhile, at several ports of entry, asylum seekers are being told there’s no room for them and that they’ll have to come back another time. In at least one case, asylum seekers were physically prevented from stepping on US soil, which would have given them the right to seek asylum at the port of entry, but without any questions of any kind are totally prevented from doing that.  The statistics the Trump administration uses to back up the idea that there’s a “surge” since last year sometimes count both people getting caught by Border Patrol between ports of entry and those presenting themselves without papers at ports of entry for asylum. The implication is that the current crackdown will reduce both — implying that one point of the policy is to stop families from trying to enter the US to seek asylum, period.

Trump has made it a criminal offense, and crimimals don’t have a right to have their children with them in jail. The question is whether Trump administration has the legal authority to put asylum-seeking parents in jail awaiting trial to begin with, knowing they’re splitting them from their children. Human rights organizations, including the United Nations, have argued that it violates international law to prosecute asylum seekers criminally. Federal courts have, however, ruled that it’s illegal to keep an immigrant in detention in the hopes of deterring others, instead of making an individual assessment about whether that immigrant needs to be detained. That might pave the way for advocates to fight back against family separation — or, at least, to force the government to start helping families get reunited after the parents have been sentenced. The ACLU won an early victory in its case in June: The federal government asked the judge to throw out the case, and the judge refused. In his ruling, he made it clear he believed that if the allegations against the administration were true, they might very well be unconstitutional — violating family integrity, which some courts have found is implicitly part of the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of “liberty” without due process of law. This doesn’t mean that the case is definitely going to succeed, though the tea leaves are favorable. And, of course, any opinion will be appealed — and will likely go to the Supreme Court unless something else happens to change the policy before then. Even if the ACLU does succeed, it won’t stop families from being separated at the border. The lawsuit argues that it’s unconstitutional for parents who are in immigration detention to be separated from their children — but not that it’s unconstitutional to charge parents with illegal entry and take them into separate criminal court. A victory would merely obligate the federal government to reunite parents with their children once they’ve served their (brief) time for illegal entry. But whether the government will actually be able to do that is another question. And it’s certainly less preferable, for families, than not being separated at all.

It’s possible the administration simply won’t have the resources to keep this many people in detention for this long — it’s already running out of space in ICE detention — or to keep prosecuting more and more people for a crime that already overwhelms federal dockets. But it’s also possible that it will simply burn through the money it has and demand Congress give it more, in the name of protecting the US from an invasion of illegality. It is extremely unlikely that Congress is going to pass a law that stops the administration from separating families at the border. Democrats are scrambling to propose bills to limit prosecution and separation, and meanwhile Trump uses DACA as an excuse when it’s not even the same situation as well as an older one.  Indefinite family separation is almost certainly going to overwhelm the already precarious system for dealing with migrant children. Border Patrol and ORR aren’t going to get the resources they need to address the new jobs they’re being asked to take on by treating children separated from their parents as “unaccompanied” children. But the public and policymakers never paid much attention to that part of the immigration system anyway. When it first became clear that the Trump administration was engaging in wide-scale family separation, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly waved off questions about the policy by saying that children would be sent to “foster care or whatever.” The vagueness and inaccuracy were telling. The administration knows it is separating families. It does not appear to believe it’s its job to reunite them.

Yahoo/messenger Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Got email that stated they were closing down yahoo messenger {although they are doing beta or whatever for same sorta type thing called Squirrel…yeah alright Squirrely, great choice, NOT}, and said to download history if you wanted to keep it.

Now, full disclosure, and part of point, have had yahoo since at least 2002, and messenger would have been at same time or right after. I aksed for download, just in case…and after had to use DIFFERENT account to send to, asked for the code {hoop 2} then got it, and input the 4 digit code…at which point asked it about 14 times in various ways, to accept that code, which it never did. {REPEAT hoop 2} asked for a code AGAIN, and at attempt 13 was ready to give up, but it accepted in on 14th try. {hoop 3} then was sent email from yahoo to my yahoo, and to the other account used AND to my hotmail account used that it was being processed…uh okay, why did they send to my hotmail. {hoop 4} Told that it would take a while…so waited another FOUR days when, finally, got told it was ready. NO DOWLOAD, and in fact had to jump through {hoop 5} to access the stupid account, and NO yahoo, right clicking on that part of the yahoo/messenger part of my dashboard did NOT do ANYTHING, regardless of your claims. SO {hoop 6} finally saw tiny listing for 2 messages…2 out of ? {thousands} using it for the most part consistently for YEARS…and could NOT even access THOSE in any way.

Yeah, going to be shutting that whole piece of shit down…because guess what else, and explains a LOT of the SPAM that ORIGINATED with yahoo…they have 437 ‘partners’…and I HAVE opted out of everything, and STILL get CONSTANT SPAM…because opting out doesn’t opt anyone out of this crap, it just makes it NON-personalized, although personalized it b.s. too {ex: says I am in marietta GA, nope, maybe hub connection to/from my comcast internet, but not even in the right STATE much less narrowed down to even somewhat pinpoint me or my interests}. {Actually NEVER round ANY way to STOP ANY of them from sending me crap, opted in NOR out.} BUNCH OF LYING SPAMMING THEIFS.

How much does Amazon SUCK, let me count the ways….

UPDATE: reviwed the amazon kindle fire 8 HD that bought the room mate {since he never reviews ANYTHING} AND I bought it, with my gift cards and didn’t have to buy HIM squat {though he was and is paying for the kindle unlmimited, and now the prime, though he uses them most, though as an aside, I am going through the Grimm series but still….}…AND it FINALLY showed up, the review I did, AND it did show VERIFIED, so that MAY mean that even gift card purchases count as verified, which is good…and bad…since if the spammers are sending out free gift cards, and the scammer helper has cc/debit card, then they can ‘buy’ the book with the gift card, and since their account would be a verified ACCOUNT, the book would be considered/show verified. NO idea how amazon/goodreads {now calling them amazon-reads or amaz-reads since they are a ‘couple’} ‘thinks’ that the $50 year {as in 12 months at least, not calendar, because the tablet was gotten back in September 2017} is going to stop scammers, because…1 it’s NOT 2 it’s STUPID 3 WON’T WORK/solve the issue attempting and FAILING to solve BECAUSE 1a amazon does NOT count kindle unlimited reads as ‘verified’ 1b does NOT count kindle unlimited subscription, prime subscription, etc, subscriptions of ANY kind as ‘verfied’ BUT they VERIFY the credit card/debit card every time they pop the subscription price…but yet, somehow in someway, by screwing over VALIDATED and ACTIVE customers {AND reviewers} and screwing over the writers who put up with ku ‘pool’ which amazon makes money from in several ways {traffic and advertising to site, their other non-book products, even physical books, etc, and subscriptions} they pay out from that pool, bonuses even to ‘top’ books, which majority are of the ‘stuffed’ type which is cheating the crappy amazon ‘security’ system, which means real writers with real books are getting a pittance of the ‘pie’ while scammers not only get much more, plus bonuses, amazon is not paying it out, it’s paid out otherwise, and the real writers using ku and getting less and less because…they are NOT making money, not making or getting bonuses, and it’s too much to wade through all the scammers and stuffers ‘books’ to find something to read. POINT: AMAZON SUCKS at being a book retailer, and sucks at much more. Keep in mind, too, that, for example {not sure when last items bought, so september/october} would be Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb, Mar, April, May, June, July, Aug, Sep, Oct…2018, my books, bought, gotten, gift card, whatever, will NOT be ‘verified’…because I will have NOT bought anything in a 12 month period…as they continue to verify the Card for ku, prime, etc. SO…does that mean if we don’t buy enough books, movies, whatever, that my account is going to NOT be verified, EVEN though the books were PURCHASES on amazon, through amazon…yeah, Amazon-reads, the only type of business sense you are showing at the moment is 1 greed 2 stupidity.

Way back, you could review on amazon any which of mulitple ways. THEN you could only review if there as $5 {purchase?} involved, THEN only if you has spent $50 {EVER} and had valid credit card/debit card on account. {Some STILL NOT showing up, even after months!}

Okay, stop a moment. These are in regards to ‘verified’ reviews, and books etc are a bit different in TOS overall than a physical product of whatever kind. That means, also, that the $50 did NOT include subscription services {i.e. Kindle Unlimited, Prime, magazines or various video subscriptions…EVEN THOUGH to GET those the person HAD to have a credit card/debit card ON their account, as they ARE billed monthly or for x amount of time during the subscription}.

THEN/NOW “To contribute to Customer features (for example, Customer Reviews, Customer Answers, Idea Lists) or to follow other contributors, you must have spent at least $50 on Amazon.com using a valid credit or debit card in the past 12 months. Promotional discounts don’t qualify towards the $50 minimum.” Okay, that means, for me, that I have spent around $400 in the last 12 month period as bought some doctor who video collectionS, some D & D dice {the room mate shares the account, just roll over that, so to speak}, various other books, {plus on and off GC cards we bought for ‘just in case’ books}, a kindle fire {which bought for him after winning some GC/Gift Cards through raffle copter {think that was who} so they {2 cards, 2 separated events} had me enter the code for the GC straight to my account, so mine, to spend on whatever}, computer parts, etc…and that’s just in the part that is covered for the last part of 2017 going in to 2018 because we haven’t done more than gotten ku/prime subscription and bought some ebooks which not sure how those compute for this.

For the last 5 years, not counting 2018 or ku or anything, I have spent $250-300 or more EACH year {computer parts, discs, etc non book things} not counting freebie day books or books bought with gift cards {which between books and the kindle fire add up to 250-300 or so just by themselves}.

While I understand the need for stopping spammers, scammers, {book} stuffers, etctera, it’s taken Amazon FAR TOO LONG to bother, so now may or may not be of any real use and/or will take much longer to do beause of their…is it ignoring the situtions or their IGNORANCE, but 6 of 1 & half dozen of another. I have also seen various issues with Amazon Prime uses getting charged for the upcoming hear THEN having account stopped, with OF COURSE, no explanation from Amazon, and that’s crap, athough I don’t see any way I’d personally be involved with any of that because I simply watch movies on it, and it was put on because they room mate wanted it {and was paying for that and the kindle unlimited} so again pretty much not my problem as even though he does sometimes get things shipped in that way, through prime, he NEVER reviews ANYthing, EVER, so again….

BE ADIVSED…ALL of the above does NOT ‘count’ Amazon’s OWN Vine reviewers, which sellers can sign up for, no one seems to know when or how to get on as reviewer, is HIGHLIGHTED and further up in reviews that for even Verified reviews, AND CAN BE INCENTIFIED {they get free products to review}…so what’s good for the goose {to follow Amazon TOS} is totally different when the Gander owns the Vine that twists around the PAID REVIEWS on a site THEY OWN/RUN.

Where have all the real writers and real books gone?

not kindle unlimited, got it after about an hour of jumping through various hoops then more time to switch it over to the promised epub, which is listed but not actually available, and therefore can not be ‘read’ on chromebook because don’t have the book through amazon {and again, chromebook}, and had to stop to clean up spam email when it sent out several signup/approve, and only when {finally} sent a file, that was when had to convert to epub {NEVER ask for files if can’t get them epub, and it claimed could, when couldn’t} so…never actually was sent the file through signing up, none of the times, got hit with several emails claiming click to get file, still never got any file, then when the ‘writer’ finally sent the unusable mobi straight out whined and complained that he does the site for free — it’s his bloody books for his bloody site, which at some point is SUPPOSED to make him money, well, except finshed reading the book and it’s total crap, so how is that my fault that he 1 ‘set up’ a website that works like CRAP, 2 lists formatS that are NOT available, 3 NOR does REPEATED attempts to get ANY format WORK, 4 strikes out at someone that is aggravated over his incompetence, 5 and is STILL spamming the email account! 6 went through ‘personal business’ account for yet another webpage which ALSO never delivered book AND kept spammin! OH 6 ‘writes’ like a junior high school student who failed Compisition calles over and over, makes up incomprehensible names, makes a LOT of those up, and still never managed to find time to actually do any real kind of plot, or interest or non-cardboard characters? CONGRATS, 1st time EVER I have HATED something having to do with Dragons!

Murder in Wizard’s Wood Michael J Allen
for heaven’s sake, don’t spend money, don’t even spend time to get this mish mash of unintelligible sophmoric {at BEST} ‘book’

The Cocky Case of the Alleged Writer by Faileena Nobody aka Cyanide Lacey

Pondering…don’t write ‘romance’, of any ‘kind’, but…could take a metaphorical stab at…is there a genre or sub-genre for ‘romance parody’? How about ‘romance parity’ or ‘parody parity’? Could call it Choking on Cocky Manipulations, with the main ‘bad boy’ character named Zon. Even a parody would give me a headache, though.

How about…a murder mystery? Synopsis would be…a ‘romance’ alleged writer by the name of…Fleecing Hope…Faileena Nobody…Cyanide Lacey {just spitballing ideas, and the taste of it from my mouth}. Title would be…Cocky Death by Review…or Cocky Reviewers Strike Back…The Case of the Cocky Writer {subtitle Another Case of Death}. The case of the Parity Parody? The Cocky Case of the Alleged Writer?

The basic outline of the story an alleged writer {schlock pseudo ‘romance’ alleged ‘books’} full of errors, typos, grammar issues, and bad ‘writing’ has fictitious lawyer writing out cease and desist letters…which she writes herself, not allegedly as the typos give her way, and only mentions the alleged lawyer/company in passing. She tries to bully ‘indie’ writers into changing the titles of their books, even ones that were written long before her series, and ones that are just single books even though no one can patent just single book/item as must be series. However, even though the Patent Office had given the patent for the use of the word, alleged ‘writer’ got cocky and lied about several things to them. She had not meet the ‘First Use’ requirement, there were others before her that wrote series with that word, and with the others it was the main title word NOT a subtitle. She also put in the patent that it was for the stylized font of the word, except another company has a copyright on that font, and also specifically states any attempts to patent or copyright usage of their font is against the terms of service as well as infringement on their copyright. As the story continues, the creator/company of the font hears about #Cockgate and decides to make the alleged ‘writer’ remove/destroy ALL ebooks, paperbacks, bookmarks and other promotional material using the wrongly gotten patent because it infringes on THEIR copyright. Allegedly the alleged writer used to be an aspiring director and actor, and was in the process or trying to turn one of the alleged ‘books’ into a feature film.

Rumor has it that she has other series out, and was also trying to screw with the Patent Office in attempt to do the same with the phrase “I love my” and “Heart” series, so of course who knows the impact on the Valentine’s industry. Obviously she is trying to ‘Pull a Highlander” {there can be only ONE}, but according to her {and not even allegedly}, she was protecting her {allegedly pretty much mute or deleting her alleged ‘books’ or changing their reviews due to her actions} alleged fan base from themselves and the world, as they are too stupid {they have allegedly been reading her ‘books’, so maybe allegedly stupid} to be able to tell her stock photos from other alleged ‘books’ or her not so memorable not so original ‘original’ covers from dozens and dozens of other allegedly ‘original’ covers in the ‘romance’ {alleged} books. Oh, and the alleged readers are allegedly too stupid to know how to read her main writing name or the pen name and/or to return any books that they ‘confused’ with her’s that were not her’s, so allegedly could not return any books wrongly bought through a major book seller.

As with most mysteries, the question is who benefits and how, so #FollowTheMoney. As the Detective known as Cocky Alleged Zon starts to uncover…allegedly the alleged writer used to be an alleged aspiring director and actor, and was allegedly in the process of trying to turn one of the alleged ‘books’ into a feature film. But how would any of the alleged circumstances benefit what was basically an unknown, alleged writer? As Cocky Alleged Zon digs up more dirt, alleged  and otherwise, things heat up and get hotter than a bodice ripping ‘erotic romance’. He is stuck in the shady underbelly of manipulation, computations, and real protestations of alleged sincerity at every turn. The alleged writer has told her alleged readers to borrow the book from a major exclusive provider, giving the alleged books more visibility, puts them higher in search results, gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘juice’ and ‘algorithmic love’ because even without any sales, even borrowing a book that way spiked the rankings, overnight, by about 100,000.

Another writer, one of the main suspects, has written a romance book, about a computer programmer falling in love {See: Algorhymic Love by Cocky Bastards Esq aka Erin Wright}. She is suspect in the alleged ‘algoritmic heist’ stoppage because she had written a book that had caused her to research all the ways that the worldwide company could be and was being manipulated in certain ways by alleged certain alleged writers. So as to not give away the ending, will end for now with these questions: in The Cocky Case of the Alleged Writer by Faileena Nobody aka Cyanide Lacey…was it murder, or an alleged murder? Could it have been suicide made to appear as a murder, or was it self inflicted alleged career figuritive suicide brought on by the greed of an alleged writer who, after gaming the system one way, is trying to turn one of the alleged ‘books’ into a feature film so is going with the adage of ‘any publicity is good publicity’. {For relevant background information on like cases, see: OJ Simpson, Bill Cosby, Ted Nugent}

Out soon!! The Cocky Case of the Alleged Writer, by Faileena Nobody aka Cyanide Lacey — not only a ‘Who done it’ but also taking potshot parodies at The Orient Express and any other insanity that can be written out and put in before publication deadline! Who did it? What was done? All the What, When, Where, Who, Why, and How one could allegedly stand! Was the entire writing genre involved, or worse…the entire reviewing community, for a Cocky blowback?

Coming soon as well, book 2, where a writer attempts to trademark “Chronicles,” “Saga,” “Epic,” “Trilogy,” and a few others in an evil plot to own half the Fantasy and Sci-Fi genre!  {this, of course, is so it’s a series and Cocky Case {files} can be patented, what else.

my twitter: new SERIES so patent/copyright Cocky Case Files by Faileena Nobody aka Cyanide Lacey 1 The Cocky Case of the Alleged Writer 2 The Cocky Case of Patent-ly Wrong Copyrights alleged writer attempts trademark words/genres Chronicles, Saga, Epic, etc plot cockblock 1/2 Fantasy/Sci-Fi!



#ByeFaleena to $#BuyFaleena motive

Update: creator/company of font could, if they wanted to, make HER take down, destroy, etc, all ebooks, paperbacks, booksmarks and other promotional items using that bogus ‘trademarked’ FONT, which states in leasing/buying however she got to use it can NOT be trademarked or copywrited as it is THEIRS and is in fact an infringement on that company’s copywrite to that font {and since they are in England the laws are also stricter even more so than in the States}, so … stay tuned for the possible train wreck with her the cause AND in the middle of a growing explosion.

I have been following this on twitter, although I don’t write much nowadays and never ever in this genre, it’s been read/review stuff for me on amazon and goodreads, but beyond the issues of yes, it’s way too generic term and the ‘copyright’ or patent etc on the font is not legal and in some places she claims ‘stylized font’ yet in others says any font etc plus the patent office obviously needs to read better {see ‘like usage’ type things re apple, Apple, and just what the RESTRICTIONS still are including 1 i{name of product they can’t use because it’s already used by someone else in their somewhat like business}

My main issue is…does she really think ‘her’ readers only read her ‘books’ and why does she obviously think that ‘her’ readers are complete and total morons? Do they not know how to read/figure out the name/s of the 2 ‘writers’ names she uses or the 3 total crappy series?  Cocker Brothers of Atlanta/Georgia/Cocker Brothers Series {goodreads listing, books listing with sub title Cocky {insert word} & amazon Cocky {insert word}: Name of character {Cocker Brothers, The Cocky Series Book # {then at bottom of listing as of when looked “Book 1 of 18 in Cocker Brothers, The Cocky Series (18 Book Series) —

ISSUES 1 her SERIES is NOT ‘cocky’ JUST the individually written ‘book’ titles, the series is Cocker {etc}. 2 both what {few} paperbacks show available are very low/out nor has she redone the paperbacks just added copyright/trademark symbol when listing at bottom below ‘book’ listing with symbols SO 3 Cocker Brothers of Atlanta Series {goodreads listing, books listing with sub title Cocky {insert word} & amazon Cocky {insert word}: Name of character {Cocker Brothers, The Cocky Series Book – THAT LAST PART ONLY RECENTLY ADDED} so AGAIN the main title is Cocker Brothers {etc} with subtitle of whatever trash she’s spewing out # 4 Cocky {insert word}: A Military Romace (The Cocker Brothers of Georgia) so not Atlanta AND can she not spell romance or know how to proof that trash, positive there’s supposed to be an n in romance not romace {just had to add that, because shows level of ‘intelligence’ and ‘proofing} 5 now added Cocky {insert} (Cocker Brothers, The Cocky Series) BUT until she started her crap it was the Cocker Brothers etc that was referenced, because why would someone look for a subtitle instead of list/order of books anyway

doing the quick search on Amazon it shows FIRST Cocky Bastard SERIES where EACH of them EACH time is called Cocky Bastard, just adds on ‘episode’/book # basically

BURIED THE LEAD, sorry — Have been following #ByeFaleena {what I call the $#BuyFaleena} & #Cockygate, and got to wondering what benefit it would be to a basically unknown writer to put her books on KU and even in forums to state she wanted ‘her’ readers to borrow the book on KU even if they later bought it, because she made more money that way. What didn’t make any sense is the fact that if a reader gets a book on KU and reads it to the end even, THEN buys the book within 30 or 60 days {not sure of time frame since would depend on when borrowed, when/how much read for total payout THEN when the payment was due } if the ‘borrow’ was paid out BEFORE the purchase, because it does NOT ‘double dip’ so to speak.

HOWEVER Amazon makes books enrolled in KU more VISIBLE, AND puts those books HIGHER on the search page results, meaning more ‘algorithmic love’. They also give them more ‘juice’ for each buy than for a book not enrolled in KU. {The writer of the article read this from did experiment by taking book that was not on/out of ku just to see what would happen when enrolled in ku as far as the rankings — without any sales, without any borrows, the book jumped about 100,000 in ranking overnight.} So even with NO sale and having to wait for ku payout/s, the writer get a BUMP in ranking AND visibility, even before it’s read {and not even sure if has to be read at all, except of course to get the ku ‘pennies’}.

So, higher visibility plus pays writers for books read all way {per page read} through ku program. HOWEVER, even with no sale, and no payment for about 30 days or so, writers do receive a ‘bump’ in ranking in the kindle store, even before it’s read.

Amazon’s per page read amount is not told to them until after the month is over {because it comes out of a total fund that is shared, from what I have heard}, but that means, for example, you are told February 15th how much you made for January, and doesn’t pay you for that until March 31st. “And they calculate it down to the nth degree. Their pay per page will look something like $0.004319842. When you have millions of pages read per month, just a slight change in that number can mean a huge change in your paycheck.”

“Amazon does not try to hide the fact that they reward KU authors with higher visibility and more algorithmic love – this is a big part of the draw of being enrolled in KU, and they make no bones about it. (Total side note: Now I want to write a book called Algorithms of Love and have it star a computer programmer. Haha! Okay, focusing…)”

Another place said Amazon started paying out close to $0.0049 per page, seemingly not big difference, but a writer getting 1,000,000 in page reads per month, average for ku writer, this is cut of $800 per month. Current stats from another pages says KENP Payout Per Page, the rate the writers are being page for each page read on ku, is average payout of $0.00488 and hasn’t changed much since Amazon started paying by page read. Writers are able to earn MAXIMUM 3,000 Kindle Edition Normalized Pages (KENPs) read per title per customer {so each time book borrowed and read, to end most likely, you will get credit for up to 3000 pages}. I am not too sure how this works out if writers have longer books, and those are on ku, such as several books in one collection/’book’.

KDP select enrollment is supposed to enable one book, all the books, or something inbetween, and makes the book eligible for 70% royalty earnings on sales to customers in certain non-American countries. If the book/s are exclusive to the kindle store, which is requirement during KDP Select, that includes Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Owner’s Lending Library {KOLL/with Prime}. KDP Select also gives access to new promotional tools, including Kindle Countdown Deal {limited time promotional discounting on book, available for set amount of time every so often} for books available on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk or free book where readers worldwide can get the book free for limited time.


Amazon/GR #ByeFaleena #ByeAmazon

Amazon/GR #ByeFaleena #ByeAmazon

Due to Amazon {who bought out goodreads}, will be cancelling my prime, kindle unlimited, and stopping all reviews except for the few backlogged due to the move and possible a few stragglers that are my main list of followed writers, as I do ARCs for them, but those will be few and far between NOW.

Amazon, once again in their infinite stupidity,  has ‘screwed the pooch’ AND ‘jumped the shark’, at the SAME time! Amazon, after a patent was given to a ‘writer’ for the name ‘Cocky’ in book series, by an understaffed idiot in the Patent office, did the following:

Did not wait for the fact the so called Patent is under litigation, so far by just one writer but soon by a whole organization, and started deleting books with that name in title. HOWEVER, not only is it in litigation, it was easy enough for ANYone to see that it did NOT meet the ‘First Use’ REQUIREMENT, another series used it long before, AND then the ‘writer’ told amazon first and the other writer/s second, BUT Amazon started taking down all ‘romance’ books with that title ANY way…without waiting and so stupid that could not understand that such a word is used too many ways in too broad of way/s {See ‘apple’/Apple patent information in regards to how NARROW/restrictive patent REQUIRES} and would quickly be ruled null, as would the second lawsuit which the ‘writer’ does not own font to and which when bought was stated by the company that it could NOT be copywrited for any reason by anyone using it. So that’s BOTH that are INVALID PLUS the fact of first use which she does NOT meet!

Today, Amazon started deleting ALL reviews, even NON ‘romance’ books, if they in any way used the word ‘cocky’…which not only is a ridiculous word to try to copyright anyway, is not even in the same genre, but {again} is way too broad of a term, too generic, and specifically as far as book titles is only supposed to apply as a WHOLE, AND which titles she has AND still does have DIFFERERENT paperback and ebook versions/Titles!

I hope, and do already see indication of this, that your stock dives and continues to dive low then lower and lower. It is #PatentLY ridiculous and yes #ByeFaleena is trending on twitter, as will #BoycottAmazon AGAIN SOON.

I am legally blind, but I have apps to ‘read’ aloud to me, and on very good days can sight read for a while, although thankfully I am a touch typist. I ‘read’ anywhere from 10 to 20 books a day {less lately because of a house move}, and one time read up to 50 {shorter serialized stories}.

I didn’t see my reviewed count for goodreads, but for amazon which been going to longer and reviewing had at last look 3.4k reviews, so at least half of that for goodreads as well. NOW, because of someone’s STUPIDITY and ridiculousness and greed or whatever moronic so called reasons for doing this, your company stands to LOSE MUCH MORE. Less reviewers/reviews means less site traffic and less reveiwers than even before willing to put up with your arbitrary TOS which already includes ‘for no reason at all’ b.s. Less reveiws/reviewers with less site traffic means less revenue, lower stock prices, more loss of such things as kindle unlimited and even associated subscriptions such as Prime, plus associated revenue with goodreads to amazon linkage…and that is just from ONE reviewer. It could easily mean all the writers that could be pulling their books from ku or even from amazon totally. You and by default goodreads, may be the biggest bookstore etc, but you are NOT the only one, BUT YOU ARE the one that will take the biggest hit from all the associated services and traffic NOT coming to your site. Think it couldn’t happen, maybe…but what do they have to lose, really, with you screwing them over as you are currently doing. The furor over net neutrality is not even over, not by long shot, and here is amazon coming in and deleting books and reviews based on an obviously bogus and untenable unenforcable too broad and wrong ‘patent’, then deleting even non-genre books with word, or set of words…because TITLES are supposed to be a set or concept, not a word, and just ask Apple what they had to go through and what hoops to get what patents they did.

You have pretty basic, and overall bad, so called customer service already…are you looking for bad press and low stock as well? I spend time and energy to do those reviews, to also place them on goodreads, and to subscribe at my own cost to kindle unlimited to access more books. Think about, then think some more. Just how much bad press and posts, all across the internet and from more and more writers and reviewers can you really handle. The clock is ticking, and we are already ticked OFF and mobilizing. Me not reviewing just frees up the month ku charge and time would have spent reviewing…for you, my not reviewing LOSES you a bunch of traffic, money from various sources, and how many reviewer ‘cogs’ in the amazon wheel? Again…the clock…YOUR clock…is ticking, and whether it ends up blowing up your stock prices etcetera is YOUR call, your decision…and if you make it a bad decision the ripple ‘explosion’ in the stocks and across book sellers etcetera will be felt…but majority by you and goodreads, not by google books or barnes & noble or nook or any of the ‘smaller’ ones who will actually GAIN business, but not as much as Amazon stands to LOSE.