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Not so short, not so sweet.

What is ‘real’, what is ‘fairy tale’, what is sane and insane, and what has happened to the ‘real’ world with politics. If someone were to write up a case file {a big, huge stuffed full file} of the current political state of the ‘real’ world, it could pass for science fiction, dystopian fiction, some kind of fiction. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics {U.S.S.R} was Russia and collection of 15 states existing 1922-1991 and now mainly Russia trying to annex all those and more into Russia. There has been and continues to be interference and collusion in an American Presidential election, with findings, proof, documentation, charges, etcetera ongoing, as well as ongoing illegal {not reported} payments and links of U.S. government and staff officials. The ‘greatest country in the world’ i.e. America, went through that election with the ‘lowest common denominators’/candidates ever in evidence. The winner {according to Electoral College, which consists of 538 electors and those who supposedly vote as states’ representatives indicat but not required to, majority of 270 electoral votes required to elect president, and Clinton got 232}, but Trump got barely over at 305 AND LOST the ‘Popular Vote’ by around 3 MILLION votes, which is a bigger margin for any other US president in history of country [five times bigger/worse than any, yet still got put in because of Electoral College}. It’s not as if this hasn’t happened before, but the fact it could happen and keeps happening.

Trump broke 64 campaign promises in first 30 days, broke 80 in first 100 days, 102 or more so far to as of June {it’s August}. He made 663 promises on campaign trail,but information with the usual back and forth wiffle waffling means more have or will be broken one way or another. He signed 30 executive orders in first 100 days, more than any president all the way back to Roosevelt, even though he constantly mocked Obama and others for using those, and many of his orders have been repealed for being illegal by the U.S. Supreme Court {i.e. ‘Muslim Ban’ and others}. Of the 34 promises he vowed to do on his first day, he kept only 2; in the first month he broke 64, keeping 7 to ‘some degree’, and those count those reversed/overturned by the Court{s} or actions detrimental to the country. He promised to work with Congress to introduce broader legislative measures and fight for their passage, 0 have been passed 0 Trump bills have even been introduced in either chamber. Failing to fill key positions or even all White House staff positions, those filled have been a merry go round of firing and replacements or worse clearly unsuitable people, so that means so much for the promise of draining the swamp, unless you include filling it back up with different swamp animals. The various problems, and various promises {the majority broken, some from day one and some soon after, others to date} re talked about below. 

There are many instances of half-baked ideas, including the repeal of health care, with no replacements, reasonable alternatives, or any actually even somewhat formed plans; in many cases the ‘plans’ are illegal, undoable, require massive amount of laws be overhauled/amended, both parties have issues with most of the proposals already, would ratchet up federal debt to new highs, discriminatory, and/only serve the upper 5 percent {eliminate alternative minimum tax, interest carried loophole, estate tax, etc}. He said he would suspend immigration from ‘terror prone places’ yet tried {struck down by the Supreme Court} a ‘muslim ban’, BUT did not include any 1 countries he has business interest in although ALL known links to or instigators of American soil and related terrorists activities. His promises to issue executive orders  mandating death different things is another failure, because even for the ones did issue or could issue presidents do not have the authority to create those laws just Congress, and in some cases have already been ruled by Supreme Court to be unconstitutional. He said would simplify the tax plan, but as events have shown that mean he wanted to cut taxes for the rich and corporations plus needs support of Congress who say would like that but he never has come out with an actual plan beyond vague generalities.

He said he wanted to limit congressional term limits, but that requires an amendment to the Constitution which means approval of two-thirds of the House and Senate along with ratification of 38 state legislatures, by the same people it’s meant to limit, the last amendment to Constitution {dealing with their pay} taking 202 years to ratify. He is attempting to eliminate alternative minimum tax, interest carried loophole, estate tax; all of these will only help the top percent/richest. Wants to triple ICE enforcment  {Immigration and Customs Enforcement (US Department of Homeland Security; formerly parts of Immigration & Naturalization Service and US Customs), and has tried to interfere with States that have Sanctuary Cities {resettled refugees, legal} even though he had campaigned about States’ rights {and they are legal}. Was or is trying to overtun Obama’s immigration exectutive orders for deferred action for parents of Americans and lawful permanent residents, and deferred action for childhood arrivals, all while trying to shut down legal sanctuary cities while tripling ICE and knowing his own spouse is and has been illegal in this country for years.

What areas has he concentrated on? Such ever so important actions as changing Mount Denali back to Mount McKinley, stopping the AT&T/Time Warner merger {parent company of CNN}, complaining about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Apprentice ratings {to with the former governor shot back he’d be happy to switch jobs where Trump could just carry on as before with the previously low rated/tanking show when hosted by Trump}. He has ranted on about ‘fake news’, when the main news he watches is from Fox, who sued for the right to NOT have to uphold journalistic standandards and practices, and be considered under ‘entertainment’, which they won the lawsuit, although unclear as to why Faux Newz got to keep the already warranted News moniker. Fought publicly with Nordstom when they cut back and cancelled various clothing items of his and his daughter’s that were not selling, mostly due to quality issues as well as proof from the media that the items are made overseas, even possibly with child labor. Dramatically scaling back the EPA, a department he has not even gotten the name right on several times in the past {See: oil, coal, business investments and conflicts}. He also, after hiring a Department of Education head that has no business experience and never went to public school {neither did any of her children} with no knowledge of college grants or even the differences in types of basic educational issues, has been trying to push an agenda for country wide voucher system which was long ago proven to not have enough oversight and totally didn’t work along with having abysmal test scores; oddly enough, or perhaps not with Trump’s usual back and forth, one day one way next day another, he claimed to be against Common Core, something Education Department totally for.

He said Obama and others took too many vacations and played too much golf; he has already taken more in first 8 months than any of the others, and he’s taken them at his golf resorts where he billed Secret Service and others for having to stay there {the same he does with Secret Service etc for his wife and kid who have not even stayed in the White House} in a building he owns, and it cost taxpayers millions per trip. He said he would donate his pay, but considering the fact that his vacations and his Secret Service for him and his extended family and charging for flights on his plane, that would not matter anyway, but on top of that his ‘donated’ salary has been to government agencies {National Park Service and Department of Education} BUT BOTH are tax deductible, and both are to agencies his budget slashed, while trying to get legislation passed to raise cap on donations and how fast could be written off on taxes. The moratorium on new regulations definitely seems to depend on whether he cares at all or has some political or financial interest in whatever the law is about. He promised no cuts in Social Security or Medicare or Medicaid, then turned around and started massive cuts in the budget except for Military. Said Planned Parenthood should be defunded “because of the abortion factor” when it’s been law since 70’s that PP could not use federal funds for abortion services. Make commission on ‘radical islam’ nothing to date although ranted about Clinton not using term yet can’t seem to use the terms Nazi and White Supremacists.

Such items under ‘America First’ he has let companies he and his businesses are associated with be exempt {i.e. U.S. steel and other materials etc only}, while wilfully ignoring something such as bring back coal can’t be done without denying fracking, which companies doing that he has business interests with, and in the end would only bring back a small handful of jobs anyway, and denying funding and research into clean energy. Overall his plans not only do not decrease spending but actually raises debt for the country by trillions. His bragging of keeping American businesses here was part lies, part wrong, and for the most part generally untrue and almost total failure.

Refused to turn over documents or even acknowledge his staff and advisors have been on payroll or accepted money from foreign sources, many disclosures which are required by law. Agreed with Saudi Arabia on multiple issues and agreed to sell them weapons, including that Qatar was extremist, while not only was Saudi Arabia directly linked to 911, Qatar is not extremist and is a U.S. ally, one allowing air operations from their country’s base, something someone who claimed to know more about ISIS than the generals ignorant of the fact. Praises dictators and even self professed murders such as Duterte and Putin and Kim Jong Un and others. –pissing contest with cuba, pissed off all the allies’ leaders, cancelled paris climate agreement, working on enlarging the armed services while trying to ban trans ‘because of cost’ yet raised military budget which spends money on viagra etc,  supposedly call international conference to stop isis yet dealing with monetary invested countries known for terrorism and linked to isis and others, change vaccination schedule for children so smaller doses over long period of time to ‘avoid possible links to autism’ which ALREADY PROVEN NONE

There are staff he hired that are diametrically opposed to what their jobs entail; Education headed by someone who believes against evidence that Common Core and voucher system works, Attorney General know racist, cutting safety net programs {Social Security, medicaid, medicare, school lunches, sanctuary cities although claims big on ‘state’ rights and trying to get any and all funding cut for all sanctuary cities, something the House has passed so far, while not doing anything about homelessness or unemployment. He shared highly classified information with Russia which Israel had provided on condition it not be shared with permission, so detailed could be no doubt Israel plus Russia is top ally of their enemies in Tehran, topping off with Trump violation jeopardizes intelligence sharing agreements which America depends on the publicly confirmed he’d done all that. The special prosecution for Hillary Clinton of course was abandoned the minute he got the election. He approved Keystone XL pipeline, which comes from Canada and other countries, and which goes through major areas of water source for the nation, even against evidence it has and will pollute those water sources. He hold stock and interests in the companies involved in all that. Claimed we need energy independence then wants to go to war with countries that have oil, not invest in any ‘green technology’, and also holds stocks and interests in not only oil but also other non-renewable energy sources. Hiring freeze on federal employees except for military/public safety/public health at same time cutting budget in these and other areas, slashing federal regulations and saying for every new one that two must be taken away yet adding regulations that do nothing to protect the meaning of the ones left and trying to decimate or eliminate others all while having no idea what most were even put into place to do or protect.  

HUH? Doesn’t want to allow even canadian drugs in to US yet supposedly wants to allow health insurance across state lines BUT pre existing and certain other conditions not covered nor protected and without a decent health care bill won’t be, and allowing health care insurance premium deductions from taxes doesn’t matter if can’t afford it to begin with , and doesn’t matter if you don’t make living wage, and ditto creating health care savings account, and with other opposing plans requiring price transparency from health care providers is another joke. Yet doesn’t want to allow even canadian drugs to come over, never deals with medicine costs, allow free access to drug market when already said sufficient testings first by by who or what agency when been cutting funding and agencies and what they do BUT also said no to canadian drugs, and has cut EPA and drug monitoring organizations so where would get tested. Increase vet health care when hasn’t done anything at all and it’s august.

End birthright citizenship, increase visa fees, renegotiate nafta, raise tariffs imports, declare china currency manipulator which not only did not do but also gave them all kinds of perks and extras right after they gave his daughter 3 patent lawsuit wins, adopt penny plan to reduce non defense spending non safety net spending by previous years total 1 percent each year to reduce spending outlays by 1 trillion {he can’t count and it won’t work}, grow economy 4 percent a year nope and from someone who is still on obama’s coat tails still with budget and growth ain’t going to happen and more so 5 or 6, save carrier plant That said done but that’s a lie, he had nothing to do with, came in after the fact, plus it’s moving the majority to mexico, still, so helped not at all and solved nothing just delayed a bit and had to pay them to get that so much for art of the deal lie or you just totally lousy at it, hire american workers first, replace j 1 visa with inner city resume bank, eliminate federal debt in 8 years well he won’t be here that long plus budget and other facts show casually putting trillions on the budget, sue accusers of sexual misconduct etc didn’t happen and won’t happen though they are suing him, not take vacations bs has taken them and more than any other president ever and has cost taxpayers more than ever as we get charged for all living expenses and secret service etc then he charges them to stay in his building to protect kid and wife because they don’t live same place and charges them for plane per person and golf course per person and rooms and food and etc, didn’t release tax returns before during or after audit even though irs said he could release if wanted to and his only available return leaked and showed him and his wife at lower part of middle class financially, no child care tax credits, tax cuts only for rich and businesses, tax eliminate corporate tax alternative minimum and cut number tax brackets from 7 to 3, lower business tax 35 percent to 15 even tax brackets to three brackets.” eliminate marriage penalty tax and eliminate alternative minimum tax and eliminate interest carried loophole

The supposed supply-side tax cuts do not pay for themselves, the generation of trillions of dollars in growth induced revenue are baseless and wrong, and pretty much abolishes the revenue stream., is counted twice when it doesn’t do that even once,  banning the alternative minimum tax and repealing the estate tax plus slashing the top rate on pass through businesses he himself stands to gain tens of millions of dollars and his children multiple billion. The ‘tax plan’ was actually less substantive than the before election ‘promises’ and ‘detail’. The plan had no way of stopping high income people from reframing their salaries as business income, wants to consolidate the tax brackets {but no plan}. He has threatened to sabotage America’s insurance market as of means of forcing Democrats to vote for his plan to give tax cut to the rich, but the plan either way would throw off millions from medicaid, it’s just a matter of exactly when. Why, after announcing that was his plan, that anyone would blame democrats is beyond ridiculous.

Claimed he was absolutely considering breaking up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, which are the ones that struck down his ‘travel ban’, but talked about the court after a federal district court temporarily blocked any enforcement of executive order denying federal funds to ‘sanctuary cities’. Just before ripping up the foundation governing $1.3 trillion in annual trade flows his advisors finally got enough through to him for him to actually consider the economic consequences. $1.3 trillion in annual trade flows, his advisers suggested that he first consider the economic consequences of such an action, bringing along a prop which was the map of the U.S. illustrating which areas would be hit hardest from losses with highlights to the states and counties that were ‘Trump’ areas. And so NAFTA escaped Trump throwing it in the trash bin, further proving that regardless of previous lies of being a president for all of America, he gave no thought to disrupting economic and diplomatic relations with all of North America but also making policy decisions based on the portion of the country that ‘likes’ him.

Had the State Department’s advertising his golf resort, and for free, which added to his membership as well as him doubling the membership fee, even though if anyone else {Obama or Clinton} had advertised their business interests, republicans would have been all over it. His daughter met with the Chinese president the same day that her company won trademarks from their government, dined with their president that night at her father’s resort, and shortly after Trump announces that China was not ‘’actually a currency manipulator’’ and was probably doing all it could to pressure North Korea over the nuclear weapons program, which was a dizzying reversal from before. Multiple claims by Trump of ‘never settling’ have been proven lies as well, with losing 1 case TWICE, and various others one after another along with damages {from rental violations, discrimination, varying building violations, how much money he really has, etc}. Referred to several different North Korean leaders as “this gentleman” and talked about all 3 as if the same person, mentioning how Clinton and Obama had deal with ‘him’, except it was Clinton and Kim Il-Sung, being signed after his death by his son Kim Jong-il, then {now} Kim Jong-un was in power, yet Trump talked as if the same person had been in power for decades, and now he’s in a pissing match with the same person who keeps coming closer to having a nuclear missille capable of reaching the coast of California.

The female he picked for Education {over public school and colleges} has no knowledge or experience {nor do her children} with public school, Pell Grants, or anything else even remotely related to what the position needs, and on top of that she is in favor of a ‘charter school’ system that long ago was proven to be worthless to the educational system as was ‘Common Core’ which failed so badly. The female he picked for the Small Business Administration used to be the chief executive of World Wrestling Entertainment. The female for U.N. ambassador used to be a governor for South Carolina {and has no experience with the UN nor other countries}. The female for Transportation was actually Labor Secretary under Bush, but she is also married to the Majority leader which could possibly help Trump get certain things through, his campaign manager and sometimes press used to work in polling and is known for such stupidity as “Alternative Facts”.

Trump’s Cabinet, though, is more male and more white than any since Reagan. His pick for Attorney General was someone who long and even recently was decried as a racist and bigot and was turned down for a position for such things as being okay with the KKK yet criticizing NAACP and ACLU so basically a person against personal rights of those not white and male is now over voting and civil rights, a former federal prosecutor for Labor Secretary so no real experience for position, State Department was oil executive with no government experience but ties to Russia, Treasury is a former senior executive at Goldman Sachs and hedge fund manager with no government experience except to help fundraise for the Trump campaign even with Trump candidate speeches about Clinton and Goldman Sachs, Department of Defense “Mad Dog” Mattis is probably the sanest and least gungho about war surprisingly,  Department of Homeland Security is another long term military man, for Department of Health and Human Services he picked someone against medical care for everyone and his ability to dismantle or mess with Obamacare without a replacement in place for federal health policy as among other things he wants to put medicare on a voucher program.

HUD is black but male and other than growing up poor has no real world knowledge of anything required for this position so of course Trump picked that one and not Health and Human Services for a DOCTOR, Department of Energy was taken by a white former governor who didn’t even know what that department was responsible for and had lobbied to have the department removed although it’s designing and protecting the nation’s nuclear weapons which is why the last 2 men to hold the position were award winning scientists, Labor was Hispanic male which may actually have helped but he is rather qualified regardless, Interior was someone who didn’t believe in selling federal lands but looting them of resources was fine and disbelief in Climate Change/Global Warming, Commerce white male out of touch billionaire with no government experience, Agriculture white male with government experience but not particularly in that area, VA was under secretary of that but considering how abysmal it was and still is that is telling, EPA white male who denies climate change and as attorney general of a state fought it. White male as senior advisor in paid position and married to the Trump’s daughter although against anti-nepotism laws {and the daughter has office in White House although that may be unpaid position. White male Special Adviser Regulatory Reform is billionaire investor famed corporate raider overseeing promises to unwind as many regulations possible, setting back progress to 1950’s or earlier.  White male Chief Strategist right wing misogynist racist. Not sure who press secretary is, he’s fired one after another, ditto national security advisors and others in general will ties etc to Russia

Management and Budget white male who sought spending cuts discretionary and entitlement and overhaul Medicare and Social Security, white males for Director of the CIA and FBI though the FBI seems to change almost daily at times as Trump constantly criticizes all the intelligence agencies* and the Secret Service.  * Director of National Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency,  Central Intelligence Agency, National Security Agency, Defense Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of State Bureau of Intelligence and Research, Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Drug Enforcement Administration Office of National Security Intelligence, Department of Treasury Office of Intelligence and Analysis, Department of Energy Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence, National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, Air Force Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Army Military Intelligence, Office of Naval Intelligence, Marine Corps Intelligence, Coast Guard Intelligence

****Yes, I know didn’t edit really, only sort of kind of, but busy writing a fairy tale {don’t ask} in google docs and wanted to get back to that. Y’all don’t read all this bloody stuff anyway, just getting the thoughts out of my head, might or might not come back in sometime and fix it up better.

What all is WRONG with this ‘picture’?

1, ‘Admires’ Putin and other dictators, as long as they appear to suck up to him at all.
2. Pissing contest with dictator who has nuclear capability & ability to reach West Coast.
3 His staff had to take away his twitter during the primaries.
4. Documents for him went from page, half, bullet points, tweet sized bits for everything.
5. Has to have staff constantly looking over his tweets to ‘correct’/translate for media.
6. Retweets then staff claims he ‘accidentally’ pushed button; still has nuclear ‘button’.
7. Believes ‘press’ from Faux Newz and others as long as they only say ‘nice’ things.
8. Calls any media or company that doesn’t always say ‘nice’ things about him, ‘fake’.
9. His press/staff have actually claimed lies by/or for him as ‘Alterntive Facts’.
10. ‘Donated’ salary to 2 government agencies his budget cut $ from are tax deductible.
11. Placed republican majority’s wife, known racist, son in law, and daughter to staff.
12. Anti-Constitution Xenophobic homophobic misanthropic racist vet disparaging 5 time draft dodging disabled mocking morally ethically financially bankrupt faux billionaire
13. Complained about other presidents golfing/vacations and would be so busy no time yet less whole 1st year spent more time doing than any others plus charging secret service for plane trips to/from places, rooms at his own places to protect him/rest of extended family and wife doesn’t even live in same place, all taxpayer expense.
14. Broke almost every promise made during primary, told some never possible anyway.
15. Victim shames, calls others nazis etcetera EXCEPT nazis/white supremists.

He is an overgrown whiny vindictive overfed puffy puffed up petty bratty buffoon baby, expecting/demanding to be pampered, petted, ego stroked constantly, or else throws temper tantrums at least perceived slight yet has no problem refusing to admit when wrong and in fact seemingly too stupid/ingnorant to realize when he is, even presented incontravertible evidence/proof. He acts as if you are not 1 white 2 male 3 with power/money you/yours do not count nor matter. He is media obsessed yet so stupid isn’t able to understand with today’s internet nothing once posted can be totally taken away.


It’s accurate but is it True.

The first week of a book’s release is the most critical to its long-term success. After 20-25 Amazon reviews, the book shows up in the “also bought” and “you might like” lists. After 50-70 reviews, Amazon highlights the book in its reader newsletters. Both of these things mean more people see the book, which means more people discover and buy books they love, which means the author can continue to write more awesome books.

Now, I’ve read this from other writers and places, so that’s not the issue. What the issue is, is Amazon. That part is accurate, but not really ‘true’. Let me count the ways.

Amazon claimed that if you have bought, ever, at least $50 {US or equivalent} purchases, of any kind, that your reviews would be considered ‘verified’ because you had to use a verifiable means of payment {credit, debit, etcetera}. I have spent $50, for FOUR years running, and my reviews are STILL not ‘verified’. It doesn’t matter that I read and review {and have for YEARS} nor does it matter that they have billed a credit/debit card for most of the previous time mentioned, each and every month for kindle unlimited. Amazon lied. By the way, Amazon, nobody wants to be ‘me’; it’s very tiring and quite tricky evidently, since most claim I have about 15 ‘personalities’, and yes as my reviews show, all of them are ‘snarky’ and would be totally ‘bitchy’ but the TOS prohibits most of that.

So…for having the ‘prividge’ of PAYING for kindle unlimited, I get to put up to 10 books at a time {ergo not ‘unlimited’} but as many times and books as can read in a month {or 6 or 12/24 depending on PREpaying ku subscription}, where they get all the money up front and you have issues, tough, and if you cancel no refund. That is one of the reasons went to getting my family to use their card and giving them the money to ‘gift’ me a subscription and that way amazon does NOT have anyone’s financial information {or rather, to be specific, and VALID useable way to pop any account with books that were free yet were charged for, other books that were charged for didn’t get, other books that were double charged for, etcetera ad nauseum}. People are probably thinking, well just get a refund; yeah, well if it’s billed to a credit or debit card it takes weeks to get that statement, and they don’t otherwise send notice {as I have a separate, hotmail, account, use ONLY for linking with and messages about, amazon, the kindle, the books, etc}, and amazon used to have a 14 days return and now has a 7…so seeing where the problem is there?

Back to the beginning; please review the books you read, if at all possible. It really does make a difference. As a personal aside, please don’t write just something like “I hate it.” or “I love it.”, that’s what the stars/ratings are for, so spend a couple of extra minutes and state WHY, otherwise your review is a bloody waste of everybody’s time.

Yahoo mail you suck so much you wouldn’t even make a good 2 bit hooker.

Saw an ‘answer’ to a yahoo email forwarding etc quesion on some forum when I was trying to figure out yahoo’s latest/ongoing boggle. It said simply {hah} do such and such and it would link to gmail or whatever other service, except it didn’t. It FINALLY {after several days} sent over a few RECENT emails, and some folders, folders which were EMPTY so rather defeats the freaking purpose of them even being at all. Anyway, the so called yahoo ‘helper claimed it was a snap more or less to link accounts {WRONG}. See below for my response.

No, it can’t and won’t, unless you pay yahoo money to get the premium account, it has not been able to {or wouldn’t for whatever screwed up reasons yahoo claims} since some time in 2016 and definitely after as in 2017, and I KNOW all this because used to be a computer tech and spent DAYS trying to do it, and yes did the yahoo stuff first then the gmail and still NOTHING, not to mention spending hours trying out SPAM I have blocked by email and domain, over and over and over, the best answer but by far the most time consuming, is to have a gmail account ready and just send batches of emails over until can CLOSE out yahoo account and never have to deal with it’s crappiness ever again, the pop email has not worked for a couple or more years now, all it did, finally, was send over EMPTY folders, big whoop.

Now keep in mind that they had 3 hacks to their email etc in 2 years, and they’ve always sucked rocks at blocking, but with the breaches they supposedly locked down new accounts from being forwarded to {except the account in question, yahoo and gmail, have ALWAYS been linked, so not new} and yes, I have blocked by email and then just domain but can’t block other yahoo or gmail or hotmail account domains because I have those {though rarely send from them to myself but just in case, because AGAIN can NOT block by EMAIL JUST the ENTIRE domain}.I get close to 100 spam emails per DAY, STILL, AND yahoo has stopped letting me add ANY to the blocked list in ANY form {email or domain} for a couple of YEARS now, even though I clearly see one THOUSAND limit {8 used}, and every once in a while it might decide to let me add another one, just by domain only, but still lets hundreds through each and every day. Even with the very few {from today’s email on yahoo by the look of them}, there are still close to 100 that did NOT go over NOR {again} did it transfer over FOLDER contents, which would mean would have to get each email from each folder and send them one by one to my other account, so yeah bloody worthless.

I am currently working, here and there, on moving ALL the things that yahoo did NOT, so many at a time, THEN will complele and totally remove yahoo email account, good riddance to bad rubbish.

Trump the tweet twit

Trump tweeted 27 times about Barack Obama playing golf too much. Donald Trump has tweeted about golf at least 460 times since creating his Twitter account in 2009. He’s promoted the courses he owns, praised the game as a source of mental and physical development, critiqued other courses, and bragged about whom he’s playing with. Particulary noticed the tweets Trumpedup mentioned Russia in, you now the times back then when he said they were out to take over the world, before he got in bed with them in so many ways. Trump forgets his Obama criticisms; The new president, who attacked Obama for golfing and personal travel, spends his first month outdoing his predecessor. {See below where this information about him was gotten just from up to February of his presidency and he had already outdone Obama golfing and costing the american taxpayers but MILLIONS of dollars AND by number of golfing trips and ways.

Donald Trump regularly assailed President Barack Obama for playing golf, then spent the first weekends of his own presidency doing just that. He attacked Obama for using Air Force One to campaign, and did it over the weekend just a month into the job. He mocked Obama for heading out of Washington at taxpayer expense, but appears to have no qualms about doing so himself. One month in, Trump is using the presidency to boost his political and personal goals — not breaking laws or ethics rules, experts say, but ignoring his past criticisms and vows. “Donald Trump has zero worry about contradicting himself, because he does it all day long,” said Douglas Brinkley, a presidential historian who has met with Trump. “He figures he can get away with it because he does it all the time. There is no worry about it. He says one thing and then does another, and his supporters don’t hold it against him.” The new president has taken three weekend getaways in the first month of office, spending millions of taxpayer dollars in Secret Service protection and about 25 percent of his time away from the White House. The Secret Service has also paid for security for expensive business trips for his sons’ business ventures to foreign countries. The actions seem to fly in the face of how he mocked Obama’s travel. “President Barack Obama’s vacation is costing taxpayers millions of dollars — unbelievable!” he wrote in one of many tweets criticizing Obama for taking a trip.

They can use Air Force One for whatever they’d like to use it for, said ethics expert Richard Painter, though they do have to reimburse some of the costs. “Are we going to have a four-year campaign? Are we going to pay for that? Are we going to pay for him to be there every weekend?” asked Painter, an ethics lawyer who worked for Bush. “We have always accepted that presidents campaign in the year of an election, but he has been in office one month.”

The good, the bad, and the ugly.

They were having a discussion about trump, other presidents got brought in, even Hillary {to which I said, really, he didn’t get the popular vote, she did, but she didn’t get to be president, so that horse is dead, quit whipping it, it ain’t gonna do anything}

re divisive, that’s my point, there is no higher moral ground nor anything else, his public and his private life is a bad joke full of lies and ‘alternative truths’, his ‘heroes’ are not the vets he never was part of nor has he kept ANY of the VA promises, and he has xenophobic, homophobic, misanthropic, disabled mocking, and pretty much against everyone who isn’t rich, white, straight, in the entire country, the one that he went right to work on in trying to destroy and over ride the constition of the second he got sworn in, well between all those at taxpayer expense ”i’ll never have time for golf” trips while also charging the secret service he mocks and belittles for staying at his golf resort, he acts as if the presidency is his personal piggie bank to raid for millions up, he is morally, ethically, financially bankrupt buffon of a baboon’s backside and he can kiss my B.A.M. backside, the only ‘good’ point he has is he’s an idiot but he’s an ineffectual one.

There, I said something ‘good’ about trumpedup.

If you give a mouse a cookie….

A boy gives a cookie to a mouse. The mouse asks for a glass of milk. He then requests a straw (to drink the milk), a mirror (to avoid a milk mustache), nail scissors (to trim his hair in the mirror), and a broom (to sweep up his hair trimmings). Next he wants to take a nap, have a story read to him, draw a picture, and hang the drawing on the refrigerator. Looking at the refrigerator makes him thirsty, so the mouse asks for a glass of milk. The circle is complete when he wants a cookie to go with it.

This is a children’s book written by Laura Numeroff and illustrated by Felicia Bond first published in 1985.

  • If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (November 1985)
  • If You Give a Moose a Muffin (March 1991)
  • If You Give a Pig a Pancake (February 1998)
  • The Best Mouse Cookie (July 1999)
  • If You Take a Mouse to the Movies (May 2000)
  • If You Take a Mouse to School (September 2002)
  • If You Give a Pig a Party (April 2004)
  • Merry Christmas, Mouse! (August 2007)
  • Time for School, Mouse! (2008)
  • If You Give a Cat a Cupcake (2008)
  • Happy Valentine’s Day, Mouse! (2009)
  • Happy Easter, Mouse! (2010)
  • If You Give a Dog a Donut (2011)
  • It’s Pumpkin Day, Mouse! (2012)
  • Happy Birthday, Mouse! (2012)
  • If You Give a Mouse a Brownie (2016)


  • Mouse Cookies and More (2007)
  • If You Take a Mouse to the Movies, A Special Christmas Edition (2010)

    {Information from Wiki}

    I would like to talk about my cat/s. We got a kitten, and because it wouldn’t act ‘right’ {it came from a large litter} we went back and got another one. One would think that they would get along; one would be wrong, but one would think that.

    The poem above came to mind when we got the first one. We bought food, water dispense, kitty litter and container, and 2 toys {a feathered jingly wand and a jingly ball}. Being a feline I had a pepsi 24 pack carton with cutouts, too. The kitten ignored all the toys, of course. We went and got one of his brothers; they don’t like each other, and my joke was {roomie named them both} that Dresden must think that Stormageddon Dark Lord of All {a.k.a. Alfie, yes Doctor Who reference} was possessed, because they get on like a house on fire {meaning it’s hot, there is heat in the air, and everyone seems to be spitting and carrying on}. So….

    If you give a kitten a toy, it will play with anything but the toys.
    If you give a kitten a toy, it will find something else to play with.
    If you give a kitten a toy, it will pay with your shoes.
    If you give a kitten a toy, it will play with your shoe laces.
    If you give a kitten a toy, it will play with the bedspread.
    If you give a kitten a toy, it will play with the rubber fridge.
    If you give a kitten another kitten, a friend to play with…you will get twice the mess and half the rest you already were not getting, because that is how it goes with cats.