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Why Twitter is a Twit

‘Wild’ Thoughts:

Trumpedup screwing the nation one large group of HATE at a time, even allies, & now whole contries where he has lied about and to them, the ‘billionaire’ who isn’t even a millionaire, and of course not to let his level of award winning #STUPIDEST run out, he and Hannity {for which Michael Cohen is lawyer for}  is one of the absolute #FnMorons of all time, as you know, Currently I have been sent by Twitter ‘teacher’ to the ‘naughty’ corner for 12 hours ‘time out’, regardless of the actual FACT that according to their own rules I didn’t break any of them. but figure you’d get a kick out of this, since this ‘girl went Wild’.

Hi BK,
Your account, @KeyLargo411 has been locked for violating the Twitter Rules.
Specifically for:
Violating our rules against hateful conduct.
You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.

NOW, as told them, please read what originally wrote before, and note that at NO time did I do ANY of those things, and when appealed it, they said could take a day or 2, at least to get back to me…for a 12 hour ban thing, but for which they want a telephone number which can NOT be home etc because can’t get sms thru twitter {can some others} nor does it allow email confirmation even though that is how signed up for twitter, via email, and that is linked to the sign-up/handle, so far they have accepted NO telephone numbers put in nor any other way to start fixing their screwup {finally had to use room mate’s cell # since he doesn’t use twitter at all}.

@seanhannity makes great male whore, even already knows how #SUCK several different ways, then again had lots practice being around @DUFUS @POTUS, went from absolutely no collusion to collusion absolutely not a crime, hannity always will be the total best #FnMoron sellout can be.

Please proceed to Twitter now to fix the issue with your account. {Note what said above how can’t be fixed duh, twitter twits}

Now it’s been about a week or so, and I’ve been banned AGAIN, this time for ‘7’ days which in twitter ‘appeal’ years is about a month.

banned off twitter, again, last time it was for 24 hours, and when wrote to dispute it, as it violated NONE of what they said, it took them 5 days to get back to me, and neither time did I specifically or otherwise do hateful conduct {and since bubble head still tweets omg that shows example and more of hateful conduct}, did not promote violence, threaten, harass based on race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease {unless they are saying tomi being that stupid is serious disease}, and considering they let trumpedup spew all that and more from his PERSONAL account not even potus acct because he thinks that works around the pres records act {it doesn’t but no one tell the FnMoron that}

this time it was

Hi BK,
Your account, @KeyLargo411 has been locked for violating the Twitter Rules.
Specifically for:
Violating our rules against hateful conduct.
You may not promote violence against, threaten, or harass other people on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or serious disease.
@TomiLahren just another one of the #FauxNewz blonde bimbos, tho give her credit where credit is due, #SnowFlakeNoSnow is actually the #Stupidist spending 99% time makup 1% lining up papers 0 reading, the ear piece is saying over and over ‘breath in, breath out’

Please note that repeated violations may lead to a permanent suspension of your account. Proceed to Twitter now to fix the issue with your account.

as was said from one of the posts I was responding to,  Heather Heyer’s murderer was Hispanic, NOT illegal. The family has asked you to stop making political punchlines out their loved one being dead. And now Faux Newz & trumpedup twitter twit tweets have poisoned the jury pool with #FakeNewz/outright LIES AGAIN

PLEASE NOTE: Tomi Lahren ‘works’ for #FauxNewz, which is public {supposed} news source/organization, so that makes her not exactly a public official but in ‘news’ and thereofore allowed to spew #LiesDamnLiesOMGLies hate filled biased racist public rants, yet mz bubblehead bobblehead 2018 is NEVER censored in any way…so yeah Twitter is totally biased {and ridiculously stupid} on who {and why, because NEVER fits ANY of the things listed} as to why they CLAIM to be banning someone, setting aside the facts that that none of the things mentioned were done, EXCEPT by HER, yet her account is active.

This from a ‘person’ who has never worked a real job a day in her life, who got some lame supposedly ‘journalistic’ ‘degree, and has made it her ‘purpose’ in life to spew racism and hatred, including any dissenters as ‘liberal’ ‘snowflake’ and whatever else she ‘thinks’ is derogatory, so obviously a graduate of the Trumpedup School of Misinformation, Alternative Truths, & Alternative Dimensions.


Colusion/Collusion/Conspiracy/Complicity Treason Vs Truth

only getting the Electoral College votes with god knows what type of bribery/corruption jointly with Russian Collusion that went from Witch Hunt, to there is no Russian Collusion, to he didn’t know about any meetings {all of which have been proven happened, linked and/or financed by Russians, and micro manager mini me wannabe dictator knew about , and many the moron has tweeted about over time} to it was everybody else {see he DID know about it, ALL of it} to colusion {sic} is not a crime, which it’s not because colusion is not a word, collusion is a word, and there are plenty of other synonyms that mean collusion that are very much a crime in several ways

One of these things is NOT like the others….


he won the ‘women’ vote as much as he won the popular vote, it didn’t rain on during the innauguration even though there are loads of pictures showing Melania and others holding up umbrellas, it was the biggest one ever even though there was BIGGLY swaths of white versus Obama’s packed event, there were more women at the Women’s March than there were at trumpedup’s event….though to be fair maybe the HUGE white areas were KKK/white supremists in crowd you know those people he knows nothing about even though there are many records of him talking about David Duke as reason he {supposedly} went to Republican party, which again he is on many records as saying if he ever ran he’d run as republican because they are the stupidest bunch of peop,le so his ‘base’ and he did run as one before he ran 2016 but as usual was a totaly #LOSER, and he’s probably good with ‘the blacks’ {which is a family with last name Black, as that is also another group along with Latinos etc that he LOST}, only getting the Electoral College votes with god knows what type of bribery/corruption jointly with Russian Collusion that went from Witch Hunt, to there is no Russian Collusion, to he didn’t know about any meetings {all of which have been proven happened, linked and/or financed by Russians, and micro manager mini me wannabe dictator knew about , and many the moron has tweeted about over time} to it was everybody else {see he DID know about it, ALL of it} to colusion {sic} is not a crime, which it’s not because colusion is not a word, collusion is a word, and there are plenty of other synonyms that mean collusion that are very much a crime in several ways, moron opens mouth and strikes again…if it’s a ‘witch hunt’ which has been proven not a witch hunt but legitimate investigation, but a ‘fake witch hunt’ which means…uh oxymoronic b.s.

How did we go from:
“No one on my campaign met with any Russians.”“We met with Russians 81 times including a meeting between the President’s son, son-in-law, Campaign Manager and a Russian spy, a meeting which Trump personally approved.”

Hello? Congress? This thing broken?

afters, no collusion {or colusion if ‘spell’ trumpedup}, said collusion but no proof, it’s witch hunt over collusion, to {name everybody/president/intelligence agency etc} didn’t tell trumped {tho even admitted diff times did, in various ways, and he micromanages which he also always admits} to Russians say no collusion to collusion not a crime

Stay tuned for the next exciting yet nauseating episode of #DUFUS @POTUS Who will be Apprentice: Cirque du Soleil, stay turned for newest continuing flips on TrumpedUp #AlternativeNewsTV {please note biggly bad low ratings previous show/episodes but free disclaimers every day!}

List of people charged with/pleading to crimes:

-Trump’s 2nd campaign manager
-Trump’s deputy campaign manager
-Trump’s national security adviser
-Trump’s foreign policy adviser
-Trump’s 1st campaign manager (battery charges later dropped)
-Trump’s first congressional endorser
a group of russians
Trump’s personal lawyer
Trump’s other lawyer {coming soon}

Rick Gates
Paul Manifort {coming up very soon}

also coming up his entire family including inlaws, his businesses, the multiple conflicts with presidency and him/his family/businesses

Following Following @RogueNASA
More Rogue NASA Retweeted Marcia Smith
OMG no. Just NO.

“Create a United States Space Command, a unified combatant command, to improve, evolve, and plan space warfighting.”

#SpaceForceRogue NASA

called N A S A and/or US Air Force & Area 51 #DUFUS @POTUS, such #FnMoron about US, armed forces, other countries/geography HEY trump speed
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MSvJ9SN8THE … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pOFKmk7ytU …
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_J5rBxeTIk …
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n9aYrURLHh0 …

Civil Rights Act, July 2 1964

I’ve never known this type of thing, being born in 1964, not even having been raised/lived primarily in the South majority of my younger years. I never particularly like the South primarily because they don’t seem to align with my personal or political beliefs, but who knows just why I have never been ‘republican’ nor have I ever voted that way, as far as I know…as I don’t vote party/political line{s}, so while do not THINK have voted that party, but have voted Democrat and Independent, although in Alabama and certain other Southern states, one can NOT vote ‘independent’ in the preliminary election but can in the general {well, you have to register as either Democrat or Republican, trying to think back about the first stage of election but can’t at moment}.

50 yrs ago Reps maybe stood for rights, now stand anything to line their overfull pockets at expense of USA/Civil Rights/Human Rights/Constitution, 2 wks post Civil Rights Act law RNC nominated Goldwater who had opposed it, 2 mths after that Thurmond switched to Rep  #LIARS  {1964 The Civil Rights Act of 1964 (Pub.L. 88–352, 78 Stat. 241, enacted July 2, 1964) is a landmark civil rights and US labor law in the United States that outlaws discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.}


current Dems for the people, immigrants/social equality/social services/environment; Reps claim want lower taxes/less govt meddling/social progs/business/economy interference yet override when THEY want {equal rights, bailouts, deficit}, Rs committed suicide but now claim murder

not me, was born right when Civil Rights Law was passed, by Repubs, who afterwards went totally opposite way, now hate anyone who not rich, white, american, male, heterosexual, starting right after that law passed, never known republican party to be anything other than b.s. are

I’m so old, I remember when mainstream Republicans were basically decent people with differing views on economics and not a festering fucktangle of racists, Nazis and child molesters


can hear the ‘Untouchables’ tv theme playing, Capone went down for tax evasion, Cohen too probably, also see high probability that for Trump, Jr, other, Ivanka, Jared, several others, in ADDITION other charges womp womp

: Federal investigators are assessing whether Michael Cohen—Trump’s former fixer—committed tax fraud. Underreported income includes hundreds of thousands of dollars received in cash. Reminder: Trump refuses to release his own tax returns. Why?

to remind of musingsofanaspie wp blog

Know it’s way after this post, but just had to comment, was reading a kindle book about it all so looked up some tests. I am one of those, even with taking out the differences in very much or very not, assuming it’s ‘overthinking’.

My I,Q. has been tested consistently mensa levels {another test to argue points on} as well as other tests throughout school. However, due to what exactly is overall tested, I ranked high in such things as laguage and retetion, but abstract {algebra, some geometry, etc} very low…although I do have a degree in accounting, which of course has nothing to do with made up math, more simple match along with some legal and medical areas, along with some I took to round it all out, and made Dean’s list taking those courses {including laguages, can read 4, speak spanish & french badly, 1 texan/mississipi where 99% can’t understand me and 1 awesome German}.

While there are some areas that may be related, {space perception, visual issues that went from near sighted to legal low vision to legally blind, sensitivity to sound which have always had, etc}, disregarding things that may/may not have bearing on all that. The short test I had a score of 10/10, though again there was one or maybe 2, I might have overthought. I do better with pictures. The other longer test, my score was 42/50, so not sure if the longer test had more of the ‘overthought’ questions or not. That would be 84% long test versus 100% short.

As to the other test in regard to books or artistic type things, that sounds rather bogus to me, as I have neither of those problems/issues, having been reading since I was 3 {by myself} and speedreading since I was 4. I write as well, and have been a computer tech, though enjoyed resolving the issues more than interacting with the callers, but at least they didn’t think anything of my ‘serious’ tone. That guy made way too many assumptions i.e. facts not in evidence, and too many one size is going to be made to fit all.

Open Letter to @SenDougJones

Not so interested in what y’all had to say, way more interested in what y’all did and are doing, this varies in form and intensity from Illegal to Immoral to Reprehensible, & heritage of some who Immigrated FROM Germany NOT AGAIN, NOT HERE, NOT NOW, NOT EVER!


:It’s Democrats who are forcing us to separate children at the border. Adviser Miller:This is our policy to separate families. DHS Sec. Nielsen We do not have a policy of separating families at the border.

They have said that ALL of the people involved cross {whichever legal} border illegally to make asylum requests so face criminal prosecution BUT  but if they go to official border crossing where applications processed they are constatly {for a long time now} turned way, told to return later, NOT even allowed to step over on to US soil, even though their border JOB for refugges is to LET them IN and PROCESS them, which they don’t even let them in, BUT at the same time #Trumpedup has military of all kinds sent to border to ‘protect’ it, while still NOT allowing refugees in at ALL, but can spend millions to send in the military and house kids illegally ripped from their parents in attempts to politically ransom them for a Wall that he has no idea how to make nor fund, because he gave the top richest ongoing tax breaks. They have kids, even infants, in conditions WORSE than zoo animals, with less space than zoo animals. #RepublicanNestOfDispicables

These actions and conditions violate the 14th Amendment as coduct that “shocks the conscience”, violates Human Rights, Geneva Convention, Red Cross, etc, for children that are NOT enemy combatants yet are treated WORSE than if they were.

They are claiming, yet there are differing stories as always with this so called administration, that there is no policy {where in other places it clearly says there is or something to that effect}, and with or without papers is NOT the issue, BECASUE asylum seekers are REFUSED entry to US, refused even the CHANCE to actually apply, so there is no way the border patrol knows whether their paperwork is good enough etctera, because they NEVER get asked for ANY, totally REFUSED ANY assistance or help or even questioned in any way, just turned totally way, and that is illegal under that 50’s law, period. THEN there is policy that all adults crossing illegally, however they define THAT, are being criminally prosecuted, still with NO access to asylum, so how do they know whether it’s papers or proper ones, and how can they try and convict someone for something they are legally trying to do but which are illegally denied access to. Then they want to turn around and deny entry based on applying for asylum, being illegally denied that application without any proof in any way good or bad, but using that ‘conviction’ to say they are criminal and therefore denied.  At which point they then kidnap the children saying they are ‘unaccompanied minor’, and put them in to a human zoo, on thin mats and sheets, and made to wear armbands reminiscient of mark of the beast/666 and Hitler’s Germany, probably not tatoos YET, because of budgets….

They are NOT being sent to immigration detention, but instead are being referred for criminal prosecution, sent to a federal jail, and before federal judge weeks later to see if they’ll get prison time, where their children are kidnapped because can’t be kept with your children in federal lockup. Average courtrooms of that type have it where you are brought before the judge in mass assembly line, some having 1.000 cases a day, and sentenced within a few minutes to time served…as long as they plead GUILTY.

There are cases where immigrant familities are separated after coming to ports of entry, presenting themselves for asylum {following US law}. Trump claims they only separate families at ports of entry BUT…Ports of entry are NOT accepting them, AT ALL, and if ‘worried about the safety of the children’ {because they are basically going to charge the parents with something, at which point again back to supposed unaccompanied alien minor, although that is supposed to describe people under age of 18 who come to US without adult relative {which they just TOOK}, and are then sent to Office of Refugee Resettlement/ORR, part of Department of Health and Human Services…where they are bundled in to worse than zoo like conditions, tagged, and supposedly attempts made to identify nearest relative…who they probably have in federal prison at that time. Those places are understaffed, overwhelmed, kids and infants packed in worse than caged animals, and very little if any health care etcetera given to them.


View image on Twitter

Prerna P. Lal, Esq.


ICE has now released a flyer for parents separated from their children at the border.

A flyer.

And it’s in English.

 From April 18 to May 31, Department of Homeland Security officials reported in June, 1,995 children were taken from 1,940 adults. This is undercount because according to DHS officials this number is only for the familties separated when parents were sent in to criminal custody to be prosecuted for illegal entry, so does not include families who presented themselves for asylum legally at port of entry but were then separated, nor does it count all the ones illegally denied even the chance to go in to the port of entry {which is more than all the others combined, according to reports coming in from all over}, and Trump has stepped up detention of asylum seekers, which is illegal in most cases to begin with, (and immigrants, period). But because there are such strict limits on keeping children in immigration detention it’s next to impossible to get any definite numbers. Trump’s so called solution is to prosecute larger numbers of immigrants for illegal entry — including large numbers of asylum seekers. That allows the Trump administration to ship children off to ORR, rather than keeping them in immigration detention.

In theory, unaccompanied immigrant children are sent to ORR within 72 hours of being apprehended, kept in government facilities, or short-term foster care, for days or weeks while ORR officials try to identify the nearest relative in the US who can take the child in while the immigration case is being resolved, but the system for dealing with unaccompanied immigrant children was already overwhelmed, if not broken already. ORR facilities were already 95 percent full as of June 7; 11,000 children being held. Supposedly the government reserved an additional 1,218 beds in various places for migrant children, including some at military bases. So, once again, Trump is treating the US military, it’s members and facilities, as his own areas to do what he will with them, at the expense of the American Taxpayer as well. The agency being overloaded for years includes backlog in 2014 when they ended up caring for kids for days or even longer, with the American Civil Liberties Union report in May 2018 documenting hundreds of claims of “verbal, physical, and sexual abuse” of unaccompanied children by Border Patrol. Additionally there are questions about how carefully ORR vets the sponsors to whom it ultimately releases children, with cases of teenagers getting released to labor traffickers by ORR, in April that of 7,000 children it attempted to contact in fall 2017, 1,475 could not be contacted — leading to allegations that the government “lost” children, or that they’d been handed over to traffickers. In May the government put out a request for proposals for “shelter care providers, including group homes and transitional foster care,” to house children separated from parents. One organization coordinating placements is placing children with foster families in Michigan and Maryland — and planning to expand to several other states. Some of these foster families have experience fostering unaccompanied children, but they’re not used to children who’ve just been separated from their parents.

Some families have been reunited, but the government is sending very mixed signals about how that can be accomplished, and whether Trump is even trying to make it happen at all. In an ACLU lawsuit over the separation of families in immigration detention, a DOJ official told the judge that “once a parent is in ICE [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] custody and the child is taken into the Health and Human Services system, the government does not try to reunite them, and instead attempts to place the child with another relative in the United States — if the child has one.” That isn’t what ICE and DHS say. They claim that once parents have finished their criminal sentences for illegal entry or reentry, they can be reunited with their children in civil immigration detention while they pursue their asylum case. They don’t appear to have a system to bring families back together.

******* Personally I say hit Trump etc with Kidnapping charges, since they were taken from LEGAL GUARDIANS/PARENTS who were with them AT THAT TIME, not even told what was going on and/or why…Violates all sorts of rights and laws and protections.

One flyer given to parents in Texas offered a number to call to locate children. But the number was wrong: Instead of being a number for ORR, it was an ICE tip line. (The flyers had to be corrected in pen.) And even if a parent can call ORR and ORR can identify the child, they might not be able to call the parent back — because immigrants in detention don’t have phone access. (Federal judges sentencing immigrants have urged the government to make sure  that they have access to phones so they can relocate their kids.) The plaintiffs in the ACLU’s family-separation lawsuit are one woman separated from her child for eight months after she presented herself for asylum at a port of entry, and another woman who was sentenced to a brief jail term for illegal entry but couldn’t be reunited with her child for months after her release back to DHS custody. Some parents are being deported without their children. And some small children, according to advocates in Central America, are getting deported without their parents.

Trump has responded to criticisms of family separation by claiming that a “Democratic law” requires him to do it, and that if Congress doesn’t like it, they can change the law.

Donald J. Trump


Separating families at the Border is the fault of bad legislation passed by the Democrats. Border Security laws should be changed but the Dems can’t get their act together! Started the Wall.

This is not true. There is no law that requires immigrant families to be separated. The decision to charge everyone crossing the border with illegal entry — and the decision to charge asylum seekers in criminal court rather than waiting to see if they qualify for asylum — are both decisions the Trump administration has made. Other administration officials back up Trump by pointing to the laws that give extra protections to families, unaccompanies children, and asylum seekers.  The administration has been asking Congress to change these laws since it came into office, and has blamed them for stopping Trump from securing the border the way he’d like. (Those aren’t “Democratic laws” either; the law addressing unaccompanied children was passed overwhelmingly in 2008 and signed by George W. Bush, while the restriction on detaining families is a result of federal litigation.) In that context, the law isn’t forcing Trump to separate families; it’s keeping Trump from doing what he’d perhaps really like to do, which is simply sending families back or keeping them in detention together, and so he has had to resort to plan B.

Some administration officials say they’re prosecuting immigrants (and separating families) for a simple reason: They want to stop people from coming into the US illegally between ports of entry. “You have an option to go to a port of entry and not illegally cross into our country,” Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen told a Senate committee last month. It sounds like common sense — and it allows the administration to avoid awkward legal or moral questions about trying to keep out people fleeing persecution. But there isn’t evidence that strategy will work. In early May, rolling out the zero-tolerance policy, the Trump administration claimed that a pilot of the program along one sector of the border had reduced border crossings in that sector by 64 percent — but failed to produce numbers to back up that claim, and instead  produced numbers about something else. Furthermore, the administration sends mixed signals about whether it actually wants people to use ports of entry to seek asylum legally. {There are numberous, recent reports, many even on video, showing ports of entry NOT allowing any entry, in any way, no matter what, not even asking the simplest of questions, just telling them there’s no room, to come back at some other time, while the people are left with no options but to hang around, attempt to make tent cities, beg for food, etcetera.}

Some asylum seekers have been separated from their children at ports of entry, Trump has promised to prosecute anyone who submits a “fraudulent” asylum claim — and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has made it clear that he suspects many, if not most, asylum claims are fraudulent. Meanwhile, at several ports of entry, asylum seekers are being told there’s no room for them and that they’ll have to come back another time. In at least one case, asylum seekers were physically prevented from stepping on US soil, which would have given them the right to seek asylum at the port of entry, but without any questions of any kind are totally prevented from doing that.  The statistics the Trump administration uses to back up the idea that there’s a “surge” since last year sometimes count both people getting caught by Border Patrol between ports of entry and those presenting themselves without papers at ports of entry for asylum. The implication is that the current crackdown will reduce both — implying that one point of the policy is to stop families from trying to enter the US to seek asylum, period.

Trump has made it a criminal offense, and crimimals don’t have a right to have their children with them in jail. The question is whether Trump administration has the legal authority to put asylum-seeking parents in jail awaiting trial to begin with, knowing they’re splitting them from their children. Human rights organizations, including the United Nations, have argued that it violates international law to prosecute asylum seekers criminally. Federal courts have, however, ruled that it’s illegal to keep an immigrant in detention in the hopes of deterring others, instead of making an individual assessment about whether that immigrant needs to be detained. That might pave the way for advocates to fight back against family separation — or, at least, to force the government to start helping families get reunited after the parents have been sentenced. The ACLU won an early victory in its case in June: The federal government asked the judge to throw out the case, and the judge refused. In his ruling, he made it clear he believed that if the allegations against the administration were true, they might very well be unconstitutional — violating family integrity, which some courts have found is implicitly part of the Fifth Amendment’s guarantee of “liberty” without due process of law. This doesn’t mean that the case is definitely going to succeed, though the tea leaves are favorable. And, of course, any opinion will be appealed — and will likely go to the Supreme Court unless something else happens to change the policy before then. Even if the ACLU does succeed, it won’t stop families from being separated at the border. The lawsuit argues that it’s unconstitutional for parents who are in immigration detention to be separated from their children — but not that it’s unconstitutional to charge parents with illegal entry and take them into separate criminal court. A victory would merely obligate the federal government to reunite parents with their children once they’ve served their (brief) time for illegal entry. But whether the government will actually be able to do that is another question. And it’s certainly less preferable, for families, than not being separated at all.

It’s possible the administration simply won’t have the resources to keep this many people in detention for this long — it’s already running out of space in ICE detention — or to keep prosecuting more and more people for a crime that already overwhelms federal dockets. But it’s also possible that it will simply burn through the money it has and demand Congress give it more, in the name of protecting the US from an invasion of illegality. It is extremely unlikely that Congress is going to pass a law that stops the administration from separating families at the border. Democrats are scrambling to propose bills to limit prosecution and separation, and meanwhile Trump uses DACA as an excuse when it’s not even the same situation as well as an older one.  Indefinite family separation is almost certainly going to overwhelm the already precarious system for dealing with migrant children. Border Patrol and ORR aren’t going to get the resources they need to address the new jobs they’re being asked to take on by treating children separated from their parents as “unaccompanied” children. But the public and policymakers never paid much attention to that part of the immigration system anyway. When it first became clear that the Trump administration was engaging in wide-scale family separation, White House Chief of Staff John Kelly waved off questions about the policy by saying that children would be sent to “foster care or whatever.” The vagueness and inaccuracy were telling. The administration knows it is separating families. It does not appear to believe it’s its job to reunite them.

Yahoo/messenger Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Got email that stated they were closing down yahoo messenger {although they are doing beta or whatever for same sorta type thing called Squirrel…yeah alright Squirrely, great choice, NOT}, and said to download history if you wanted to keep it.

Now, full disclosure, and part of point, have had yahoo since at least 2002, and messenger would have been at same time or right after. I aksed for download, just in case…and after had to use DIFFERENT account to send to, asked for the code {hoop 2} then got it, and input the 4 digit code…at which point asked it about 14 times in various ways, to accept that code, which it never did. {REPEAT hoop 2} asked for a code AGAIN, and at attempt 13 was ready to give up, but it accepted in on 14th try. {hoop 3} then was sent email from yahoo to my yahoo, and to the other account used AND to my hotmail account used that it was being processed…uh okay, why did they send to my hotmail. {hoop 4} Told that it would take a while…so waited another FOUR days when, finally, got told it was ready. NO DOWLOAD, and in fact had to jump through {hoop 5} to access the stupid account, and NO yahoo, right clicking on that part of the yahoo/messenger part of my dashboard did NOT do ANYTHING, regardless of your claims. SO {hoop 6} finally saw tiny listing for 2 messages…2 out of ? {thousands} using it for the most part consistently for YEARS…and could NOT even access THOSE in any way.

Yeah, going to be shutting that whole piece of shit down…because guess what else, and explains a LOT of the SPAM that ORIGINATED with yahoo…they have 437 ‘partners’…and I HAVE opted out of everything, and STILL get CONSTANT SPAM…because opting out doesn’t opt anyone out of this crap, it just makes it NON-personalized, although personalized it b.s. too {ex: says I am in marietta GA, nope, maybe hub connection to/from my comcast internet, but not even in the right STATE much less narrowed down to even somewhat pinpoint me or my interests}. {Actually NEVER round ANY way to STOP ANY of them from sending me crap, opted in NOR out.} BUNCH OF LYING SPAMMING THEIFS.