I’ve been a lot of places and seen a lot of things, but….

That was not, repeat not, the start of a beautiful relationship; it was more telling everyone I could that the ‘writer’ was a like a farm dog gone bad, she sucked eggs. Might as well start a ‘wall of shame’ versus a wall of fame, though could do wall of infamy but, well, the ‘writers’ are not even that good. Below you will find that ‘start’, keeping in mind I am in no way a prude, don’t care if there is sex in books or movies or whatever, but a book’s purpose is SUPPOSED to be to entertain {FAIL}, to be at least somewhat well written {FAIL}, and to actually be about what it said it was {BIG FAIL}.

Bookbub, in particular, has a long alphabetical list of their categories {just added some newer ones in the last week or so actually as well}, but I have issues with those. Won’t list them alphabetically, but will list the categories/types.

Recommended, Latest Deals, Best Sellers, Free Ebooks, and a list at very bottom of different retailers.

I can understand the categories for General NonFiction, History, Historical Fiction, Historical Mysteries, Cozy Mysteries, True Crime, Crime Fiction, Thrillers, Psychological Thrillers {though aren’t all ‘thrillers’ psychological in some way}, Legal Thrillers, Action and Adventure, Biographies and Memoirs, African American, Christian Fiction, Christian Non-Fiction, Religion and Spirituality, Literary Fiction, Business, Cooking, Advice & How-To, Parenting, Horrors, Politics and Current Events, Humor, Fantasy, Children’s, Middle Grade, Teen and Young Adult, Science, Science Fiction, Supernatural Suspense.

What cannot understand is why they put certain words first, when the ‘story’ is basically badly written porn, with the history or sci-fi or whatever more than a name of a flimsy backdrop. Examples can be found in so called American Historical Romance, Romantic Suspense {whatever that is supposed to mean}, Contemporary Romance, New Adult Romance, Sports Romance, Paranormal Romance {the type of ‘book’ hurled over at bottom of this post}, Erotic Romance, Dark Romance and Erotica,  and the categories that win for most useless category as in how are they different than above/need to be separated more, Chick Lit, Women’s Fiction, and Time Travel Romance which is the one that ticks me off the most because just as in the historical romance that barely has any history, there is little to no time  travel or sense/good writing to the time travel ones. The reason I put the LGBT down with these instead of in above list, is again, it’s basically no story line and what amounts to badly written soft core porn. They are not dent STORIES, and much the same as with sci-fi or horror movies, if you can tell the CGI, etcetera, then it was a badly done useless add-in.


On goodreads I have just 2 areas so far, one huge one have not made shelves for and one titled ”read, most-romance-softporn-noplotnonsense”. Phoenix Aglow (Alpha Phoenix #0) caused me to make the shelf. It is by Isadora Montrose. I say ‘it’ instead of book because it’s not worthy of that designation, and again ‘it’ because that is close enough without cussing to at least say part of the word would like to use.

She put paranormal first in book 0, and when it’s primarily a romance with some ‘character’ in it such as a phoenix that does NOT make it paranormal. Soft and/or ‘more’ porn is not a romance, either, btw, it’s wannabe 50 Shades. She didn’t even actually describe the phoenix more than a line or 2; basically it was badly written description of the phoenix having sex with the human chick.

I want to gouge my eyes out or wash them with bleach…the end, it couldn’t have come soon enough thank gawd for speed reading, I’ve seen soap operas with less b.s. going on, stalkers, a not exe that is stalkerish anyway, half nude and possible more scenes that were in there WHY, yeah he happens to be a phoenix big whoop, didn’t really have anything to do with the story, and btw the end said and quoting: I hope you enjoyed this short taste of my new Alpha Phoenix series and would like to read more about Phoenix shifters and their curvy fated mates. Phoenix Aglow is only the first in what I intend to be many romances in the Alpha Phoenix series.

Times like these wish I could actually throw up, should be able to, close to the same thing as having food poisoning, book poisoning. If wanted to read pornographic shape shifting bbw 2 somes or threesomes or whatever, no big deal, but the book should describe what it is, she’s supposed to be a freaking writer, what she can’t figure out how to write a true description? Want to be able to rate 0 stars and Read but Wished I hadn’t. Got the book for free, and it was still too much, considering the huge waste of time. I write better, descriptive reviews than the ‘writer’ does books.


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