No Sex Sundays

I review on amazon, sometimes one of the ‘other’ non-american amazons, bookbub which is just stars and if they have the writer {they are weird about which ones they do and don’t have imnho, that means in my never humble opinion, might want to note that} and goodreads.

Here is some of what I said on profile on my goodreads, which is almost exactly the same as on my amazon. {Both are under my entire real name}. Anything except romance, time travel ‘romance’ only if that part doesn’t take over the time travel part. If dates are ever off on goodreads it’s my fault, for a while either wasn’t on here or else was forgetting to do it on here from amazon. Am rectifying that as I catch it.

RATINGS/STARS **Look To The Stars**
Have Kindle Unlimited read 10-20 daily, reading since 3 speed since 4 legally blind touch typist, prefer mobi vs physical, review everything read on Amazon some uk rare au, goodreads, bookbub, rare authors xp or librarything, tend to do copy/paste because others read/reviewed blurb and book and different experiences/backgrounds/expectations from book than I do. No real idea what stars/ratings actually mean to some , it’s anyone’s guess evidently. Tend to state if on ku, small comment, mostly list other books in series and/or list all series. Betas rare Shay Roberts and Mikey Campling also otherwise free or ku with them, ARCS a few but almost as rare with John Logsdon and Jackson Dean Chase and Lee Strauss and some others, try to remember to state BUT don’t matter either liked it or not how got it.I have read everything out free or kindle unlimited or gotten otherwise from Shay and from Logsdon and Strauss and Chase so far unless it couldn’t be gotten without paying in some way {have ku and way too many books to read to be buying otherwise}.

**PSA**Free book sites: Kindle Unlimited listed at top AND bottom w/ buy price hidden/buried between. Amazon audio extra per book, kindle for pc WITH audio plug in plus Narrator plus Speakonia free and customizable allows those to be read to you. regardless. That is what I use, because am legally blind, but thankfully for y’all am touch typist…. *snort* Am always supposed to put down things such as recieved this book free for review or some such drivel so that amazon doesn’t get their knickers in a knot, but anyone that knows how many books go through {10-20 a day} and my attitude…KNOW that all opinions are my own, have a lot of them, and are going to share them, and that is whether the ‘writer’ wished I would , or not, depending.

I also have kindle unlimited, which is limited, seriously, to 10 at a time, and sometimes I read ‘serials’ so that makes it ever so much more ‘fun’ {if your idea of fun is having the kindle for pc stall, lock, and/or crash several times}. They have also started showing where there are sets/other associated books to the one looking at, at the very top…which makes it bloody stupid hard to tell if already gotten the actual book and/or if it is actually free that day or just what the price is, although they didn’t bother to clean up the newer/previous problem of having the kindle unlimited listed up top and at bottom trying to squeeze out and hide the buy price. Being on several free book sites, primarily instafreebie some plus freebooksy and bookbub every day, along with various free ones from other sources plus of course ku, duh yeah my book was probably free, but even if it wasn’t, look at my reviews. I am pretty sure the ‘free’ part didn’t matter when the review said it was like a farm dog gone bad, it sucked eggs. Nor where I said cheesy 70’s porn had more plot. In both of those said something about my review of the book was far better than the book. Sadly, that was totally true.

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