Another sucks giant greasy donkey….

Bad War by Summer Cooper and Stephen Kingston

Let me just post the review I gave. Was sent this in hopes would review it; am sure they have changed their mind on reading this review. The characters are one dimensional, the sex scenes of whatever kind were more flat than a 70’s cheesy porn, the paranormal elements were small and lacking any real depth, and I wrote better compositions for English Lit in junior high and high school. I have read every genre and sub genre and some couldn’t figure out the genre, but can figure out when the ‘book’ is a muddled mess.There were way too many additional details that had no real reason for even being in the book, and too many that should have been made room for that would have actually made a story in to a book worth reading. One last thing before I go to figure out a brain bleach, if he was so disabled that he was home on leave but not discharged uh what, another makes no sense. More words just thrown in to a story just makes it longer, not a real story nor readable. The pluses of the ‘book’ was that it was relatively short, although that could just be me speed reading/listening to it {did both}, and that had forgotten that I knew so many adjectives that could describe something written as badly as this, but so many came to mind my review would have been longer than the book. Normally save the 1 star for badly written porn/romance but this couldn’t even convince me it rated the 2 of a badly written cozy. BTW ALL wars are bad, duh.

1 star for badly written porn/romance and whatever this mess was, not even good enough to rate 2 star bad cozy

Would have said more, in more detail, but don’t think goodreads allows cussing…. Am beginning to realize why some people burn books, although not for the ‘smut’ factor or whatever, just because to be of some use, one would have to burn the damn thing. Seeing as how read mine on kindle for pc with the audio from narrator/add on from speakonia, not going to do that obviously.

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