Here they go again….

Some not all of her other books are Kindle Unlimited, writes as Leighann Dobbs writes under Leighann Dobbs, Annie Dobbs and (soon) L.A. Dobbs but her real name {not sure if she writes under that one} is Lee Dobbins.

All the ‘historical’ and ‘mail order bride’ and the like are basically badly written unproofed bad excuses for soft core porn, no plot no reason no sense. Did copy/paste reviews because that seems to be pretty much what she is doing in her books, which wouldn’t be half as bad if the plots and ploys and actions were believable at all.Just change the name for a book and maybe change the series listed under, and you are right back to copy paste same old same old. If you see a book and any of the above names are on it, do the smart thing and don’t pass go, you’ll regret it.

3 in Silver Hollow Paranormal Cozy Mystery Series ku, 3 in Moosamuck Island Mysteries , 5 in Mystic Notch Cozy Mysteries so far {not ku}, Blackmore Sisters has 7 {not ku}, Hazel Martin Mysteries only has 1 so far, Lexy Baker Cozy Mystery series 12 so far is on ku,  Witches of Hawthorne Grove 1 so far, Scandals and Spies Book series so far 4 which are basically romance soft core porn dreck but hey you can get them on ku, Cevonne Bride of Oklahoma ditto, Unexpected Series 4 so far ditto and ku.

S Hazel Martin Mysteries does not have terms used that match the British terms as well as in other areas for that period of architecture and assorted styles.

The Lexy Baker Cozy Mystery Series By the way, bakeries and other food service places don’t run like that. Badly needs to proof things, it’s messing up the flow of the book, which my computer reads to me, so that’s bad. As for these, it’s not that the situations couldn’t happen, it’s in the telling of the story, with unlikable unbelievable characters and situations, again.

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