The Great Goofy Head Hockey Puck is back with another insanity trip, anybody want to ‘go with’?


Have read many reviews of different books that give outline of the story, but this is Logsdon and it’s not really something one could do when it’s {Terry} Pratchett meets {Douglas} Adams meets Monty Python meets Red Dwarf meets Star Trek meets Doctor Who meets Twilight Zone/Outer Limits/Night Gallery…. Realized at end of the Pentalogy that there are 2 of ‘them’, writers, so guess 2 peas in an…alien pod…. Their ‘issues’ have ‘issues’, and sincerely suggest that they both seem professional help…after a couple or more…sets/series. The only caveat is to not stop at book 2, it is by far the weakest and seems a bit out of place, but even Logsdon said 2 was not all he had wanted it to be; he may rewrite it at some point as he’s done a couple of other books. There are more than 5 total {9 as of this writing} and have now read them all. Sci-Fi fans that also like things mixed with humor or humour should definitely like these. In other news, it is quite possible that Logsdon has taken too many hockey puck shots to the head but still…. Warning: subject matter not suitable for the young, small pets, and anyone without a warped sense of humor.

I do not, did not, and have not ever gotten ‘remuneration’ from anyone for talking about any of his nor anyone’s else’s books. I just have a lot of opinions, and you will hear them all, sooner or later. Oh, ‘remuneration’ does not count the satisfaction of attempting to aggravate the hockey puck on multiple platforms, as trying to save him the trouble of finding trouble to get in to by bringing it to him.

The books are usually on kindle unlimited, in singles, sets, collection, kindle and paperback and audio, with exception for prequel to Ononokin which can only be gotten from author’s website when signing up {go ahead, he doesn’t spam, and it doesn’t hurt…much}. Reading any or all of these without a firm connection to reality…highly recommended. Liberating the Package, prequel to Platoon F, also no show on amazon so probably the same.

Mission 0: Liberating the Package {prequel}
Platoon F: Pentalogy set is first 5
Mission 1: The SSMC Reluctant
Mission 2: Angry Robots
Mission 3: The SSMC Voyeur
Mission 4: Earthlings
Mission 5: Synthetic DNA
Warped Conduit (Platoon F Book 6)
Kidnap on Fantasy Planet (Platoon F Book 7)
Platoon F: Veli Unveiled (Platoon F Book 8)
Platoon F: The Search for Veli (Platoon F Book 9) now out at Amazon, Goodreads, and all finer truckstop bookstores near you! *VAT at The End of the Universe gift shop

Also the instigator uhm writer of: Queen Arthur {Monty Pythonesque, on drugs, really really good drugs} where past meets future meets… {*caveat Logson might have taken 1 too many hockey puck shots to the head, although to be totally honest the post ‘puck’ issues seems to be the same as the pre-puck so pucked up doesn’t seem to matter overall}. He and his co-writer are so ‘wrong’ that they slid the pendulum to ‘not right’.

The Ring of Veiling (Queen Arthur Book 1)
Knights in the Future (Queen Arthur Book 2)
Knights in the Past (Queen Arthur Book 3)

Ononokin Comedic Fantasy Bundle has books 1-4 {of 5 currently out}
#1 Quest of Undoing
#2 The Full Moon Event
#3 Bob the Zombie
#4 Gappy’s Gadgets

#5 The Kidnapped Prince *not included in set

Cozy Mystery Bundle #1 (South Lane Detective Agency)
Diamond in the Ruff (South Lane Detective Agency Book 1)
Framed & Fortune (South Lane Detective Agency Book 2)
A Sound Swing (South Lane Detective Agency Book 3)
A Horse Tail (South Lane Detective Agency Book 4)
Out of Left Field (South Lane Detective Agency Book 5)
*a ‘different’ kind of different kind of detective

Starliner (The Intergalactic Investigation Bureau Book 1)

The Relic (The Galactic Thieves Book 1)

The Unexpected Fugitive *newer version due out has been somewhat rewritten

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