Christmas Wishes and Easter ones too come true, sometimes, just takes a while.

**PSA**Free book sites: Kindle Unlimited listed at top AND bottom w/ buy price hidden/buried between. Amazon audio extra per book, kindle for pc WITH audio plug in plus Narrator plus Speakonia free and customizable allows those to be read to you. regardless.

I had written that before, possible on here as well, but it’s on my goodreads bio, for now, soon to be changed. Why? Because it has changed on amazon. Background information first…a while back I wrote amazon about the issue with my sight and dealing with kindle unlimited headings on top and on bottom, sandwiching in the buy price, as I have freebooksy and bookbub free book sites check every day. My amazon account is connected with my sister’s card for my kindle unlimited so whenever I bought a book that was free it was put under that account but the few I bought with amazon gift cards were too, unless amazon didn’t use them as they were supposed to and ended up straight charging my sister’s account, and also charged here and there $1.07 which is .99 plus tax for various books I KNOW I bought on free days.

So shot off email to them regarding my legally blind vision and asked them to check with their legal staff since knew they never write anyone back, no matter what, about the legality of messing with the ADA rules regarding low vision and legally blind users. They never wrote back, BUT there have been changes now, and there is no longer a top and bottom just a top and then the buy price, and as a bonus if you have already bought the book, in any way, there is a nice green button to push which will take you to the kindle cloud app {which does not have the pc audio plug in btw} but will allow you to read online on their cloud the book you have clicked that button for, so that’s nice. Yes, it may or may not have been my or others’ complaints, who can say, but I bet their lawyers had a thing or two to say, and whatever way it happened it solved the issue, for the most part.

My sister’s bank also had a security breach recently so had to issue her another card, which she used to gift me a 6 month subscription to KU, and also means that any charges amazon tries to put on the still linked {older inactive} card will no longer be able to charge her card but at the same time keeps them from saying I don’t have a card linked to it {which technically do but don’t}. Sounds like a win win to me, finally.

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