The Universe Builders

I read a lot, and as some might have noticed, I have Kindle Unlimited, which is not actually unlimited in that you are limited to 10 at a time, but you are not limited in how many in any month, which is almost $10 a month of if you have a credit card or debit or someone that does have one of those and likes you or wants to be nice or wants you to shut your pie hole whining and whinging when your KU gets messed up, there is a way to buy for yourself or for them to buy you a kindle unlimited gift subscription of 6 months {almost $60 plus tax} or ones for 12 or 24 months which are higher but save a tiny bit over the 6 month one. My sister, who was doing my ku month to month, was informed that her bank had a possible security breach so they sent her out a new card, right before my ku was due, so didn’t go through. The good part of that is now amazon technically does but really doesn’t still have a valid card for me and has to stop billing her when I use bookbub or freebooksy for free books, claiming they were not free, even though they were. There is also only a 7 day period to have charges reversed, even though most people only see any charges around a month later, but as far as the ku and the little type and the shoving in ku above and below sandwiching the buy price re people with vision plus trying to screw users, that was covered in the last blog or if not, wasn’t too far back.

One of the writers/stories I follow is not on ku, but have been on his email list so one of those here’s a free book really hope you like it and/or review it. Have done 2 stories from this one writer, and now have just finished an ARC which is an advance reader’s copy so yes free and early so nah nah a boo boo to you all. Do have to put a disclaimer on those, although mine are definitely my way of saying just because other people may cheat doesn’t mean I do, so usually go something like received from so free for possible review and should go without saying that all my reviews are my own opinion, obviously have a lot and share them whether anyone wants them or not. The writer gives a blurb, the other reviewers give half the plot, more or less. Just read them already, there’s a list of the titles out below. I’m helpful like that.Be nice to writers and they write more. *results may vary in your area/state/country

The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty (The Universe Builders Series Book 1)
The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Lost Girl (The Universe Builders Series Book 2)
The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Wizards

Yes, that is copy paste, for the most part, as usually in series each has something bit different at end, additional. He looks, physically like the late great Terry Pratchett and writes a little bit like him as well, but interesting read. Just did the review on goodreads, because even though amazon bought them can’t review early on amazon just goodreads. Note there is a workaround; put the review on the paper copy, not the kindle, which is what I did, as the review will show up regardless.

One thought on “The Universe Builders

  1. oops had to fix a typo or 2, here is the link to The Universe Builders site, by Steve LeBel

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