Goodreads, eh, not so ‘good’ not so much.

On Thu, 13 Apr at 9:48 PM

It has been 7 days since you sent the message, and 5 since I noticed it and sent reply; no one has even attempted in any way to answer my question, which was WHICH books, as will explain again, read/review anywhere from 10-20 minimum up to 50 or more a DAY, when reading through collections and/or serials which a couple or so writer those. Was the complaint, for you, talking about the fact that I mention actually that it is a copy/paste of what I put on amazon, which don’t really see a problem with mentioning them or doing that as they own both companies. Was it a reference to those that got 1 or 2 stars,  probably; so went back through EVERY SINGLE one of those, and now each are at least somewhat different from every other one in the series of crap I was reading, and figure it was primarily those because even had someone stalk me to facebook and complain about a particular ‘writer’ that I READ AND reviewed every single book she has out currently as sets and singular books from those, which is common because did read them all. As I told the whiner, the entire purpose of a review is not to give out half or more of the plot, that is what reading the book is for, and the stars on anyone’s reviews indicate that they DID read the book, the entire book, the sets, et cetera, and considering how many I read a DAY and all genres, I have every right, backed up by the ‘writer’s’ copy paste fill in the blank books that you let be put on that site, to do a copy paste review, BUT the reviews are NOT copy paste anymore, since you seem to think that reviewers should be held to a higher journalistic standard than the ‘writers’ are.

I can PROVE that I am and have been for years a natural speedreader, which is even faster when it’s that fill in the blank b.s. that ‘writer’ has as a ‘book’, ‘book’ after ‘book’ after ‘book’. As for as the pornographic nature of a book, eh whatever with their wannabe 50 shades of grey crap, it’s still a crappy book, and their badly written 70’s porn movie no talent no plot no storyline crap is not offensive to me because of some ‘standard’ re the sexual nature, but because as a writer and a reader it’s CRAP. Example is for the ‘shape shifting’ ‘books’, ought to at least pretend to flesh out a character, not necessarily believable because well duh, but make it a believable character as in character of any kind, with some actual description of the supposed shape shifter, and no it does NOT count as a ‘shape shifter’ book just claim it is that but yet never actually go beyond a line or two of lame ‘description’. I wrote better reviews of that crap than she did in ‘writing’ the ‘books’. I have also been researching the laws regarding obscenity, particularly that in print and which could be read by minors. I would suggest, to you and your legal team, to go back over those as well, and quit trying to make up reasons to cave in to those whiners who simply didn’t like the fact that I rated their preferred reading a 1, as again EACH AND EVERY single one of them individually and sets have each had comments put on them that make them different than any of the others, whereas before yes they said pretty much exactly the same thing, BUT NOW THEY DON:T, so I am therefore not breaking the TOS in letter nor in spirit. Oh, and thank you ever so much for NEVER getting back to me about this matter at ALL.

Thank you for your email, though we sincerely apologize for the delayed response.  Here are some of the reviews in question: {they listed all of 4 books, while I have reviewed literally HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS}. Please note that these are not the only duplicate reviews that are breaking our rules.  As there are many more, please take an additional two weeks to remove the duplicates.  If they aren’t removed by that time, we will have to remove them on our end.

Still does not explain, with the amount have reviewed in the last month, and more, which ones the complaints are against; ‘many more’ does not even start to narrow it down, nor exactly what is mean by ‘duplicate’ reviews. Does that mean I need to leave out books by the writer, to make the review different? Do I need to make up titles? Then it comes to series, how about those, especially when the ‘writer’ has done a copy/paste fill in the blank book, so every book is almost exactly the same, with some slight changes such as with names or maybe even a location or something. There is no way to make those reviews different. There is no reason to give a rundown of those ‘plots’ because there aren’t really any and that is why some got the 1. If, as with those that were sent, have an additional line or 2 added, different than the others, is it still considered, by you, to be an unacceptable review. How does one NOT do a ‘duplicate review’ when it’s a series, because see no point in giving away more than the writer blurb, since that is what actually reading the book is for, and as for much more, other than a line or 2, that is what the stars are SUPPOSED to be for.

Again, see no way to fix reviews since have no idea of WHICH. of the hundreds and hundreds have done is being deemed unacceptable. Had thought that it was probably the 1 star reviews, because of course regardless of lack of any merit in their ‘writing’ they would complain about an ‘unfair’ score/star rating, but saw some of the very few you sent was 5 stars, and know he didn’t complain. I have had ‘helpful’ marked on many of my amazon reviews, because I DO give a list of the other books, because many, like me, go through an entire listing on an author’s work, so at loss to figure out just exactly what the complaint is, as have seen review after review on goodreads and amazon that stated, with a book was boring or whatever and rated 1 or 2 stars, with nothing else, and yet those reviews stand. They are not informative, as it tells nothing to merely say a book is boring or whatever, without saying why, with examples.

  • We will not tolerate abuse of our ratings system, such as rating the same work more than once for the purpose of inflating or deflating the book’s average rating. Multiple ratings we determine to be abusive will be removed.
  • Goodreads reserves the right to remove a review at any time for any reason. It is at our sole discretion and no one else’s, that we decide when a review is against our guidelines.
    I rate sets, and the individual books in the set, if I have indeed read them all. Is this not permissible? If I review a book, I have read it, no matter how bad, and to the end.

    Goodreads reserves the right to remove a review at any time for any reason. It is at our sole discretion and no one else’s, that we decide when a review is against out guidelines.

    So that basically means, disregard every other rule you claim goodreads has, because you will remove whatever you want, for any reason or no reason.

    Spam reviews.

    You do not bother to state what you consider spam. I fail to see how listing the writer’s other books is spam, and yes that does make one review look a lot like the next review, but then what is the rating/star system for since it seems to be serving no purpose with goodreads. Would adding a comment or two, or basically giving away part of the plot that was not in the writer’s blurb, does that make it different? I personally can’t stand reviews that give away the plot, and those on goodreads are not as bad as on amazon about that, but close. What makes, for example, reviews on a writer who does a series of books, what makes goodreads say that one is ‘different’ enough than the one before it? Again, is it a couple of different added comments, or even something as simple as this is the newest book, or this book out soon, how about this was a review copy and will be out soon. How about serials/serialized books, which if anything is said gives away most of the book, as they are shorter than novelettes. It is rather…odd…that a book review site has a list of rules, then at the end of their list, a disclaimer that they can and will delete reviews for any and all reasons or no reason at all, at their own ‘discretion’.

    I see no reason to even attempt hundreds and hundreds of re-reading reviews, in 2 weeks {your deadline}, and being touch typist and speedreader would be more than hard pressed but also legally blind so that goes to impossible, and ‘hoping’ that they might not get deleted, when again you say yourself that you reserve the ‘right’ to remove any review at any time for any reason, at your ‘discretion’, so could still delete any and all, and that is not only dubious but also suspicious as you post ‘books’ that are no better than 70’s wannabe porno movies in book form, except that the ‘books’ have less plot. I am not saying I am offended by the subject matter, because what I find offensive is that they are listed as ‘books’ when they are fill in the blank crap that are no better than copy/paste ‘books’, yet they are on your site, in the hundreds.What is the ‘reasoning’ behind any review having to not be more than a couple of words or copy/paste list of other books so as to warn other readers of constant consistent crap, and how many ways can reviewers say the book is crap before it being considered copy/paste review, that the ‘writer’ can get away with, as even my vocabulary may not be up to that challenge and still stay withing the usual guidelines of no profanity etcetera. There is of course the additional issue that you obviously have no intention of saying which books, beyond ‘many’, so tells me less than nothing

    Again, rating a set and then each individual book in that set should not be considered spam, as it is not on your main site {Amazon, which owns goodreads}, and in fact on both sites list the sets and the individual, but since I read the set or all of the books in the set, according to the rules that you both put in place should be allowed to review everything. But by all means, go ahead and delete whatever you are going to, as my legally blind eyes will not stand up to the strain of 100’s of books, especially not even knowing if it’s one of the books you are referring to, or if that won’t change a day or a week down the road. I will do what I always do, which is to give in when the TOS pulls the crap about these are the rules, which by the way we can break any time for any reason, but you better follow them even if you don’t know what they actually are, or even about which books. Oh, and I will blog about it, in detail, on a major blogging site as well. No need for other reviewers and possible reviewers to waste their time on goodreads.

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