What was, what is, what will be….

I think back now and then, usually around the 23rd of any month, too much to go in to why that particular date, but even when don’t realize which date it is, subconsciously seem to know.

Friend of mine mentioned the time had to go to Helen Keller hospital, as thought was having a stroke. Don’t remember the date, thinking 2012 maybe a bit before. My mother was running the Sheffield Senior Citizen Center {try saying that fast, or even slow} and I was working part time there doing various things, and it was all right for a while, until they had some theft, which she proved wasn’t’ her, yet they claimed they got rid of the entire crew when in reality it was just her and me, yet left the person that had been known to be stealing as assistant and hired another manager.

But I digress, the point being that during this time she was managing and I came in looking for her, having driven my car up to the center, but she was not there as she had taken off one of many times to go to the doctor with her then husband, for whatever reason. I saw one of the usual members and also his son, who I had known years ago, so the son took me to the hospital then since it was taking so long to be seen I used his phone to call my sister so that the guy could leave to pick up his dad from the center.

Now, when females have strokes, they seldom act the same as when males do, but they really didn’t even check me out much, and after hours of waiting and being told next to nothing other than they were not even going to do any tests, of any kind, I waited to be released but since the nurse had went back to the station and still hadn’t even attempted to do any paperwork for that, I simply walked out, after telling my sister to bring the car around.

Now, what my friend said, is probably did have something going on with my heart, and very possibly that had something to do with my eyesight going downhill, faster and faster, after that. I am going to double check some dates and see, but he could very well be right.

Anyway, roundabout circular type thinking I have, was thinking about the first time I went to visit him in Iowa, and then when came back a few years later for quite a while, then just a bit back when was in Iowa again at his house. Keeping in mind that it is bitterly cold for a good bit of the year, but the houses in general are rather sturdy and can be somewhat warm plus don’t go out much in winter and all, they state also had me on adult medicaid under United Healthcare, something that Alabama does not do no matter how low the income because no dependents etcetera and they never expanded the state medicaid in many southern states.

That all got me to thinking about being in the hospital there, 2 different ones, for weeks, and all sorts of tests being run for different things. Reminded me of getting medicaid and small amount of money each month in Jersey, but having hard time finding any medical places there because of the part of Jersey was in {Wildwood}. Which led me back to thinking about Iowa and how Cedar Falls has fiber optic internet and how very much I miss that. He told me the other day he sure misses me; it’s getting mowing and trimming and yard work time…. Last time was there tried to kill every mulberry bush tree in site, did all sorts of yard work, pruning and mowing and chopping and putting stuff in waste can {same as the large trash cans just for yard waste type stuff only}.

There was a lot of different other, house, things did while I was there, too, but not the point of thinking back, mostly because never really think about what I clean or cook or whatever inside, it’s just what I do. He also has Hulu plus and Netflix, besides the great internet, and I also have sites on my computer that fill in the few blanks for some of my interests. He has a huge house, with full basement, main floor he tends to stay on, even to having his bed and tv and things in the living room {it sorta works, overall} and then a top floor which he really doesn’t use much anymore.

Evidently, Chicago judges for social security have my case; why or from where, no idea, as that is not the region for Alabama and don’t know whether it is the region for Jersey or Iowa. I don’t know where it is the long wait, but do know that will end up after all this with getting a lawyer because they supposedly notified me back when this started that had a hearing and can’t remember now for sure without looking it up but either I appealed/asked for the hearing and they claimed I didn’t or else they never even sent me the paperwork, but thinking it was the first one. That means that whole year plus was wiped out, but thought well okay, they claimed that they would be putting the requested freeze on my earnings record because couldn’t work but did show 40 credits which is what you need for full benefits. Did an online estimation and they are showing every single year, so they did not freeze it, and it is much lower than should be plus means less back pay owed and less monthly as well, so you see where this is going, yes need to get lawyer.

They were running all sorts of tests in Iowa and it was hard for me to get to the doctor mainly because they wanted to do it in far away hospitals in the state and my friend works 2nd shift so even if closer there is a time issue of scheduling appointments, plus they had here and there claimed they had no show appointments by me when they had never even told me about appointments and/or had been reminded yet again can’t see to drive so had to be set to his schedule. It was these doctors and staff that was talking about the other day on facebook when the stupid cow of some nurse had been told NO beta blockers, what and why it happened and what medical people would back that up, and that they had part of the Alabama records already about that because it was another part of their clinic {they have or had multiple ones, in several southern states} and yes she purposely gave me beta blocker medicine which could have literally killed me or put me in hospital after specifically being told no beta, and on top of the fact that it is contraindicated for patients such as me that have had breathing issues {not asthma, but that too on list, but mine are chronic bronchitis, tonsillitis, adenoiditis, sinusitis, etcetera}.

So, I don’t miss the cold winters, colder than here, but do miss pretty much everything else, including doctors that with many of them don’t try to kill me. Wouldn’t get any extra on my food card, but the other benefits are much better. Wonder what all their UNI teaches for classes and what type of VA places they have? Not that I qualify for that, since was offered medical discharge from marines but told would rot for months before got totally out so opted for regular discharge because what would a VA do for an old foot injury really, which wouldn’t have done that if realized they would pull some lower discharge than honorable on my record {can change it now, been long enough, just haven’t done it yet}, but used to px and all in this area at Redstone and stuff, although don’t have credentials to go anymore {used to go with disabled vet}.

Coffee smells ready, so that’s enough for today; still have email to get through, recently changed with chrome extension all my backgrounds so that it is white or some such color on a black or darker background, to stop the eye strain/glare issue, but that took a couple of days. Now my email is backed up.

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