I don’t think so, sparky/sparkett

Hoarder’s Nightmare by Mary C. Blowers

Kindle Unlimited, and was still too much for the time and money, even though I actually got it free for possible review, well, technically, read below.

1 an overly long incoherent muddled mess of confusion, and worse it was BORING not ‘stream of consciousness’ more stream of unconsciousness/wished I had been, which never changed from the PARTIAL ‘review’ copy to the full ku version
2 details and ‘plots’ and sub ‘plots’ added in that had no meaning and made no sense
3 after read through it, and after having gotten email that it would be going live earlier than expected, and responding that hadn’t liked the book at all and it made no sense, was told that oh well the entire book had not been sent just a part, which from the writing of the story really wouldn’t have mattered, but in addition was told that was expected to actually buy the book then leave a review and would get a gift card {supposedly} in reimbursement or choice of choice of one her other books free. She also said the review link was at the end of the {entire} book. Actually all anyone has to do to give a review is click in to amazon or goodreads and click read and then review it; they don’t even have to have read it or bought it, and such sites as instafreebie don’t show the book as ‘owned’ or bought in any way on amazon.

I did actually go through ku and get the book, because I have never reviewed anything I have not read to the very end, struggled to read it yes but that is not the same thing. No, by the way, it never did make any sense, and the only accomplishment was that it remained an incoherent muddled mess from start to finish, more than a total waste of time. This book would have gotten an F from any junior high teacher of composition or same type class.

Not only is that basically buying confirmed reviews, but makes no sense, and I know it doesn’t because not only does that violate TOS on both amazon and goodreads, but it also violates the spirit of doing reviews. I do get free books for possible review from time to time, and probably more than most, but then I have reviewed close to 3000 books on goodreads so probably the same on amazon plus non US amazon and other book sites, and if it’s a review copy or an ARC or whatever, I say that, and as anyone who knows me or my reviews can tell, it doesn’t matter to me how I got the book, just whether I thought the book was any good, and why or why not. See the ONE star? That is my star opinion, only because could not rate it lower. The reason I did not state this book was an ARC was because it was a pdf PARTIAL copy of the book, though did still state the iffy nature of how I got the book, just to be as honest as I could, and the only reason reviewed it was because pulled with ku and did read it ALL, no thanks to the PARTIAL ‘review’ copy I was sent.

The length of my review is usually {with a couple of rare exceptions} because I thought the same about the ‘book’ as I did about having to read Grapes of Wrath in college, and said so my report about it, which ended with To use the vernacular of Steinbeck, the book was like a farm dog gone bad, it sucked eggs.

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