Pardon me, Mr/Ms Writer but your non-tech is showing.

Kindle for pc does not have an address, and some of us are legally blind and need the kindle for pc with audio plug in, and no the smart phones and tablets either rarely have this ability and/or are rubbish at it. I know all this because used to be a computer tech and have spent the past year finding and tweaking programs, apps, and add ons. Even my toshiba 11+ inch thrive tablet is pretty rubbish on sound, and it’s one of the very best all around best ones ever put out. Going to the unsubscribe now, just wanted to point out the various technical issues with your statement. {BTW even with memory chip, the androids with kindle app crash more than a drunk race car driver at the Indy 500.}

I repeat, the kindle for pc does NOT have a sent to kindle address, never has and probably never will. Amazon does have audio, extra cost on EACH and EVERY book that can be gotten on Kindle in general, although to totally upfront there are some writers/books that give the free ‘whispercast’ but having experienced their Audible and wanting to bang my head repeatedly on the desk would give that a pass, mostly because don’t need the aggravation and partly because my laptop is there and my head is German hard so don’t want to mess up the cheapy student dorm room type desk.

If you want amazon prime, and have not had the ability to go through their offerings of movies and such and especially if you want the free shipping because you buy a lot and all that, then it’s not a bad deal although you do have a yearly lump sum payment, but you are only allowed one book per month of those and while they may have a better selection that may not be available on kindle unlimited, ku has much more broader selection. Kindle Unlimited is a little under $10 a month but you have to keep a credit or debit card on file, and there are days when the page says free yet you end up being billed 99 cents plus tax, so that’s rubbish, They have recently changed the sandwiching of the kindle unlimited at top and at bottom, although whether that is in part or whole because of the email I fired off threatening to sue in class action for the ADA is unknown.

The kindle unlimited can be bought in 6 month, 12 month, and 24 month sections, and more importantly can be sent as a ‘gift’ to someone or to yourself, so they don’t have the bank card to be able to further bill for highly suspect charges. My sister set this up with her new card for me, as the old one {the one still on file with amazon} was reissued by her bank due to a possible security breach, which assume had nothing to do with amazon *snort* {seriously didn’t} so technically now still have a card on file with amazon and separately have 6 months of kindle unlimited, which if you’ve ever looked in to it, is not really unlimited in that you are limited to 10 books, but that is at one time, so if you go through a  lot of books in a month this could be a good deal for you. Keep in mind that for a book to be on ku they can be on no other book seller {the ebooks/mobi etc} so a lot of writers don’t do this for that reason, and of course the well known writers would lost money so no you won’t find the latest Stephen King or Harry Potter et al.

Update{s} from me re Amazon, supposedly some complained to amazon about some of my reviews, but in typical amazon fashion I was not notified of this nor ever will be, they will simply remove whatever they want to whenever they want to. Goodreads has come back, after several back and forth emails, with the newly/finally sunk in knowledge that no, 2 weeks to redo reviews, which they do not state which ones, is not enough, because have told them, repeatedly, that am up to almost 3000 reviews so yeah sort of need a bit more information, and even with that 2 weeks would not be enough, not even 2 month, and not even sure 2 years. However, they are now stating that indeed it is a lot of reviews, so just don’t do whatever it was that I supposedly {but didn’t actually in most cases} do, again, and keep in mind reviewing policies etcetera going forward. Okay. Need to finish this post, finish my email, and go back to read/review; even with pc with audio they may sort of read themselves but they don’t review themselves.

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