PSA brought to you by bookbub sux too

I have written previously about bookbub’s site, and the book category divisions they have, for that just go to the previous post, but the are quite ridiculous, some which never have or hardly ever have anything listed. My main issue today, as always, is that they also don’t indicate {as freebooksy does} just when the book was put on the ‘free’ day list, so many are expired, and even if you do as I do {pulling up several pages/categories at a time} it takes a long time, and with bookbub much much longer and overall to not much use, as many are no longer available.

Since I find it hard to remember names, titles, and the like, there is no way for me to remember the vast majority, so spend way too much time messing with them, even though there are several categories listed that I NEVER go to, as still belive there is no such thing as ‘romantic suspense’, for example, and even if there were I still don’t want to bother with downloading it much less reading it. Even with many on my ‘I don’t care and never will’ list to not bother checking, that’s a long list of some that do check. {freebooksy has like 9 I think, 1 at least of which never check, the romance/chick lit one, the others being mystery/thriller, fantasy/paranormal, non fiction, young adult, science fiction, literary fiction, religion/spirituality, children’s, and horror sections. Bookbub has about 20-30 sections, including new releases or big name books, which are hardly ever if ever on kindle unlimited or freebie day.

Bookbub could, and should, consolidate some of its categories, but won’t, because not only have they added some, when I emailed to complain about the chick lit ick ones being in with the paranormal, was told to simply quit going to that category, even though once in a blue moon they have one that is actually truly paranormal without all the other crap. Oh, well, whatever; it’s why no one thinks of them as a book review site, either, as they have a spot for SOME writers but no where near all, with some books missing even from writers they do list, and there is only stars for rating no blurb or anything although that is no big thing with me because again don’t consider them a major player in the book review site business, and do my reviews on goodreads, amazon and sometimes non US amazon sites {no, it doesn’t cross over, well once in a blue moon or less, but I just cut the crap and go ahead and do it. One book is reviewed and the same review is copy/paste from site to site, because no reason to write a book about a book or to get all uber creative with reviews from site to site, I have more books waiting to be read and reviewed.

Now book to book the reviews are slightly different of course, even with serials which are a bloody pain to review because don’t want to give spoilers and they aren’t that long to begin with plus the writer has already blurbed it and everything, plus god knows how many reviews with spoilers etc already. Serialized books as well as collections, sets, whatever you want to call them, can be almost as hard to do, giving just a hint of what is different about that one versus the others, and personally use the main points of the blurb just a tiny bit fleshed out, though again with all that, what is supposed to be the use of the stars, if they aren’t even being payed attention to that much, as they should be?

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