How to really mess up a morning.

Let’s talk Adobe. Currently or thereabouts there is the Adobe Creative Suite {i.e. CS} and it has 16 programs, plus several other suites and enterprise products which stating that for the record type thing. on of the Adobe Creative Suite (that’s where the “CS” comes from), there are 16 programs. Going

  • Adobe Premiere® Pro CS6
  • After Effects® CS6
  • Adobe Audition® CS6
  • SpeedGrade™ CS6
  • Prelude™ CS6
  • Encore® CS6
  • Bridge CS6
  • Media Encoder CS6

    What they each do, not sure about some of them, and it’s not the point. The point is that in addition there are the regular ones beyond Flash that include the reader and the dc {no don’t remember why it’s labeled different}, and one of the newer-ish ones Adobe Digital Editions. This one is needed for reading such files as .acsm protected files that some writers etcetera use when sending out review/freebie books, which is where I got to know about them. There are quite a few {not counting amazons, goodreads, bookbub, Escape with Dollycas in to a good book, etc}, review/free book sites, such as Authors XP, LibraryThing {where you can leave copy of the review on site as well as other places you review}, Ravenwood, plus a few that the exact names escape me at the moment, but doesn’t matter, because this post is about NetGalley site, which uses .acsm protection, and you have to apply for the book{s} which again is not the point. The point is you can’t change the name of the book so that you can figure out which of the books it is, when downloading more than one, and when you do get them downloaded, they won’t actually open.

    May 4th email — Had quite a few of those downloaded and was trying to pull one or rather any of them up, but it won’t. I used to be a computer tech, and whatever bloody block you have on there will not allow any of about a dozen programs to pull them up, each time saying I don’t have the authorization, that it is expired and considering just downloaded a couple of days ago that can’t be right. The last time I got one with the ACSM had to give up and sent it to my tablet, which has multiple issues with doing that, let me list them.

    1 legally blind
    2 can not sight read for more than a few minutes
    3 not ex computer tech w/ multiple programs get the bloody things to pull up as get not authorized/expired errors every time
    4 the kindle for pc with audio plug in is not available on androids etcetera plus have totally crappy sound even if do and even If voice aloud works it doesn’t for a tablet as I HAVE this program on my table and it wouldn’t read LAST book from you
    5 kindle only has ‘send to’ email addresses for non PC
    6 I tried on several different types of adobes and other programs
    7 7 of them, and there is no way for me to sight read even one much less seven

    I had requested steps in my shoes, everything I needed to know I learned in hell, the new enlightenment, rejected writers take the stage, the democracy amendments, american rococo, the naked communist, and see one more not below so assuming it’s the last bloody time I asked for one and it took freaking weeks to read it on the tablet. I understand the writers wanting to protect their work, but considering the things won’t open so can’t be read and therefore can’t be reviewed doesn’t really seem to be the way to go. If something can’t be done to rectify this issue then I will just forget all about netgalley and work on almost 3000 and counting on goodreads reviews with other writers, no matter how interesting the books sound.

    What do I get in reply, finally, this morning? — Thanks for reaching out and for your patience. Most NetGalley files are protected (which is entirely up to the publisher/author).

    Kindle for PC does not allow you to read personal documents (Amazon considers all NetGalley files as personal documents) and only allows you to read books purchased from Amazon on your computer. An alternative to this is to download

    Adobe Digital Editions and instead of using the Send to Kindle button for a title you will use the Download button.

    ​ ​

    The ADE website it does mention: “Adobe Digital Editions can be used with various screen readers, including JAWS, Window-eyes, and NVDA in Windows, and Voiceover on Mac OS.”

    The only other option we’re aware of is the @Voice Aloud Reader app (for android only) for Kindle. All the other apps and screen readers we found don’t support DRM-protected files, unfortunately.

    As an ex computer tech, must say excellent advice. As someone who has Adobe Digital Editions and have downloaded all those files, TWICE, and only to get each time that do not have access, expired, etcetera message, must say it’s obviously not on my end. I have left them in a folder, untouched since then, because the only other way to access them somewhat easily and actually the only way don’t get an error notice of expired, authorization, etc, is through my tablet which means sight reading, but will once again try to get it audio program to work on the tablet {as while tablet is android it is a tablet and very few programs install correctly vs android phone} but it did NOT work LAST TIME. NOTE: before could do that, went back and once again ran trouble shooting with the adobe digital editions, double and triple checked i.d. for adobe, etc, and then went back to the netgalley website where once again tried to download the books, but oh look, the same error messages plus a new one, that says now I am not even authorized to try to get the books. That is in addition to the list of 7 issues listed in the previous email quoted below. I will therefore be more than happy to blog and state everywhere else that the 2 places I no longer bother with at all is itunes and netgalley. Evidently I stutter when I type somehow, as again, I had already stated that was computer tech, and the many, many, many things had done to try to correct YOUR file problems.

    Good way to make mornings even worse than they usually are for me. Whiskey Hotel Alpha Tango – Alpha – Whiskey Alpha Sierra Tango Echo – Oscar Foxtrot – Tango India Mike Echo {What a Waste of Time, re military code}. The usual way is textspeak, i.e. FU and so forth.

    A = Alpha B = Bravo C = Charlie D = Delta E = Echo F = Foxtrot G = Golf H = Hotel I = India J = Juliet K = Kilo L = Lima M = Mike N = November O = Oscar P = Papa Q = Quebec R = Romeo S = Sierra T = Tango U = Uniform V = Victor W = Whiskey X = X-Ray Y = Yankee Z = Zulu

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