Get pissy and try to piss in my cornflakes, sparky? Learn to fact check and write.

Most are actually sane; not all but most. Some actually have brains, again not all but most. What do you do when you are forced to deal with a crazy one, and/or one that takes offense because you actually had the brains and knowledge to NOT like their book, and gave examples, many, in reviews of the book? Well, there is not much you can do, other than blog, some more, about it, because obviously the crazy part is blind to reason to begin with. Well, you can feel bad if you were actually suckered in to buying the book, because no, you really can’t tell most books by the cover, either. If you use kindle unlimited, and really want to be mean {I don’t do this myself, but just saying if you don’t feel the same way about ethical and all that, or are pissed off to the max} I have heard that if someone reads a ku book and sends it back to the beginning that it is supposed to mess with the payment, because of the page count, although have no idea myself, just know that ku pays for pages read and all that.

What would you do if you read a book and thought it had flaws, major ones? Well, I listed examples, in detail, of what I personally felt were the issues with the ‘book’, and again it’s MY review, so it’s MY opinions, although my opinions are obviously much more grounded in FACTS than the ‘writer’ worries about.  Yes, I am talking about the previous {well 2 actually now because of wordpress not updating previous posts so had to do an addendum to the post then a short post so it would once again post to twitter. {Why or when it started doing this, I have no idea, but it does.} Government Ruins Nearly Everything: Reclaiming Social Issues from Uncivil Servants by Laura Carno SUX even worse, that was the second {most recent} post. Now, again, I never review a book I have not read, and that means read it all the way through, plus of course thinking about it in various ways, including why or why not I end up not liking it, and then there’s the whole thing of amazon’s star ratings are not the same as goodreads and they actually can mean quite different things as a 1 star rating on one means hate it while on the other think it’s more didn’t like it, so not the same thing, and there are other variations of this.

Usually, but not always, the longer the review the more I didn’t like it or the more issues I had with it, for various reasons. Political and financial and legal books get a great deal of my attention because I am quite well versed in those areas as well as a few others but those predominantly {with some computer/programs, health, and a few other areas}. Am I expecting someone to not read a book just because I rated it low? I don’t care whether they do or they don’t; reviews are individual, so what one thinks of a book another won’t necessarily or because of the same reasons. I don’t care about typos and such, unless it is so bad that the book is not understandable. Political books, even differing views, do not matter IF they are based on FACTS, preferable current up to date facts. Someone’s opinion of a political even or person does not make it so, unless there are facts to back it up. However, as with the review I am talking about, which actually go under my full real name {these, I think, go under my name but more than likely go under a form of my email, as is my twitter, an even more condensed form of my email} I am fully aware there could {possibly} be stalker type activity, if they were able to track me down on social media, which is not the reason for the twitter and wordpress being different, I just made it that way and didn’t think about it one way or another. I also didn’t realize that at least recently that wordpress posts to my twitter, but don’t really care either way. If you write and especially if you ‘write’ a book on something that I do know a lot about, and have an issue with my always truthful reviews, then suck it up cupcake, it still is going to stand. If you have a problem with my review and then stalk or even semi-stalk me on twitter or any other place or way, yes, I will print your your twit rage and change the ratings of the review sites, because you obviously not only lost the plot, you never really had one. Don’t try to get pissy and piss in my corn flakes; I’ve been in blog wars that had more facts and better writing than you do.


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