Government Ruins Nearly Everything: Reclaiming Social Issues from Uncivil Servants by Laura Carno SUX even worse

I posted this originally in full {see directly previous post} a couple of days ago, and whatever I clicked a while back somehow posts all my wordpress to my twitter. Okay, odd but whatever, and could very well be something new since I last used wordpress, which was a year or even longer ago with any regular usage. However, today I checked my twitter and saw this message”Wow…Someone really doesn’t like freedom, choice, markets….or my book. Also why you should buy your own copy” from the ‘writer’ of that ‘book’. I wrote back, on twitter, don’t do badly written/researched books w/ ‘alternative’ facts; major in accounting minors law economics politics KU so no spend $ on trash — then went back to my goodreads and my amazon and changed some things, adding in quotes from what she had written me on twitter.

I also stated that had rated 3 on amazon so rating 3 on goodreads, due to the difference in meaning on gr THEN wrote *EDIT changed to one due to being crapped on via twitter with that message from the ‘writer’  — so evidently because I used kindle unlimited, which she signed on for, to read the book, and didn’t like it and have different opinions than her, I don’t have the ‘right’ seemingly according to her to have a differing opinion, or her stupidity in not having the intelligence to write a real book as well as to not be able to tell that the bottom portion is the very condensed entire posting was the same person that had posted the review{s} on amazon and goodreads under my full actual name, but still doesn’t make her any less of a narcissistic ignorant moron. Yes, I have added all this to the original post, but twitter doesn’t do updated version of posts just the first posting, so have made this a somewhat separate posting, even though it is just the updated part, to also get it to post.

Would like to state what I did at the top and bottom of the goodreads and amazon {the line usually shows at top but you write it at the bottom}

The needs {and rights} of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.

So, twitter twit, whatever your life boggle is, suck it up cupcake; many many people are NOT going to like your ‘book’ and many are going to outright hate it, and not because of political or other stances but because it is not only wrong and outdated, but it doesn’t make sense, regardless of political party, unless you lie to yourself and/or use ‘alternative’ facts.

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