is FRAUD is a total fraud spam site

First, they get you by claiming you will get a free flag necklace, if you sign up, then when you sign up you find out they ‘have’ to have a credit card number for your ‘free’ item, which is totally illegal btw, and then when you go to unsubscribe, you are sent to a page that does NOT allow unsubscribing, in violation of the CAN SPAM acts, and only allows a ‘hold’ for 120 days, which by the way, it also does not actually do. This, of course, is along with every end of every spam CLAIMING that you can unsubscribe, but never actually giving you any way whatsoever to actually unsubscribe from the never ending SPAM.

You will get daily, multiple, emails from and info@verteranssite and a multitude of other spam, and if you use yahoo in particular sending to spam repeatedly does not work and neither does blocking, since got yet another one already this morning.

The facebook name is “The Veterans Site” and highly doubtful that they do any of the things they claim they do with all the lying and cheating and illegal things elsewhere, but their site only has a handful of actual veteran related items, with the rest being crap you’d see in one of those fingerhut or that type of crap mass mailings.


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