I f*cking hate amazon.

I F*cking Hate Monsters (Monster Hunter Extraordinaire Book 1) finally got the review though; they CLAIMED it was because of ‘language’. Really? Then why, after 7 tries for the next book, We’re All Going to Die (Monster Hunter Extraordinaire Book 2) is THAT one STILL NOT showing a review?


Why do they have up Trolling The Fucking World, Mayhem On Earth, How I made a shit load of money trolling (How I Made A Shit Load Of Money Trolling The Fucking World Book 1) or I FUCKING HATE RELIGION plus a whole slew of others {about 14 pages long on amazon} that have explicit curse words and explicit words in titles and books about sex and related issues…yet they can put a link to We’re all going to die yet never let an actual review go through? Because it’s Amazon, they don’t follow the rules they made even though you are expected to, nor do they actually state what they rules are, in total, with the addition that even if you do not violate anything in the TOS they can still take the book or reviews off, for any or no reason at any time.

Hey, Amazon, you S*ck!

UPDATE after MONTHS of reposting the first one, with the * STILL had not posted on amazon, yet had on amazon uk, why is anyone’s guess with amazon, but after multiple times for the other 3 books they seem to have taken, so far at least. 


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