DON’T ‘escape with dollycas into a good book’

Escape with Dollycas Into A Good Book

She wrote on my review for Killer Music: A Cooper Harrington Detective Novel (Cooper Harrington Detective Series Book 1)

Just need to add a note to this review. Bonnie won this book on a Great Escapes Book Tour stop on June 18. Due to my husband being in the hospital I did not get Bonnie’s email to the author until June 30, about a week after the blog hosting the stop sent it to me. The delay in Bonnie receiving the book was my fault, not the author’s.

I wrote back, on goodreads which mentions writing back to her via email and to the other person involved in the giveaway, but not the ‘writer’:

Yes, and to make it totally clear, I did not state your business nor the other person’s involved in the giveaway. I also told you and the other person that I had contacted the author no less than 4 times, have email sent mail to prove that, responded to the address she sent her email from every time, and still got no response time after time. That the review stated most of that, minus you and her but not the author, and that the ”last month” was due to the fact that I had updated that part of the review, the ‘winning’, in JULY. That I had also NOT changed the original review in any way, just put something such as NOTE ADDENDUM in regards to the supposed giveaway to meet Goodreads/Amazon TOS which I follow, of course, and even though NEVER actually got the ebook wanted to make clear was supposed to have through a giveaway but did NOT, to make it clear I was following the TOS. I explained this, in detail, to you and to her, in a about 4 emails, and do NOT appreciate you making this an issue, because as of the 6th the ‘writer’ STILL had not responded to ANY of my emails. I will be deleting you from facebook, google plus, and any type of email contacts that I have now.

{Have already deleted her from my goodreads, going through posts right now on my google +, deleted her off my facebook/her group, and after done here will delete and block her from my email.

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