LORI CASWELL/Escape with Dollycas Into A Good Book AND Tammy L Grace {ANY ‘Books’} SUCK ROCKS and Then Some

Short version: Tammy L Grace put her ‘books’ out on giveaways {not even worth reading if that way, kindle unlimited, etcetera, probably toxic if burned}. Lori Caswell, even when REPEATEDLY given PROOF of ‘winner’ response to ‘writer’ {4 emails} re ‘book’ never got even decent response back, no book, etc, Then Caswell cow starts her bullshit on goodreads, posting on my review as ‘response’, the same response that ignored EVERY bit of information and PROOF she had been sent via email. Keep in mind that Caswell is ‘Escape with Dollycas Into a Good Book {using the term WAY loosely in half the giveways} and her ‘givewaways are a WASTE of time AND energy, and would suggest you just buy the book{s} or ku or whatever, but a good many of them sux rox.


Kindle Unlimited

No use giving the supposed plot, beause the blurb given isn’t accurate and to accurately explain the flaws and plot holes and abuse of sytax and grammar would be {while much more entertaining than the ‘book’} just slightly less a waste of everyone’s time, as the ‘writing’ is repititious, juvenile and dull. In the previous review, had several pargraphs {yes really} pointing area after area out, but goodreads erased the review because of the few sentences at the very top that separately started the review, so the majority was detailing all that out but everything was erased. Evidently, when a review is detailed out, it is an attack on the ‘writer’ even though it details out the issues with the book, and the reader/reviewer is pointing out the problems and issues of something that someone else wroter {rather the point of reviews}. Guess that’s why some reviews are just star ratings of 1 or 2 and no details becuase would get deleted.

It is one of those ‘stories’ that would be totally forgettable except to make sure you did not, ever, get another one of these ‘stories’, not even as a giveaway so you wouldn’t waste your time waiting just to totally be disappointed in EVERY way. So bad you want to take the kindle unlimited and put the story back to the beginning so that the book did not register with amazon as being read so they didn’t get the ‘pennies’ from the ‘read’, or get refund for purchase price and time lost reading the drivel even though gotten on freebie day. *It is highly suggested, no matter what, to NOT throw the kindle or other reading device, especially if it’s a pc or other such type reader. Physical books should not, usually, be thrown, either.

This book was actually reviewed back in June, but was removed supposedly for TOS violations. *for Goodreads TOS anyone can google it, but the online googled version that just say wasn’t much like the list sent by gr that was more specific, about 7 items, ending with and can be removed for good reason or no reason at all, so no use posting those here {plus would have to dig in my email for too long to find}

*This is a newer review but don’t have the original date to look at so putting today.


kindle unlimited — actually WON an ecopy, which she never sent, even after repeated emails so while waiting and waiting looked and found it on ku, which is more time than she spent worrying about me ‘winning’ something I NEVER got in ANY way {and yes, I wrote the this book is crap review before it still never came in way back last month/JUNE} so NOT one of my received this copy in hopes of review thing I put down to follow the TOS. *EDIT/ADDENDUM* — the ‘last month’ is in reference to the fact when I finally updated this about the no book, that UPDATE was in to JULY, see no reason to hit another read date, because definitely won’t be rereading it. I had ALREADY LONG before pulled the book on ku after hearing nothing back, and read/review a lot of books each month so no way am I screeching brakes for one book when have others plus ARCs going live that have to be done. I think that 4 emails in response to format requirement, with no yahoo email errors back indicating email issues AND it being email back as ‘reply’ so same email sent from is ENOUGH. Yes, the ku is a bit of a ‘cheat’ but sometimes use that when it’s available but won ebook or have waiting on book {and this date wasn’t right because just looked in email for date told won} ALSO due to HARASSMENT my the book giveaway sponsor{s} mostly LORI CASWELL, have written her a response below this reviw on goodreads, as well as deleted and blocked her on google+, my emails, facebook, her dollycas great reads site, and other places. NO ONE HARASSES ME, not after repeated detailed explanations of the review {regarding never getting copy of book, emails to ‘writer’ etc}. Oh, I DID lower the score from eh 3 to oh I ain’t putting up with this crap 1.

Too much telling the story instead of dialogue, bit too much backstory, and some parts didn’t make sense in the descripton of certain things {who did what or how they did it}. Just could not get in to it, and when I read it was a ‘cozy’ was like, really? Could have, slightly, been a bit more underwhelmed, but not by much.

{There was more, but the details were only put on goodreads, not on amazon review so all the detailed out parts are gone now, it was just the usual talked about right above, but MUCH much more detailed crap ‘writing’. Paragraph after paragraph, but at least more entertaining than the ‘book’.}


{What happened previously}

Escape with Dollycas Into A Good Book

She wrote on my review for Killer Music: A Cooper Harrington Detective Novel (Cooper Harrington Detective Series Book 1)

Just need to add a note to this review. Bonnie won this book on a Great Escapes Book Tour stop on June 18. Due to my husband being in the hospital I did not get Bonnie’s email to the author until June 30, about a week after the blog hosting the stop sent it to me. The delay in Bonnie receiving the book was my fault, not the author’s.

I wrote back, on goodreads which mentions writing back to her via email and to the other person involved in the giveaway, but not the ‘writer’:

Yes, and to make it totally clear, I did not state your business nor the other person’s involved in the giveaway. I also told you and the other person that I had contacted the author no less than 4 times, have email sent mail to prove that, responded to the address she sent her email from every time, and still got no response time after time. That the review stated most of that, minus you and her but not the author, and that the ”last month” was due to the fact that I had updated that part of the review, the ‘winning’, in JULY. That I had also NOT changed the original review in any way, just put something such as NOTE ADDENDUM in regards to the supposed giveaway to meet Goodreads/Amazon TOS which I follow, of course, and even though NEVER actually got the ebook wanted to make clear was supposed to have through a giveaway but did NOT, to make it clear I was following the TOS. I explained this, in detail, to you and to her, in a about 4 emails, and do NOT appreciate you making this an issue, because as of the 6th the ‘writer’ STILL had not responded to ANY of my emails. I will be deleting you from facebook, google plus, and any type of email contacts that I have now.

{Have already deleted her from my goodreads, going through posts right now on my google +, deleted her off my facebook/her group, and after done here will delete and block her from my email.


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