Living With Less: Discover The Joy of Less And Simplify Your Life (Minimalism and Living With Less for Mind, Body and Spirit Series 1) Jessica Forrest

Kindle Unlimited

Glanced at the reviews, after read the book {as usual if have time} and will make these fact; the book is redundantly ‘short’ {actual new information}, it is not sweet, and starting with the picture which has a couch full of unused/unusable pillows is likewise stuffed with unnecessary, repetitive contradictory things, including the title talking about minmalism SERIES 1.

Most people have ereaders, of various types, so they don’t have shelves of hard/soft back books, although I have both, and yes I have read them ALL, and yes sometimes reread them, as most are part of a collection or other type ‘set’ to me. I also have 3 laptops, due to electronic possible instability {even though used to be computer tech, that only helps a little} and when was accountant used 2 {1 backup of files synced} to make sure the reduncancy meant in all likelihood not spending ‘forever’ should something happen to those files, which I used to make money for/in a business, so again needed, as are the books and various types of other media for reading {including kindle unlimited, which this writer uses and gets money from}, videos {streamed, so hulu and netflix, online sites, comcast/xfinity, old style video tapes, dvd, cd for music and other items}. It does NO good to have an ‘uncluttered’ living space if you have nothing to actually DO with whatever free time you do have, as relaxation and enjoyment is also a need in de-stressing or not becoming that way in the first place, and as one size fits all does NOT fit me nor anyone else, does NOT work in ANY shape, form, or fashion for me.

My kids, when they were kids, had every game system known to man, and possibly some only known to monkeys and the war department; ask them if those ‘contributed’ to their ‘happiness’, including the who knows how many games and accessories went with those. Very much sounds to me, from the writer’s examples, that they should be on hoarders; MY house, even with a spouse and 2 young kids, NEVER was as described, so really fail to see how someone who fails to keep their own living spaces decently clean should be writing a book about it {or failing adequately to} from all the what defnitely seems like personal issues with doing what the book was supposed to be about. So, yeah, talking about sitting around thinking about why the areas are cluttered is going to help kickstart what, and in what way, really? It’s not. By the way, if buying ‘stuff’ gives a person a ‘high’ and that’s why they do it all the time, they need whatever the equivalent of shopoholics anonymous is. Also wondering why the thing goes in to psychological baseline of ‘happiness’ yet never takes even the first glance much less look or discussion in to hoarding. The person writing the book also gives no credentials whatsoever in the area of mental health or psychology, nor any references to professionals who have studied happiness, psychology, or a host of other {verifiable} proofs/facts. They know that most activities that help people hormonally with ‘satisfaction’ also are tied in with equipment {such as the example used of various sports and even more so something such as rock climbing}.

When people give each other gifts it is just that; yes, many give hints, suggestions, and even direct requests, but since it is still a gift, from someone else, it’s not your money and you don’t get the last say on what is bought, just whether you keep it or not. For shallow people described that think a huge wardrobe makes the person, again, the book is not by a qualified professional, actually by no medically qualified anything. If someone has to ‘detox’ off and away from wanting ‘things’, then again that is a medical condition. The rest of this…whatever…continues on talking about psychology and never, ever has any medical confirmation from anyne who has studied/been trained in any of these various area. As for the long drawn out, once again, point about ‘minimizing’ things, from something that has a cover with multiple unneeded pillows, and NOT showing a complete living room…. As someone who was a professional {accountant} the talk of e-statements and other legal documents is not laughable but dangerous to financial health. Having laptops and other electronics take the place of a television in the living room does not deal with the ‘clutter’ those things cause by being in other areas of the house, either. It also doesn’t deal with physical books for some, due to vision and other problems, is the only way they can read one, and using ereaders and computers and laptops and kindles tablets of various types, again, is just cluttering up something and somewhere else other than a bookcase.

With kids and adults living in the same house, even if everyone did have a separate bag for their personal things does not mean that someone else wouldn’t ‘borrow’ it, nor would it mean it still wouldn’t be left out, depending on the actual storage spaces that even the book said were really small in bathrooms. The bag also doesn’t make sense because it acts as if the adult female does not have to dress for work, with makeup and the rest, so there would be that and other ‘beauty’ appliances and aids that are NOT ‘clutter’ and WOULD be needed in the bathroom. As any real doctor would tell you, towels thown down where they do not air out are wet AND unhygenic. If by ‘health’ items it is meant bandages, creams and ointments, and the like, NO they should NOT be stored in with such things as batteries, as that again proves this book is based no where near medical or other facts. Replacing a bedroom chair with a cusion to sit on, in the floor, just to supposedly get the cushion out of sight later is totally asinine…kids have mobility to sit on pillows, for adults they rarely have the mobility nor the ability to sit on something that provides no real support and more than likely upcoming chiropractic visits. As for only a wardrobe and no dresser, I have pretty minimum of clothing, and I need a dresser, and would even if my partner didn’t have his own share of clothes, also pretty minimum, and that doesn’t include shoes, belts, umbrella and other like items, and so on, that no way would fit in a wardrobe no matter how large it was or how minimal the clothing overall.

Saying it’s to cut down on clutter then going from 1 to more than 1 wardrobe but taking out a chair for a pillow, and totally don’t know about anywhere else, but in the States, we have this thing called closets; my place currently is a 2 bedroom apartment, and I have 2 bedrooms {or 1 computer room}, closets in both those rooms AND the back hall closet and the front hall closet and pantry to the side of the kitchen and the bathroom. A one size fits all attempt at ‘uncluttering’ and even more so in food, cooking and usage and otherwise, also has no real meaning, as in, this book and that part even more than the rest, is meaningless. Having a separate freezer is also necessary, for extra food {bought in bulk or on sale} so as to have the primary food in the refrigerator freezer {which considering the standard micro size of those ‘over the pond’ equal an american ‘student’ fridge, and the pantry and cabinet stocking is not just based on what SOME consider ‘healthy’ but also individual actual varying needs including medical of a real household. Whoever wrote this obvioulsy also doesn’t actually cook on any regular basis, because yes, do need more than a couple of ‘sauce’ pans and a couple of others and then an iron skillet and a wok {which I have used 3 times in my entire 50 plus years}.Badly needed to have actually proofed this jumbled mess; discard these items and JUST LET THEM LINGER…uh whatever. Get rid of a dishwasher because you need to learn to do dishes almost right away…what happened to rest and relaxation; and what happened to there are other people in the house messing things up, so why aren’t they helping clean them up. Decluttering is a family event because it’s probably everyone’s stuff, yet doing the dishes or otherwise cleaning the house isn’t?

Parking in the garage is sometimes for the safety of the vehicles, not the convenience to have ‘more space’ in the garage by moving the vehicles outside, in to the weather and elements in general. Why would a garage be turned in to a place where ‘kid hideout where the children could go and play when the adults of the house are busy’ say what, they have bedrooms, don’t they, but no, let them have staight access to outside and the roads and all the rest, why you vehicles suffer the elements so they don’t have to play in their bedrooms, with all their toys and stuff in those rooms, because after all, you have various tools in the garage, they could play with those…. You can make all the combinations of clothing matches you want to, but that isn’t going to keep you in a weekly needed amount of underclothes and not even the outerwear, unless you plan on spending all that ‘relaxing’ time on laundry, and that’s assuming none of it’s dry clean only and/or one or both of the adults don’t work in a professional setting but are not uniformed {though they would still have to be ironed and hung up and in some cases, again, dry cleaned. Putting clothes in a box for a month to see if you needed any of them at all is likewise stupid, as even if you did need them, they are now off hanger and very wrinkled. No, having 7 jackets and getting rid of all but 1 or maybe 2 would not work because it assumes the 1 {or 2 whoopee} would not get damaged in some way, so again, it depends on what the item is used for, which family member uses that item, and how ofter they use that item, even clothing.

Some people are required or otherwise need social media profile{s} so once again the one size fits all doesn’t fit, and if medical issue should be left to a medical professional of the right type, as they could also ascertain when too much is actually too much or when someone writing a book doesn’t have any knowledge of the situation much less the necessary medical training to figure that out. Also, book person who is not a medical professional in any shape form or fashion, are once AGAIN overlooking that some people suffer mobility and other issues and therefore that is the ONLY or primary way they CAN interact with people. Just because the book CLAIMS that social media games/apps are a waste of time, does not mean that the person playing those games does not get high levels of ENJOYMENT and happiness from those games, so yet again, one size does NOT fit all. From the examples given, in non medically certificatied guesses {not proof, no kind of any supporting documentation} sound is if they have {in my non medical opinion but backed up by knowledge of basic psychiatic nursing} a lot of what is called transference, as well as way too many examples of all the ‘wrong’ things to do, more than likely through their OWN experiences of doing that, and probably currently. Dropping the internet, supposedly to cut down ‘time wasting’ not only doesn’t take in to account business needs or business interactions, but that such things as online books that were slightly suggested before would not be possible majority of time because needs active current connection to download books, assuming would have any time between working, cleaning, cooking, and taking care of the household in general rather than simply turning one’s phone or reader on since would have internet.

It also doesn’t matter if ‘no one will accept them’ {the things you are getting rid of} because they still need to be boxed up and put in one place, otherwise you just wasted all sorts of time, and energy, and purpose, as you did with the pick it up stick it in box, separate box…THAT is wasting time, picking up or changing the place of which ever item time after time after time. If someone has to take case only to make sure they don’t use their credit or debit card, again, that sounds as if it’s a medical mental condition. This books sounds as if it wants to start and head a new cult. At the very send it says minimalism is something to tailor to your specific needs, which is odd considering the read of the whold book talked as if everyting was one size fits all; hmmmm {duh, bit late to that point}. To ‘declutter’ MY life, should stop reading useless contradictory non-medical {bascially unqualified treatise} on medical matters, which had nothing much if at all on truly decluttering one’s life, except to quit reading these types of totally unqualified bits of time wasting drivel. — Also has Living with Less: Discover the Joy of Less and Simplify Your Life  — TWO books on keeping {the same} things simple….

My background? Accounting plus paralegalism plus some law {because of the accounting to go with classes on real estate and various other things}, English/language minor,
former professional house cleaner and mother of 2/grandmother of 2, average amount of medical and ‘disorder’ studies {had some open spots had to fill with ‘science-y classes} — still saw NO proveable nor unprovable MEDICAL of ANY kind credentials on the BOOK’s part!

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