The wait is over…and it’s wrong. #DoctorWho — X Canon

Several outlets have now said the person stepping into the role of Time Lord is Jodie Whittaker. and go on to say she is the first woman to take on the role, playing the 13th Doctor in the BBC1 drama. Nope, not even close to correct. Joanna Lumsey played the Doctor in The Fatal Death though to be fair that was a Children in Need special or something like that. Different places are saying she is the first female Time Lord; nope again. It’s Time Lady, and there has been Missy, Romana, the one older male that the Doctor shot {knowing the guy would regenerate} who went from older white guy to very young quite dark female, and plenty of others have been mentioned. She will be the first canon Doctor, yes.

Now let’s talk about the ”13th” designation and how wrong that is, and let’s talk numbers, faces, and incarnations, which are not necessarily all the same thing. I always said: Moffat does what Moffat wants. Now make that Chibnall does what Chibnall wants. All of you who claimed {lied} that you were leaving beause Tennant left, because Smith left, because Amy left, because Capaldi started {and now because he’s stopping}, because you didn’t like Missy, you didn’t like River, you didn’t like Donna, Donna was leaving, Martha was starting, Martha was leaving…has your complaining and whining and whinging on EVER got you your way? NO. Would I have liked to have seen Eccleston get decent story lines and director, yes; did I stop watching the show, no, not even when he wasn’t brought back at all as he should have been. The NATURE of the show is regenerations and different companions, so get over your snit fits already, because REAL fans watch the SHOW, not just one or more of the actors; any Who is better than NO who {although admittedly that Fox movie was a bit of a fiasco as it was directed and all by Americans}.

The previous incarnations did not know about the War Doctor being brought in to the action as The Doctor {a.k.a. not blowing Gallifrey up to bloody hell}. So, as Moffat said, they were not going to go back and renumber them, as far as video and season and all, because {duh} War Docor was on just a very few episodes, and his predecessor even less. {We are NOT talking about audio.} The Doctor{s} NEVER call themselves # whatever, beyond #1 saying things such as “the original you might say”.

Let’s ALL go by canon. Matt was the 13th incarnation as he said point blank to Clara that he had NO more regenerations and to get any more the Time Lords in the time lock would have to somehow give him a while new set {so another 13 total}. That right there plainly states 12 forms {not faces, because could be the same face}, and he ended up getting a NEW 13 from the time lords because of Clara, which means Capaldi is #14 {#1 of a new set}. Matt’s character stated that it was 12/13, making Capaldi 14, because, CANON again….War Doctor and Tennat 2  —  1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9{war} 10 {eccleston} 11 {tennant} 12 {Tennant 2} 13 {smith}. {As a point of order, that means those clocks with Capaldi at noon/midnight are wrong as well, yes.} Canon: Matt Smith last 2 shows, also The Deadly Assassin (1976) it is stated that there is a limitation to the number of times that a Time Lord can regenerate; they can only regenerate 12 times, for a total of 13 incarnations; this was confirmed with Matt’s last 2 shows and in Mawdryn Undead and the 1996 TV film and “The Time of the Doctor” (2013). AND it says in the Day of the Doctor the sister of Carn could trigger a new regeneration {so still the doctor} that was going to happen anyway because off the crash but they could SHAPE it and give him a choice. CANON.

NO, the doctor donna one did not count nor did the meta-crisis one, as it was more of a transference clone, and had nothing to do with any of the rest; that is also canon that she was part human and part time lord because of the transfer, but that the meta was part time lord and part human but was NOT able to regenerate himself in any way and would indeed grow old.

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