Doctor Who — Are you a ‘fan’ of the actor{s} or a fan of the show?

Doctor Who is a British television science-fiction series, airing
Saturday, 23 November 1963 to 1989 in its original form, with a new series launched in early 2005. Each episode was originally 25 minutes of transmission time {so they had commercials and all}.

There have quite a few directors/producers, and there have been quite a few actors. A fan of the show {a Whovian} realizes that the show did not first start in 2005, and that any who is better than no who. If it helps ‘perk’ your spirits up, will remind you {or tell you if you don’t know} that the filming schedule for this show, especially the longer 2005 plus ones, are longer and grueling in most cases. Actors wear out, especially when they are in the majority of scenes. So…are you really a fan of the SHOW or just a fan of certain actors? This is not the only show that changes the lead{s}, but at least this one has a reason {and explaination} for doing so. There have been quite a few shows throughout the years that have changed cast members, and even leads {such as Star Gate, which didn’t write out Anderson but had him involved in a much lesser and more rare appearances}. Night Court switched a main cast member due to the actor’s death, which has happened a few times as well, including in Harry Potter and other such shows.

It may sound mean to basically be saying love it or leave, we don’t care, but reality shows that a program that has been on since 1963 has enough followers that it will survive some not liking the way the show changes, but change is part of life and it is defintely a part of Doctor Who. That show has had 14 doctors already: that would be Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, {Tom} Baker, Davidson, {Colin} Baker, McCoy, McGann, Hurt, Eccleston, Tennant {and Tennant}, Smith, and finally the 14th doctor REGENERATION Capaldi, plus coming up the 15th doctor REGENERATION {NOT the ”13th Doctor”} Jodie Whittaker.

As I said, in quite a lot of detail last post, don’t care what the Wimbledon announcement or any others say, because going by Canon, she would be the 15th, and that was also canon due to 2 shows with Smith talking about 12/13 and Clara asking the Time Lords {in the Time Lock} for a NEW set, so that makes Capaldi the 14th, and yes it includes Tennant twice because as Smith said in the show, he had the same face twice because he was vain, and because of Tennant and Smith the ‘War Doctor’ is in the count, and no the others wouldn’t have known that those 3 would change the destruction of Gallifrey. There are other episodes mentioned last post that are detailed out that also say the same thing, 12/13 tototal regenerations, so again Capaldi is 14.

On a somewhat related but not really, at this rate of more Doctors, suggest the clock makers use the half hours as well, so put Tennant next to his hour and then Capaldi would be put 14th and the new one 15th.

ALL Doctors clock-face-template

And to REPEAT, not only did they not ever refer to themselves by number, but also Matt Smith specifically said as did other various shows before him, 12 from the cycle BUT 13th total, and that is why Clara asked the Time Lords to give him a NEW set of regenerations, making Capaldi the 14 and the new one 15. CANON people, canon, which means it’s fact, it’s been stated repeatedly as fact, and no Doctor Donna nor Meta Crisis counted, but yes War and BOTH Tennant{s} counted, or else Smith would have had 1 or more left. As for someone new, and that being female, don’t care; any Who is better than no Who, even when Fox made the movie, or else you new Who wouldn’t have probably ever even seen it, and that’s another point. No, Eccleston is NOT the first doctor, technically he wasn’t even the first of the new ones, because even though Hurt’s stories got filmed AFTER, he still came BEFORE.



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