I am Dale; the blind leading the blind.

I used to be a computer tech, after my first marriage and before the accounting degree{s}. I’ve always been going downhill with my vision, but fyi NO it does not matter if you read in low light, just if you are straining your eyes when you read, and as for reading in the dark think about that because it’s not possible. As I had to use my eyes more and more, on things that did strain them, they got progressively worse, starting 8th grade through all 4 years of high school. Then when I got older, I went to Helen Keller Hospital {Sheffield Alabama} with what they said was a ‘heart incident’. They obviously did not want to take me, but it was a free hospital, and I wasn’t looking to figure out how many people I would have to talk to, to get ‘indegent’ status as had little to no money at the time but they are a public hospital. They also made up some excuse after putting me in an actual room, doing no tests whatsoever then during that same night telling me that I would not be allowed to stay, so they were checking me out. Over half an hour later, when the nurse still did not return with my discharge papers, I went to ask the nurse, but she stayed behind the desk and acted as if she didn’t hear anything I said, even though she looked at me a couple of times. I then called my sister to come get me, and simply walked out, never actually getting discharged. {It is more than likely then because of no medical care that my eyes were affected.}

A bit later started noticing my eyes getting worse, but that had been a long term issue, except that it seemed to have sped up. I filed for social security disability, but they never actually had anyone check me out, and after about a year or so claimed they had sent me a letter to see a judge, but I had not answered {because I never got it, even though had already confirmed reciept of various documents prior to that so they had my correct address, so had responded once already}. During this time I had also told Social Security to put a ‘freeze’ on my earned benefits, because my paperwork shows 40 credits {max} and did not know how long the disability process would take, but didn’t want my earned credits dropping. So, not only did they lie about me having an appointment, which supposedly missed, but had already contacted them that Nashville {this region’s Social Security judge section} was too far, could not see to drive, and needed accomodation {which means local meeting, and yes they have to do that for certain medical conditions}. Then I switched the case over to New Jersey where I was living at the time, and actually got sent to a doctor, who said I was not legally blind but I was legally low vision, and by the time moved to Iowa their doctors said legally blind, as in 200/20 or worse {with mine being 200-400 over 20 depending on time}. Now the case is up in Chicage, the section for Social Security for one or maybe both of those areas, and I still have them {falsely} showing not 40 credits and am still waiting after YEARS to actually hear anything, keeping in mind that the less than 40 credits means less montly payment and less monthly back pay {which remember they screwed me out of a year plus, but owe back pay for all the rest of the time}.

Now, the important part of this for me, besides a quick record overview, is the blind ‘thing’. I was on Windows 7, Kindle for PC WITH audio plug-in, with Narrator and Speakonia {extra customization}. It is currently being worked on becase even owned it only a year, the hard drive had some kind of melt down and had to get another one {{plus still need another one for the HP Pavilion multimedia that was only 1 behind the one that messed up}. That brings us to why I am on a chromebook, but keep in mind that have long have higly {not totally} integrated chrome with everything {different accounts gmail, google voices, etc} so wasn’t quite as bad a shock but enough. This Acer Chromebook 15 has a linux ‘shell’/base, and linux is the only system know next to absolutely nothing about {even less than Mac/Apple}. Syncing this laptop with my chrome {signing in with the main gmail account} made extentions/addons still listed and all, but then we get back to chromebook vs windows on voice and the ‘blind thing’. Android {my tablet is that} has @Voice Aloud and Talkback, although once talkback is activated it can be a pita with the double taps etcetera, but once you at least somewhat get used to the commands needed it’s still a bit of a pain but doable. However, that is not the case for chromebook, which has quite a few extrensions for voice, but NOT for books, just general heading, text in stories, etcetera. So far have been able to get voice aloud in chromebook but NOT talkback, although mine is acer chromebook 15 and may {or may not} work with android apps at some point in the future. I have spent several hours trying to find something that will read BOOKS not just text {and vocally} but so far nothing, because even with a relatively new chromebook {Acer Chromebook 15} so not too old and not too new but still not showing up on the ‘compatible’ list {or listed at all} in google play. — UPDATE: Cloud Convert will actually open AND be found/link with google drive, very important when you want it to actually be able to change mobi from epub — something fbreader and other mobi cloud converters etc did NOT do, AT ALL.

UPDATED INFO: BookFunnel app {adroid, will work on tablets as well} when given a link that goes there, instead of instafreebie or freebooksy or bookbub {which go to amazon unlike instafreebie} you will be asked how you want to download. The choices are Get My Book…download book {for chromebooks that will or should automatically go to epub} or email {and will need your email address BUT will still have to downloaded in some way} or in the case of chromebook and maybe others saying my computer will lead to BookHip.com link which is the same as Bookfunnel and/or I need the Bookfunnel code option at bottom, which will also do the same with code {2 different ways but same end result and you will need to have the Bookfunnel app} — this is through your browser to get to google play store, because if you follow CLICK SETTING  Settings In the “Google Play Store” section, turn on Enable Google Play Store on your Chromebook.
Note: If you don’t see this option, your Chromebook doesn’t work with Android apps. {I have a toshiba thrive tablet and also android smartphone so can use the apps through those but NOT the chromebook, even though have Acer Chromebook 15 which is one of the newer ones out, but STILL NOTHING as far as integration.


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