Large print books sight/dyslexia issues

This is more a place holder post, because in the middle of things. Just read something talking about large print and/or dyslexia mitigating books, and thought to myself…that’s good, BUT…not only is the price quite a bit higher {higher once because not ebooks then higher again because has to be formated and all different so costs more for print books}…the different ereaders for the most most part {not all but majority} have font and size change abilities, even my current @#$%^&*!! chromebook has it to a degree, at least for changing those and background etc {mine is set to black with white text because of glare and other issues and to mitigate eye strain IF having to read them instead of the machine vocally, which have not yet found a good one to read books, epub nor mobi with either the readium or kindle cloud {might have been able to get something to change the background on that at least though, it sometimes forgets the saved setting/s…look at top of the cloud reader and there will be something to indicate letters as Aa which when clicked on will allow background, font and font size, and other changes}. Again, on an ereader font size, font type, background, spacing, etcetera, can be taken care of or at least mitigating certain reading issues. There are a few things that vocally read, on my toshiba thrive it is @VoiceAloud reader with Talkback, on my windows 7 it was Kindle for PC WITH audio plugin which needed Narrator {and Speakonia for further customization in various ways}, and with the chromebook all have found so far is Readium {epub} and using kindle cloud BUT only @VoiceAloud reader but not any luck on it actually doing that for either book type, although chromebooks do have certain addons and plugins and extentions allowing someone to read news, headings, documents, so the search continues to get one of the book readers to actually vocally read to me. Cloud convert extension to switch books from mobi to epub or vice versa, from what I saw trying one quickly, does leave the original file but does covert it with second file/copy left so that was the first one that had actually {sucessfully} converted files, and seem to recall there were more options than just mobi and epub so if you need something like that, and especially if on chromebook, that seems to be the way to go. There was something about google/chromebook rolling in additions to which of the chromebooks could load from google play {to get apps such as @VoiceAloud and others} but that was the only one that the site said was compatible with about a hundred different apps I have downloaded through them, so who knows when or IF that will ever happen. Will update if come across any thing, voice etcetera, that will make the chromebook vocally read a book {and yes each part of that is important, Vocally Read Book}.


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