The good, the bad, and the ugly.

They were having a discussion about trump, other presidents got brought in, even Hillary {to which I said, really, he didn’t get the popular vote, she did, but she didn’t get to be president, so that horse is dead, quit whipping it, it ain’t gonna do anything}

re divisive, that’s my point, there is no higher moral ground nor anything else, his public and his private life is a bad joke full of lies and ‘alternative truths’, his ‘heroes’ are not the vets he never was part of nor has he kept ANY of the VA promises, and he has xenophobic, homophobic, misanthropic, disabled mocking, and pretty much against everyone who isn’t rich, white, straight, in the entire country, the one that he went right to work on in trying to destroy and over ride the constition of the second he got sworn in, well between all those at taxpayer expense ”i’ll never have time for golf” trips while also charging the secret service he mocks and belittles for staying at his golf resort, he acts as if the presidency is his personal piggie bank to raid for millions up, he is morally, ethically, financially bankrupt buffon of a baboon’s backside and he can kiss my B.A.M. backside, the only ‘good’ point he has is he’s an idiot but he’s an ineffectual one.

There, I said something ‘good’ about trumpedup.


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