I bought an amazon fire hd8 straight from amazon, because, well duh. On looking up what {and who} warranties this item {and for what, which STILL is NOT clear}, I found what is posted below. If you buy any of the items/devices listed below, and buy them through Amazon or Amazon jp, then you get the totally sucky 90 day warranty. BTW, on ANY of the warranties, please note the legal mumbo jumbo about what it does or does not cover {what little it says about that}, and what they consider abuse {or maybe that was from different websites I went to as well, non amazon}. WHY does it NOT have the 1 year warranty offered for ALL the other ways to get this product, except US and JP amazon? WHY, when buying STRAIGHT through THEM does it NOT cover more than 90 days? WHY is the warranty NOT through them, and WHY is the warranty through another vendor, associated with them AND LISTED in buying area BY THEM, have 2 year coverage sold that STARTS WHEN any other coverage starts, so a 2 year from them with the ones {not in US or JP} that have 1 year, basically only REALLY offer 1 year at a 2 year price. BTW, STILL no idea what is or is not covered under ANY of the warranties, and this coming from someone who used to do work as a legal secretary. Usually the bold parts are me for emphasis. BOLD 

90-Day Limited Warranty for Amazon Devices

Amazon Devices covered by this 90-Day Limited Warranty: Fire tablet, Fire HD 8 (6th Generation), Fire 7 (7th Generation), Fire HD 8 (7th Generation), Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Generation), and Fire TV Stick (2nd Generation). This Warranty for the Amazon Device (the “Device”) is provided by the entity set forth in the table below. The provider of this warranty is sometimes referred to herein as “we.”

If you purchased your Device from,, or from authorized retailers located in the United States or Japan, your Device is covered by a 90-day limited warranty. If you purchased your Device from any other Amazon website or from authorized retailers located in other countries, your Device is covered by a one-year limited warranty instead of the following warranty. Details are available at

Kindle, Kindle Touch, and Kindle Fire One-Year Limited Warranty


This Warranty for the Kindle Device (the “Device”) is provided by Amazon Fulfillment Services, Inc., 410 Terry Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98109- 5210, United States. However, if this Device was sold by (a) Amazon EU S.à.r.l. or an authorized reseller of Amazon EU S.à.r.l. then this Warranty is provided by Amazon EU S.à.r.l., société à responsabilité limitée duly incorporated and validly existing under the law of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, having its registered office at 5, rue Plaetis, L-2338 Luxembourg (RCS Luxembourg no. B 101818, Share capital EUR 37500, Trading authorization no. 104408); (b) Int’l Sales, Inc. or an authorized reseller of Int’l Sales, Inc. then this Warranty is provided by Int’l Sales, Inc. 410 Terry Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210, United States; or (c), Inc. or an authorized reseller of, Inc. then this Warranty is provided by, Inc. 410 Terry Ave. North, Seattle, WA 98109-5210. The provider of this warranty is sometimes referred to herein as “we.”

We warrant the Device against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use for one year from the date of original retail purchase. During this warranty period, if a defect arises in the Device, and you follow the instructions for returning the Device, we will at our option, to the extent permitted by law, either (i) repair the Device using either new or refurbished parts, (ii) replace the Device with a new or refurbished Device that is equivalent to the Device to be replaced, or (iii) refund to you all or part of the purchase price of the Device. This limited warranty applies, to the extent permitted by law, to any repair, replacement part or replacement device for the remainder of the original warranty period or for ninety days, whichever period is longer. All replaced parts and Devices for which a refund is given shall become our property. This limited warranty applies only to hardware components of the Device that are not subject to accident, misuse, neglect, fire or other external causes, alterations, repair, or commercial use.



Tanya Preminger

There are 3 books listed below {6 if you want to get technical that the title is slightly changed with British versions, not counting any physical books of any type}.

“Would you mind deleting your reviews please? Thanks Tanya”

Keep in mind that I don’t even know how got on her email list, but whatever; she had sent me one {pdf} and since chromebook {does not play well with pdf} found out available on kindle unlimited so pulled it that way. Then she sent me the other 2, again pdf after told her was having issues with that format, so again pulled them kindle unlimited. She also wanted the reviews done on amazon uk, so that is a check to see if they copied over {didn’t, sometimes do}, so copy paste of 3 different reviews from goodreads to amazon and then the same over to amazon uk.

#1 got a 4, #2 got a 3, #3 got a 2.

Review for the LAST book {in so many ways} below:
Kindle Unlimited
Does this ungrateful brat EVER SHUT up WHINING? A fear of heights or issue with that is not his business nor his concern, especially considering that the camp he talks about was paid by the adults not him AND so was the soccer camp in the first story which he had to be bribed to actually do after it being paid for AND the second story where a plane ticket AND a game and other things were paid for him yet he spent the whole trip whining on about buy him a scarf, buy him a shirt, buy him this that and the other. NO, brat boy who doesn’t know the London tube system should not be telling the 2 adults talking about which way to go to hurry up or he’d be late for the soccer game/camp THEY paid for, and if they don’t take the right one the brat will be late, duh. A kid with no job, 8 years old, gets away with arguing about whether he should brush his teeth or not, and that he is going to make loads of money playing soccer, years from then if EVER, so would have them fixed then, uh what, plus the point is the PARENTS should be making is that he WILL brush his nasty teeth every single day and that he doesn’t get to decide otherwise. No, the kid doesn’t get to just steal his father’s cell phone either, especially with nothing being said even though the father is “not happy”, it’s HIS phone and he’s the PARENT. NO, the kid doesn’t get to answer “Who cares?” when told information, either. He knows nothing about the tube, nothing about math, nothing about much of nothing, except being a brat.

Oh, so HOLD ON — the family is from USA, they bought tickets to go to London for soccer camp for a WEEK and before to Spain for soccer match at a stadium, no freaking way brat boy needs his attitude nor being spoiled and getting away with all sorts of crap AND STILL getting plane trips and stadium tickets and sports clothing all the while being rude and ungrateful, UH UH. Why is it only the American kids are portrayed as spoiled brats in these stories? Which one is the ‘joker’, hello, it’s a main part supposedly of story. And now story does yet another switch the scene no warning, and kid is whining yet again about buying him something new/expensive. Then whiny brat doesn’t want sightseeing, no matter what is suggested, he whines for shopping. Then brat boy complains to his mother they are a ‘team’ so everyone needs to think of others too, yet he is only thinking of himself. Jeezus now brat boy is talking about some kind of made up game, which of course involves him spending their money and getting to go shopping. Adding in if they see a hairdresser’s he gets to also spend more of their money on getting his hair cut, btw, is not ‘cunning’ it’s being a stingy manipulative brat, and follows it up by telling his mother she is the worst mother ever in the world.

When one of the parents talk about anything here, then brat boy is like whatever who cares; then starts mouthing off that’s he’s a better player than so and so, and when told that sometimes a player has to do certain things argues back no that’s not the ‘Barcelona’ way, although evidently the brat way is to get all sorts of team merchandise whined out of his parents then continue to disobey, not listen, and argue. NO, brat boy does not get to run out of a bus and go to stores to ‘window shop’ when he’s just been told no, several times, by both parents, and not get in to trouble. You have GOT to be kidding me; the scene AGAIN changes, boom, so what happened. OMG the kid is whining and arguing AGAIN, this time about the haircut, AGAIN. And AGAIN, one of the SUPPOSED parents GIVES IN to whiny ungrateful brat boy. If they’re doing it in order of age, why would the kids be standing in groups of the teams they were on. Oh, look, brat boy who was lecturing his parents about ‘teamwork’ and how Barcelona camp does things, interrupts everyone’s ceremony after he gets his certificate of course, to mess with the soccer ball and the basketball hoop. The standing father holds the backback, you know that thing that is worn on the back, of a kid that is sitting so has a place for the backback on his back or in his lap…. After reading 3 of these stories, back to back, and realizing what an overall totally ungrateful, whiny, bratty, manipulative SNOT this overgrown child of an 8/9 year old is, there is NO WAY I’d let my grandson read this crap; he is NEVER going to be allowed to act that crappy. SO NO AFTER SUFFERING THROUGH THIS CRAP  NOT NOT NOT just going to delete proof/record of my reading said crap.

Sean Wants to be Messi
Sean Goes To Barcelona: A children’s book about soccer and goals. US edition (Sean Wants To Be Messi 2)
Sean Tackles London: A children’s book about soccer and teamwork. US edition. (Sean Wants To Be messi 3)

Yumfuck Tiberius Troll

Okay, last post was talking about the stories of Oriceran by Martha Carr and her writing partner, and did a few other things yesterday besides posting that, then finally went to sleep…perchance to dream, I assume. Hmmmm, I lucid dream in technicolor and in old school computer green screen/RPG. Well, at least I’m never really bored….




I have read all of the books below, got notified they were coming out {on Martha Carr’s email list} and of course she’s written the Wallace Jones series and others but not talking about those today, talking about ‘swag’ and yes pretty much want all of it. See pictures; my favorite is YTT {Yumfuck Tiberius Troll}. Oh, these are not part of my ARCs or review copies, got them with kindle unlimited {pretty sure all her books are on that}, and the cowriter for these does the Kathurian series and others. As seen on the Internet via products, the key word seems to be Oriceran but could possibly look up writer/s. There are coffee mugs, travel mugs, clock, floor and other pillows, shower curtain, mat, covers, etcetera. Since have been missing the 99 cent first day out sales going to keep looking for a box set to get, js.

Quest For Magic – Prequel to Waking Magic: The Revelations of Oriceran (The Leira Chronicles Book
Waking Magic: The Revelations of Oriceran (The Leira Chronicles Book 1)
Release Of Magic: The Revelations of Oriceran (The Leira Chronicles Book 2)
Protection of Magic: The Revelations of Oriceran (The Leira Chronicles Book 3)


The Merging


Everyone who leaves a review for the book gets a badge on the Las Vegas Paranormal Police Department Staff Page.

This is the latest book by John P. Logsdon {make sure you put in the P. on goodreads btw}; he co-writes a lot of insanity, and would explain it, but I’m not licensed to practice psychiatry….
Feeling a bit too ‘normal’ at times, then do I have the product{s} to solve that problem!

Kindle Unlimited {all of his seem to be, except for any prequels those are probably permafree on his website, and you can also get for full {length} ‘sampler’ free from his website, a 3 pack, some with free audio, to give you a good look, and have listed all the books/sets/collections below, usually don’t, it’s getting almost longer than the book{s} BUT if you want the insanity to continue, there’s the list. {Terry} Pratchett meets {Douglas} Adams meets Monty Python meets Red Dwarf meets Star Trek meets Doctor Who meets Twilight Zone/Outer Limits/Night Gallery…. Realized that there are 2 of ‘them’, writers, so guess 2 peas in an…alien pod…. Their ‘issues’ have ‘issues’, and sincerely suggest that they both seem professional help…after a couple or more…sets/series.

*A set of naughty ubernaturals, a demon-powered mage, and wealthy amalgamite playboy who is far more than he seems. Ian Dex is a genetically engineered man who has abilities from all classes in the spectrum. He’s also the chief of the Las Vegas Paranormal Police Department (PPD). His job is to monitor all supernaturals and their involvement in the world of normals. It’s been a mostly boring gig, until now.A new breed of supernaturals has turned up and they’re a lot tougher to deal with than your run-of-the-mill vampires and werewolves. These are larger, tougher, and stronger…and they laugh at wood and silver bullets. But fighting these ubernaturals only gets worse when the mage who created them arrives on the scene. He is bent on world domination, inflicting as much pain as possible, and walking around with his shirt open because he looks like a Chippendale’s model. And to make things even more fun, he’s using demons to give him an inexhaustible supply of power.Join Ian and his crew as they fight werewolves, vampires, fae, demons, a succubus, and a mage while trying to stop Vegas from getting flipped on its head!

*The Merging (Ian Dex Supernatural Thriller Book 1)

The Rebellion Hyperbole {A Trek Gibbons Adventure Book 1}

Starliner (The Intergalactic Investigation Bureau Book 1)

The Unexpected Fugitive (The Lassiter Files Book 1)

The Relic (The Galactic Thieves Book 1)

Liberating the Package is the prequel to the madness that follows, listed below in order, may only be available through his site, but would be freebie.
Mission 1: The SSMC Reluctant – Mission 2: Angry Robots – Mission 3: The SSMC Voyeur – Mission 4: Earthlings – Mission 5: Synthetic DNA –
Platoon F: Pentalogy (Platoon F eBook Bundle 1)
Warped Conduit (Platoon F Book 6) – Kidnap on Fantasy Planet (Platoon F Book 7) – Platoon F: Veli Unveiled (Platoon F Book 8) – Platoon F: The Search for Veli (Platoon F Book 9)
Platoon F: Quadology: Missions 6, 7, 8, and 9 (Platoon F eBook Bundle 2)
Platoon F: Big Ass Bundle: Missions 1 – 9 (Platoon F eBook Bundle 3)

Warning: subject matter not suitable for the young, small pets, and anyone without a warped sense of humor. {This is warning label for pretty much all his books.}

Comedic Arthurian Bundle: The Adventures of Queen Arthur
The Ring of Veiling – Knights in the Past – Knights in the Future

The 4 book set Comedic Fantasy Bundle #1: 4 Hilarious Adventures (Tales from the land of Ononokin) now out has the first 4 books, #1 Quest of Undoing #2 The Full Moon Event #3 Bob the Zombie #4 Gappy’s Gadgets — NOT included are #5 The Kidnapped Prince #6 Saving Major Wiggles and The Fate Quest (Tales From the Land of Ononokin .5) PREQUEL

Comedic SciFi & Fantasy Bundle — Tales From the Land of Ononokin A Quest of Undoing, The Full Moon Event, Bob the Zombie – Queen Arthur Adventures The Ring of Veiling – Intergalactic Investigation Bureau Starliner – Platoon F The SSMC Reluctant, Angry Robots {this may or may not be version 1, version 2 was better/different}, The SSMC Voyeur, Earthlings, Synthetic DNA

Comedic Fantasy Bundle – Tales From the Land of Ononokin A Quest of Undoing – The Full Moon Event – Bob the Zombie – Queen Arthur Adventures The Ring of Veiling

Nanoagents: The Alien Files Bundle
Induction (Nanoagents: The Alien Files Book 1 – Lightcycle (Nanoagents: The Alien Files Book 2 – Moon Base (Nanoagents: The Alien Files Book 3 – Mars Rover (Nanoagents: The Alien Files Book 4 – Mission 5: (Nanoagents:The Return of Xabigan 5

Cozy Mystery Bundle #1 (South Lane Detective Agency #1-5)
Diamond in the Ruff (South Lane Detective Agency Book 1) – Framed & Fortune (South Lane Detective Agency Book 2) – A Sound Swing (South Lane Detective Agency Book 3) – A Horse Tail (South Lane Detective Agency Book 4) – Out of Left Field (South Lane Detective Agency Book 5)

Couple of others, unpublished and/or available only to subscribers type thing. 

Niemöller is perhaps best remembered for the quotation:

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

How about:
We came for the Socialists, but I am Republican, so it is not my problem.
We came for the Independents, but I am Republican, so it is not my problem.
We came for the Trade Unionists, but I am Republican, so it is not my problem.
We came for the Jews and the Muslims, but I am Republican, so it is not my problem.
We came for the Native Americans, Blacks, Mexicans, Women, but I am a Republican, so it is not my problem.
We came for the Constitution, but I am Republican, so it is not my problem.
We came for .gov agencies we don’t like, but I am Republican, so it is not my problem.

Alternative CDC @Alt_CDC
AltEPA @ActualEPAFacts
altEPA @altUSEPA
Stuff EPA Would Say @EPAWouldSay
U.S. EPA – Ungagged @ungaggedEPA
AltFDA @alt_fda
Resistance_NASA @ResistanceNASA
Rogue NASA @RogueNASA
Alternative NIH @Alt_NIH
Rogue NOAA @RogueNOAA
Alternative NOAA @altNOAA
AltUSDA @altusda
AltUSFWSRefuge @AltUSFWSRefuge
AltUSForestService @AltForestServ
AltNWS @AlternativeNWS
AltBadlandsNatPark @AltBadlandsPark
Alt-Badlands NPS @AltBadlandsNPS
BadHombreLands NPS @BadHombreNPS
BadlandsNPSFans @BadIandsNPSFans
AltGlacierNPS @AltGlacierNPS
GlacierNPS @GlacierNPSAlt
AltHot Springs NP @HotSpringsNPS
Alt Hi Volcanoes NP @AltVolcanoes_
AltLassenVolcanicNP @AltLassenNPS
AltOlympicNPS @olympicRogueNPS
AltUSNatParkService @AltNatParkSer
AltRockyNPS @AltRockyNPS
ALTUSNatParkSer @ALTUSNatParkSer
NatlParksUnderground @NatParkUndrgrnd
AltYellowstoneNatPar @AltYelloNatPark
AltYosemite @AltYosemite
The Alt NPS and EPA @altNPSandEPA
Angry National Park @AngryNatlPark
March for Science @ScienceMarchDC
NWS Podunk @NWSPodunk
U.S. Science Service @NatlSciService


Donnie John and Republicans…we just made it ‘your’ problem.


The state of the {beyond bratty} Nation.

If you are one of the many that grew up with the “Do as I say, not as I do.” generation, which also held that it wasn’t child abuse to physically assault your child because it was ‘discipline’, then you know about, and well remember whippings with switches, belts, and so on, and for some of us, belt buckles, bamboo salad tongs, hair brushes, and a host of other household items. We were told, by these same parents, that children did not have rights much less privileges, except for those exceedingly rare times that the unicorns came out out to play in the rainbows.

As time went on, and some households got more children {mine only had 3, period}, have heard of some cases where the younger ones {with tireder parents?} got some slack cut, but just some. Want to know what happens when parents turn in to grandparents? Those overly strict supposed believers in that strictness start coming up with “But they’re just children!”, and when responded to with “Well, so was I.” have nothing really to say. So, while I was not allowed to act up or out, in any way, including anything she thought should be included under that heading at any time for any reason, the grandkids {not mine, they were NEVER whipped but they were NEVER brats and they knew what they could and could not do, period} all the sudden are able to drop F bombs {which I do rarely but to this day my mother will complain and carry on about it, and I am in my 50’s}, scream, cry, otherwise carry on, and disrespect whoever they want {unless of course it’s her directly, I know that gets treated a LOT different than ‘tolerance’}.

We are talking about kids as in from very little up to pre-teen, who for the most part don’t have the sense god gave an animal to get out of a pouring rain, and who very obviously subscribe on twitter or some kind of social media to the Donald J Trump publication “Lies, Damn Lies, Damnable Lies, WTF Lies, and Alternative Facts”. Never you mind, they ‘know’ ALL about what they are spewing out, just because; never you mind that I, for example, am not only older so LIVED through the events but was also old enough when they happened, and since I have an outstanding memory for bullshit being shovelled at me, yeah I more than ‘sorta’ remember. I’m sure I’ve went off about it on facebook when it happened originally, so will let it suffice to say the offer still stands to “I will stomp a mudhole in your stupid racist ass, so yeah bring the cops because you’re going to need them to protect your whiny bitch ass.”

The background will share/reshare is that that piece of white trash {white trash is not a color it’s an attitude by the way} has a white grandmother, and she herself had children with a white male; so she AND her children are ‘mulatto’; the point is, even with that, in this area of Alabama, if you are white you will get attitude from those types of people, who feel that their rights and privileges are being trampled on if you don’t allow them to trample all over yours. That is the ‘mother’ to the child in question, and whose attitude she has picked up. On the other hand, if I had tried the shit that she did with her grandmother when I was younger or even now, I would have seen the total eclipse of a backhand and more.

So now we have part of this nation raised to believe they have all the rights and privileges of everyone else, but that they get to decide what Truth is along with who else actually gets to actually have rights and privileges, regardless of the Constitution or the Amendments or any of that ‘drivel’. NO — YOU do not get to decide on someone else’s color or gender or sexual orientation, nor how a decent person should act towards veterans, disabled, or any other such things on this planet. And if you’re one of the haters and baiters, the nazis, neonazis, white supremacists, alt right {WRONG} morons, NO YOU don’t have that ‘right’ either, not in public, not in schools, nowhere should it be allowed in this country. You want to remember ‘history’, then pick up a book, you know one of those bound things with FACTS in it, not faux newz crap and not the one titled Mein Kampf.{They are also available in apple and android ereaders, various ways such as amazon cloud and other readers fyi.}

It’s HATE, and the fact that the first amendment gave the right to bear arms should not even count when you are carrying semi-automatic weapons, dressed in combat and other riot gear with batons and mace and other chemicals holding lit flame holders {tiki torches, god’s sake you bunch of penny ante low lifes} not even in your home city OR state, trespassing on private college property and harassing the area residents and counter protesters {which you surround and douse with flammable liquids while holding flaming objects}. The fact that the present never presidential president of this country did not condemn you and your ’cause’ is because he’s a know nothing do nothing morally ethically financially bankrupt bragard who would throw you under a bus if it would make him money. Just because he is racist and vet disparaging 5 time draft dodging disabled mocking xenophobic homophobic misanthropic flag groping germ of a temper tantrum throwing twitter twit does in no way mean he has your interests or your back.  It means the Barnum Bailey freak show of a dufus potus helped cause his freak show for Charlottesville, while he was well away from it physically, probably too busy paying one of his 100’s of golf rounds to worry about you rabble rousing retards.