Barnes and Noble/Nook you suck worse than a hooker with an infected cold sore.

One of the writers of Venom & Vampires: A Limited Edition Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy Collection sent me a review copy of it, even though had already reviewed on amazon {and goodreads}; tend not to buy anthologies/collections when don’t know enough of the names/writers because half or more tend to suck rocks, but this was not going to be on kindle unlimited and at only 99 cents just sucked it up, because even if some time in the future the books are put out individually it will be months {and even if got ARC there are only 2 for sure any major interest in, Casey Lane/Bryan Cohen {they do the superhero books have been reading, 4 of 5 out already} and Shay Roberts because even though he gets a bit chick-lit fru-fru romance ick going on I’m used to him and didn’t want to wait until he brought it out separate at some way in the future time. Iliana Waters don’t mind, but remembered only when it’s all her books only in some sort of set, and there was one more that was a 3 or so that was okay, and the rest bit the big one. Well, the wanted to know if I wanted a copy for itunes/apple crap {no never, their review area can not be copy paste and it takes 5-10 minutes to even come up, haven’t bothered to see if it even would come up as app or whatever on chromebook and won’t, but said okay to the nook which is barnes and noble, and that’s when all the other stuff below happened.

I tried the link, 12 different times, times TWO on 2 different computers. It flashes then never logs me in, even THOUGH I am ALREADY logged in in another window. I called your so called ‘support’, who according to the message would be with me in 10 minutes, and after yet another 10 minutes finally answered. I explained that your site needed a number, which YOUR link to MY gift doesn’t give, only a click to log in, which it does NOT do in/actually freaking log in. She asked what I was on, and when I said chromebook, she asked me what browser…uh duh, it’s a CHROME book, what bloody browser does your ‘help’ think those run on, since they have a Linux shell base and are integrated with Google/Chrome and it doesn’t run windows so NO Internet Explorer and NO Firefox, DUH. She claimed it was the saved password, which had ALREADY logged me in to the site, and had me bring down both windows with BN logged in, and open up yet another window, which of course STILL did not log me in when clicking your link below, even though I typed in, from nothing, the exact same usename and password {this email address plus a password, the same bloody password that had already logged me in to your site but STILL was not recognized when clicking YOUR link, just refreshes and asks for username and password, yet again, which was ALREADY confirmed NO ERROR on EITHER BUT will NOT log me in with YOUR link. BTW, yes the bloody username and password is the same for b&n and nook, but different than my other logins, excomputer tech duh.

Called back, rinse and repeat, are all your ‘customer support’/’tech’ that clueless? That explains, but not excuses, the SECOND 10 minute supposed wait that turned in to 20 then 10 minutes of another total waste of my time. BEFORE that call, I had attempted {UNSUCCESSFULLY} to get your link to activate via email on a Windows computer but the same FAIL on YOUR end, AND had also tried it on Android Nook app, which needs a code, which AGAIN YOU did NOT give me, just the SUPPOSED ‘click to get gift’ link.

I have used your crappy site{s}, both barnes and noble and nook books for ages now, and I unlike your ‘help’ used to be a computer tech, so YES it is YOUR site and YOUR link, NOT one of 3 devices I have to access my email and the link. SEND ME THE CODE, because as told your ‘help’ I WILL be notifying the person you CHARGED for this book AND will be blogging about it, in DETAIL. Since your ‘help’ is so bloody incometent, I highly suggest you actually PUT THE CODE for hand entry since your ‘link’ is beyong useless.

Now time to pop off email to 1 of the 2 people that had mentioned the nook book code, one of them should be the one that had to pay barnes and noble for NOTHING but grief.

#DUFUSPOTUS @RealDonaldTrump

Cracker 1. A term in Southeastern United States English to describe poor white trash, derived from the Scottish meaning of the verb “to crack,” which, in this sense denotes unwarranted/unearned ostentation.

Our nation’s military services are going to spend over $25 billion on music bands in the coming years, after adjusting for inflation that is more like 50 billion; 2016 study by the Rand Corporation found the maximum annual medical costs for transgender services would be 2 million or so, by comparison the military spent $84 million on erectile dysfunction medications Viagra and Cialis in 2014, trumped up visits to Mar-a-Lago cost taxpayers more than medical expenses for transgender military members would, and coming from a FIVE time DRAFT dodging dumbass #DUFUSPOTUS versus MY USMC service, you both can kiss my B.A.M. backside, — so sorry sparky that your snowflake insensible lack of sensibility and sense keep you from understanding REAL facts instead of your #AlternativeFacts. We all already know that trumped up and/or his family are too physically and mentally unfit to volunteer for any of the services, but who will, not any of the other commenters no doubt, so are YOU or YOUR family members going to VOLUNTEER as the ‘trans’ did, yeah right {is what commented to those morons}

One commenter claimed that paying for ‘trans stuff’ was worse…asked them than what exactly, trumpedup spending millions to billions on marlargo visits and playing golf and keeping 2 separate residences and his own wife not wanting to be in the same state as him or him also charging the secret service and others just for having to stay at the NY residence, or him breaking all of his previous campaign PROMISES/LIES, or…..

Hey trumped up, don’t need …. we already know you can’t string 1 or more coherent thoughts together #covfefe ****Cracker

If the video takes, it is of Stephen Colbert talking about trumpedup’s ridiculously long….tweet about transgender Americans would no longer be permitted to serve in the U.S. military “in any capacity”

Large print books sight/dyslexia issues

This is more a place holder post, because in the middle of things. Just read something talking about large print and/or dyslexia mitigating books, and thought to myself…that’s good, BUT…not only is the price quite a bit higher {higher once because not ebooks then higher again because has to be formated and all different so costs more for print books}…the different ereaders for the most most part {not all but majority} have font and size change abilities, even my current @#$%^&*!! chromebook has it to a degree, at least for changing those and background etc {mine is set to black with white text because of glare and other issues and to mitigate eye strain IF having to read them instead of the machine vocally, which have not yet found a good one to read books, epub nor mobi with either the readium or kindle cloud {might have been able to get something to change the background on that at least though, it sometimes forgets the saved setting/s…look at top of the cloud reader and there will be something to indicate letters as Aa which when clicked on will allow background, font and font size, and other changes}. Again, on an ereader font size, font type, background, spacing, etcetera, can be taken care of or at least mitigating certain reading issues. There are a few things that vocally read, on my toshiba thrive it is @VoiceAloud reader with Talkback, on my windows 7 it was Kindle for PC WITH audio plugin which needed Narrator {and Speakonia for further customization in various ways}, and with the chromebook all have found so far is Readium {epub} and using kindle cloud BUT only @VoiceAloud reader but not any luck on it actually doing that for either book type, although chromebooks do have certain addons and plugins and extentions allowing someone to read news, headings, documents, so the search continues to get one of the book readers to actually vocally read to me. Cloud convert extension to switch books from mobi to epub or vice versa, from what I saw trying one quickly, does leave the original file but does covert it with second file/copy left so that was the first one that had actually {sucessfully} converted files, and seem to recall there were more options than just mobi and epub so if you need something like that, and especially if on chromebook, that seems to be the way to go. There was something about google/chromebook rolling in additions to which of the chromebooks could load from google play {to get apps such as @VoiceAloud and others} but that was the only one that the site said was compatible with about a hundred different apps I have downloaded through them, so who knows when or IF that will ever happen. Will update if come across any thing, voice etcetera, that will make the chromebook vocally read a book {and yes each part of that is important, Vocally Read Book}.

I am Dale; the blind leading the blind.

I used to be a computer tech, after my first marriage and before the accounting degree{s}. I’ve always been going downhill with my vision, but fyi NO it does not matter if you read in low light, just if you are straining your eyes when you read, and as for reading in the dark think about that because it’s not possible. As I had to use my eyes more and more, on things that did strain them, they got progressively worse, starting 8th grade through all 4 years of high school. Then when I got older, I went to Helen Keller Hospital {Sheffield Alabama} with what they said was a ‘heart incident’. They obviously did not want to take me, but it was a free hospital, and I wasn’t looking to figure out how many people I would have to talk to, to get ‘indegent’ status as had little to no money at the time but they are a public hospital. They also made up some excuse after putting me in an actual room, doing no tests whatsoever then during that same night telling me that I would not be allowed to stay, so they were checking me out. Over half an hour later, when the nurse still did not return with my discharge papers, I went to ask the nurse, but she stayed behind the desk and acted as if she didn’t hear anything I said, even though she looked at me a couple of times. I then called my sister to come get me, and simply walked out, never actually getting discharged. {It is more than likely then because of no medical care that my eyes were affected.}

A bit later started noticing my eyes getting worse, but that had been a long term issue, except that it seemed to have sped up. I filed for social security disability, but they never actually had anyone check me out, and after about a year or so claimed they had sent me a letter to see a judge, but I had not answered {because I never got it, even though had already confirmed reciept of various documents prior to that so they had my correct address, so had responded once already}. During this time I had also told Social Security to put a ‘freeze’ on my earned benefits, because my paperwork shows 40 credits {max} and did not know how long the disability process would take, but didn’t want my earned credits dropping. So, not only did they lie about me having an appointment, which supposedly missed, but had already contacted them that Nashville {this region’s Social Security judge section} was too far, could not see to drive, and needed accomodation {which means local meeting, and yes they have to do that for certain medical conditions}. Then I switched the case over to New Jersey where I was living at the time, and actually got sent to a doctor, who said I was not legally blind but I was legally low vision, and by the time moved to Iowa their doctors said legally blind, as in 200/20 or worse {with mine being 200-400 over 20 depending on time}. Now the case is up in Chicage, the section for Social Security for one or maybe both of those areas, and I still have them {falsely} showing not 40 credits and am still waiting after YEARS to actually hear anything, keeping in mind that the less than 40 credits means less montly payment and less monthly back pay {which remember they screwed me out of a year plus, but owe back pay for all the rest of the time}.

Now, the important part of this for me, besides a quick record overview, is the blind ‘thing’. I was on Windows 7, Kindle for PC WITH audio plug-in, with Narrator and Speakonia {extra customization}. It is currently being worked on becase even owned it only a year, the hard drive had some kind of melt down and had to get another one {{plus still need another one for the HP Pavilion multimedia that was only 1 behind the one that messed up}. That brings us to why I am on a chromebook, but keep in mind that have long have higly {not totally} integrated chrome with everything {different accounts gmail, google voices, etc} so wasn’t quite as bad a shock but enough. This Acer Chromebook 15 has a linux ‘shell’/base, and linux is the only system know next to absolutely nothing about {even less than Mac/Apple}. Syncing this laptop with my chrome {signing in with the main gmail account} made extentions/addons still listed and all, but then we get back to chromebook vs windows on voice and the ‘blind thing’. Android {my tablet is that} has @Voice Aloud and Talkback, although once talkback is activated it can be a pita with the double taps etcetera, but once you at least somewhat get used to the commands needed it’s still a bit of a pain but doable. However, that is not the case for chromebook, which has quite a few extrensions for voice, but NOT for books, just general heading, text in stories, etcetera. So far have been able to get voice aloud in chromebook but NOT talkback, although mine is acer chromebook 15 and may {or may not} work with android apps at some point in the future. I have spent several hours trying to find something that will read BOOKS not just text {and vocally} but so far nothing, because even with a relatively new chromebook {Acer Chromebook 15} so not too old and not too new but still not showing up on the ‘compatible’ list {or listed at all} in google play. — UPDATE: Cloud Convert will actually open AND be found/link with google drive, very important when you want it to actually be able to change mobi from epub — something fbreader and other mobi cloud converters etc did NOT do, AT ALL.

UPDATED INFO: BookFunnel app {adroid, will work on tablets as well} when given a link that goes there, instead of instafreebie or freebooksy or bookbub {which go to amazon unlike instafreebie} you will be asked how you want to download. The choices are Get My Book…download book {for chromebooks that will or should automatically go to epub} or email {and will need your email address BUT will still have to downloaded in some way} or in the case of chromebook and maybe others saying my computer will lead to link which is the same as Bookfunnel and/or I need the Bookfunnel code option at bottom, which will also do the same with code {2 different ways but same end result and you will need to have the Bookfunnel app} — this is through your browser to get to google play store, because if you follow CLICK SETTING  Settings In the “Google Play Store” section, turn on Enable Google Play Store on your Chromebook.
Note: If you don’t see this option, your Chromebook doesn’t work with Android apps. {I have a toshiba thrive tablet and also android smartphone so can use the apps through those but NOT the chromebook, even though have Acer Chromebook 15 which is one of the newer ones out, but STILL NOTHING as far as integration.

The Email Provider of Your Choosing Sux

Of the top of my head there is yahoo, hotmail/outlook, gmail. Yes, I know there are other email providers, and I know some that provide email also provide other things {as in google which does gmail}, but these are the ones I use, and what most people primarily use, and what they claim they do.

Now, first off, what is an email provider supposed to provide {versus what it actually provides, that will come up soon}. The supposedly provide a place to get your emails, and as an offshoot of that to also be able to indicate ‘spam’, block senders {in various ways} all together, and to sort the mail in various ways {folders, etcetera, depending on the email provider your choices may be different}. Yahoo {free} now has 1 TB storage, Hotmail has {free} 5 GB/Plus is 10 GB {unclear whether this is their regular paid service or just what}.

Yes, that was Shot 1. Yahoo has other ‘things’ but it is primarily/started as email service. Do I get the email that my contacts send me; ususally, as far as I know, but this included having to check my spam folder each and every time, even though have already selected ‘not spam’ for some of that email. I also have to {from spam folder} hit block/filter. I still get the same spam emails from the same people/companies, day after day, even when have blocked them by name, keyword, email, etcetera. With yahoo supposedly even the ‘free’ users have 100 that they can list to block. In truth, you MIGHT can block about 10 {at least they stay on the list, although they rarely stop the actual spam supposed to} and if you click block/filter, it doesn’t actually do it. They do have a paid service that is ‘better’ {supposedly} but since they can’t do the simplest of thing that they are SUPPOSED to do, why would anyone want to take a chance that a paid service would be any better. They do have a relatively easy add folder utility, but it goes alphabetically, so if you read and then try to put certain ones in your chosen folder it may or may not be a major pita.

Hotmail/Outlook {my goes to outlook now, and so does my backup which was an actual mail} is another one of the long time providers. I use an adblocker, and hotmail is always telling me {off to the side} to maximize space in my inbox to sign up for {paid} ad free Outlook…except of course the amount of space in my account has nothing to do with blocking ads, and that account is primarily for linking to my amazon/book etc account. One has nothing to do with the other, and that account has plenty of space. The blocking/spam function works, to a degree, in that it doesn’t want you to block email that ‘shows’ it was sent from your own account, which means that more and more spammers and scammers and phishers {is that a word?} set their emails to you to appear to hotmail that it came from you. Since they won’t let you block those, regardless of what the metadata shows {that it did not come from you}, I have taken to sending those to the ‘phishing’ folder/notification. I did attempt to fully block any email coming from ‘my’ account to my account but it would not let me, even though I wrote them and assured them I NEVER send myself email. The folder system is about the same as yahoo’s, except {for me} little easier to deal with because don’t have that many folders, so if it actually does the long list the same as yahoo I haven’t noticed it because of that. It blocks better on in that it seems to actually put blocks, all of them, in that section, allowing 1024 blocked senders and 1024 blocked domains {not the same thing}, but I still get spam almost constantly, and this is NOT my primary email. Don’t know storage limit.

Google accounts now use a shared pool of storage. Every account gets 15 GB of free space, which is shared across your Gmail, Google Drive, and Google+ Photos. But certain types of files don’t count towards your storage quota. These items don’t take up space Google Drive: Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and files in “Shared with me.” Files only take up space in the owner’s Google Drive. Google Photos: Photos and videos stored using the “High Quality” size. Learn how to change the size in Settings. Pixel phones: You can back up an unlimited number of photos and videos to Google Photos from a Pixel phone. Storage differences in Google Drive When you use Google Drive for your computer, you can see that items take up a different amount of space than they do at Items in your Trash take up space in Google Drive, but aren’t synced to your computer. Shared items will take up space on your computer, but not Google Drive. Items that are in multiple folders will be synced to all folders on your computer, taking up more space. If you’re only syncing some folders to your computer, the storage on your computer will be less than what is shown on Google Drive. Your computer may show a slightly different file size than because of Mac or PC requirements.

You can view your Google account’s overall available storage space from Google’s Drive storage website. In my case and in the case of other chromebook users, you may have the 1 year upgrade from buying a chromebook or other offer. I have 15 GB BUT for that year {or 2} I have 117 GB {and not sure why that odd number but that’s what it currently says}. Mine shows almost 2 GB on the ‘drive’ part overall, gmail is a bit over 12 GB, 0 photos {don’t think that is correct but maybe those don’t count}. Basically, 117 GB total storage Your plan 15 GB Chromebook promotion – expires 6/20/19 100 GB 2015 Security Checkup Bonus 2 GB. — free is 15 GB, 100 GB is normally $1.99 {Month, or $19.99 yearly} 1 TB $9.99 {Month, or $99.99 yearly} and even 10 TB which is $99.99 month. {There are plans up to 30 TB} for personal use, couldn’t find the information of business use pricing. Did see one 16 TB at $800 per month, still unsure whether business or personal although don’t see why any non-business would need that much space or be able to pay that much money {just outright buy a storage drive, pretty reasonable for external ones of all sizes these days}.  Now the reason to mention all this, is because google is integrated, highly, so the chromebooks are definitely that way, but even a user or some to most google products in chrome etcetera is going to have high integration and matters for all this.

Business users via Google Apps/online productivity suite cost at least $5 monthly, and gives custom email address, guaranteed uptime {compensation limited to small fees for actual downtime}, free version of Gmail comes with 15GB of space for documents, emails, photos and other files, while paid has 30GB on the US$5 a month plan and unlimited storage for US$10 a month (or 1TB if your business has less than five users), and while businesses that deal in Microsoft Office documents rarely touch these limits on a per user basis but as we move to using video more often in work, those storage limits will become more relevant. {all this info is directly quoted from google affiliated and other sites writing about gmail etcetera}, 24/7 support, no ads, google apps marketplace, sync mail to Microsoft Outlook {not quite sure myself why this one but noting it}.

Primary, Social, Promotions, and 2 more tabs is all that gmail offers, so there is no make your own category/heading which I find very unusable, but there is a way to set up ‘categories’ so you can have different folders {or even tell it to go straight to that folder when received I think but like to know what getting before putting it away myself}. This is NOT my primary email, but I am currently on a chromebook and have long been somewhat integrated with chrome ‘things’, and am actually thinking about starting the process to close down yahoo, because it just doesn’t WORK.












You had me at Fantasy & Paranormal Box set, you lost me at Romance

CREATURES is a collection of otherworldly tales from today’s indie-favorite New York Times, USA Today, and International bestselling authors!

You are about to enter the realm of Creatures, a boxed set packed with more than twenty enthralling tales of urban fantasy and paranormal romance! From witches to vampires, shifters to fae, and every dark creature known to lurk the pages of fantasy fiction, you’re sure to find yourself up past your bedtime and reading well into the witching hour!

That’s the main part of their blurb for the book, and I have bought several box sets lately there were ‘pre-order’, and even recognize some of the names {and am mostly horrible at names}, BUT…to me, IMNHO {In My Never Humble Opinion} ‘romance’ in books {and in other places} is over rated, because I consider it an overused crutch by too many authors. Life has moments of ‘romance’, and books even more, BUT…if your LIFE is in danger from a killer, supernatural or not, a normal or even semi-normal person is not going to be spending so much time thinking about the ‘hunk’ or ‘hot chick’ versus their life and very possible death. Now, as much as I avoid ‘romance’ — bookbub has American Historical RomanceChick LitContemporary RomanceDark Romance & EroticaErotic RomanceHistorical RomanceLGBTNew Adult RomanceParanormal RomanceRomantic SuspenseSports Romance, and Time Travel Romance. It doesn’t seem to matter what order the word romance is, as every single time travel romance I have checked has the barest of time travel, often an unexplained transport to another time, being basically a thin frame for the romance crap, and the same goes for hysterical ahem historical romance, definitely for chick lit, whatever contemporary romance is even supposed to mean, so not going in to dark or erotic both of which are the worst drivel possible and then sink ever lower with each page {and would make porn directors blush}, so no way going in to ‘new adult’. LGBT I wouldn’t have an issue with, but again, every story have looked at is basically a ‘romance’, but paranormal romance along with time travel romance are the 2 worst offenders, because not only is romance not the first word but the time travel/paranormal is barely {and badly} touched on. Sports romance needs another name, because it doesn’t neither adequately nor well.

But I digress, obviously. The other parts…of what some of the stories are, or what some of them should be, is what causes a ‘pass’ on these type anthologies. Maybe it’s as if I am throwing out the baby with the the bathwater, but the baby is a zombie or something, okay, and it’s already tried to eat people’s brains. Maybe I wouldn’t be so ‘techy’ if bookbub had, instead of so many ‘romance’ ones or even in addition to {as you don’t have to click on any one section if you don’t want to} a LitRPG, a Time Travel, {and not to leave freebooksy out, they need to SEPARATE their cozy mysteries from their other mysteries}, and some other categories that they don’t have but should have, but that don’t come to mind just at the moment. I’m not asking for the world; in fact, I’m asking for the world to be just a little more separated, in this case. Okay, and a bit more of things that are not in the bookbub/freebooksy world at all right now. Whatever happened to the customer is always right, or at the very least listening to what the customer has to say. It’s not as if I’m saying stop all romances; I don’t care, I don’t read them, and I don’t click on those. I would, however, click on the ones I said should be added, and that would give you more referral points or whatever $ that you get out of listing all the books now, because like a business you are getting something out of doing that, so why not help me to help you by giving you these suggestions what would help you expand as well as to reach even more people.


Doctor Who — Are you a ‘fan’ of the actor{s} or a fan of the show?

Doctor Who is a British television science-fiction series, airing
Saturday, 23 November 1963 to 1989 in its original form, with a new series launched in early 2005. Each episode was originally 25 minutes of transmission time {so they had commercials and all}.

There have quite a few directors/producers, and there have been quite a few actors. A fan of the show {a Whovian} realizes that the show did not first start in 2005, and that any who is better than no who. If it helps ‘perk’ your spirits up, will remind you {or tell you if you don’t know} that the filming schedule for this show, especially the longer 2005 plus ones, are longer and grueling in most cases. Actors wear out, especially when they are in the majority of scenes. So…are you really a fan of the SHOW or just a fan of certain actors? This is not the only show that changes the lead{s}, but at least this one has a reason {and explaination} for doing so. There have been quite a few shows throughout the years that have changed cast members, and even leads {such as Star Gate, which didn’t write out Anderson but had him involved in a much lesser and more rare appearances}. Night Court switched a main cast member due to the actor’s death, which has happened a few times as well, including in Harry Potter and other such shows.

It may sound mean to basically be saying love it or leave, we don’t care, but reality shows that a program that has been on since 1963 has enough followers that it will survive some not liking the way the show changes, but change is part of life and it is defintely a part of Doctor Who. That show has had 14 doctors already: that would be Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, {Tom} Baker, Davidson, {Colin} Baker, McCoy, McGann, Hurt, Eccleston, Tennant {and Tennant}, Smith, and finally the 14th doctor REGENERATION Capaldi, plus coming up the 15th doctor REGENERATION {NOT the ”13th Doctor”} Jodie Whittaker.

As I said, in quite a lot of detail last post, don’t care what the Wimbledon announcement or any others say, because going by Canon, she would be the 15th, and that was also canon due to 2 shows with Smith talking about 12/13 and Clara asking the Time Lords {in the Time Lock} for a NEW set, so that makes Capaldi the 14th, and yes it includes Tennant twice because as Smith said in the show, he had the same face twice because he was vain, and because of Tennant and Smith the ‘War Doctor’ is in the count, and no the others wouldn’t have known that those 3 would change the destruction of Gallifrey. There are other episodes mentioned last post that are detailed out that also say the same thing, 12/13 tototal regenerations, so again Capaldi is 14.

On a somewhat related but not really, at this rate of more Doctors, suggest the clock makers use the half hours as well, so put Tennant next to his hour and then Capaldi would be put 14th and the new one 15th.

ALL Doctors clock-face-template

And to REPEAT, not only did they not ever refer to themselves by number, but also Matt Smith specifically said as did other various shows before him, 12 from the cycle BUT 13th total, and that is why Clara asked the Time Lords to give him a NEW set of regenerations, making Capaldi the 14 and the new one 15. CANON people, canon, which means it’s fact, it’s been stated repeatedly as fact, and no Doctor Donna nor Meta Crisis counted, but yes War and BOTH Tennant{s} counted, or else Smith would have had 1 or more left. As for someone new, and that being female, don’t care; any Who is better than no Who, even when Fox made the movie, or else you new Who wouldn’t have probably ever even seen it, and that’s another point. No, Eccleston is NOT the first doctor, technically he wasn’t even the first of the new ones, because even though Hurt’s stories got filmed AFTER, he still came BEFORE.