5x No hand on heart Draft dodger VS NFL

WTH does trumpedup even know about football {or actual military service}. The 5 time draft dodging fake bone spur {so ‘bad’ he couldn’t even remember WHICH leg SUPPOSEDLY in}, bought {more likely leveraged, the no class middle class supposed billionaire’s tax returns prove lower middle class income and that is with a spouse who doesn’t work} the ‘buying’ in 1983 of a football team {New Jersey Generals} in the USFL {a 12 team organization}, when it was railroaded to switch to fall games in direct competition of NFL versus the usual spring, which went bankrupt/folded less than 2 years later.

As usual, the only thing #LOSERdonald knows is how to bankrupt something, lie, and lose lawsuits over myriad ‘businesses’, fake ‘universities’ and insult people, regardless of his orange clown makeup, tiny hands and even tinier/miniscule ‘brain’, and in need a pacifier to stick in that ‘alternative facts’ noise maker of a blowhard whiny baby complainer of a toy soldier playing take his toys home from sandbox when someone tries to make him see actual reason, while not knowing nor caring the first thing about the U.S. Constitution, the Amendments, the LAW, the Supreme Court{s} or America {except to dry, we hope dry, hump the Flag}. BTW @realdonaldtrump , it should be @WhinyBabyDonnieJohn / #DrumpfLoser *

*Frederick Trump’s March 1896 naturalization form on which his signature was rendered Trump, but proven that name change not at Ellis Island, but sometime during the 1600s, Trump’s German ancestors INCLUDING his father were named Drumpf, and his mother was an IMMIGRANT from Scotland, which ‘tradition’ he carried on by marrying {illegal} immigrants.

“Wouldn’t you love to see one of these NFL owners, when somebody disrespects our flag, to say, ‘Get that son of a bitch off the field right now, out, he’s fired. He’s fired,'” Trump said. “You know, some owner is going to do that. He’s going to say, ‘That guy that disrespects our flag, he’s fired.’ And that owner, they don’t know it [but] they’ll be the most popular person in this country.” The president followed up on Twitter Saturday afternoon. “If a player wants the privilege of making millions of dollars in the NFL,or other leagues, he or she should not be allowed to disrespect. … our Great American Flag (or Country) and should stand for the National Anthem. If not, YOU’RE FIRED. Find something else to do!”

5x DraftDodger NOTsaluteOutUniform UnConstitutional ? U HAND OVER ❤️

5xDraftDodger UnConstitutional hands over THEIR heart/veteran, who the SON of a BITCH

replying to @kveelee
#1 5xDraftDodger not military SHOULD know NOT salute out uniform & hand NOT over #2 hand NOT over #3 hand NOT over PROOF you BOTH HATE USA

Replying to 

woah stupid MUCH YOUR right FREE SPEECH is bitching OTHER’S rights to free speech You stupid as a brick but not even half as useful

CNN’s Jake Tapper wryly tweeted on Saturday that Trump is “focusing like a laser on the major problems of the American people: black professional athletes with opinions.”




We now return you to the regularly scheduled apocalypse.


Acts 1:20
“For it is written in the book of Psalms: ‘May his dwelling be deserted; let there be no one to live in it,’ and, ‘May another take his office.’

Was reminded of a ‘joke’ yesterday. God is giving out instructions about the Apocalypse, and Revelations, trying to explain to people what to look for.

John: *writes Revelations* Lord, the End is signaled by trumpets? God: No, Trump/Pence John: Right. Trumpets. God: Fine. They’ll know.

With the really real threat of a narcissistic bully who preys on females, a twitter twit who throws out twitter eggs to a nuclear power {North Korea} that is definitely not one of our allies {although he’s pissed all of them off, too}, a moron who has the nuclear codes, an orange toupee-d disgrace to to America, the Constitution, the Amendments, The U.S. Supreme Court and the State Supreme Courts, a functionally illiterate child  in so called power in the White House {which position is currently under investigation for his and his vice president’s and others’ Russian collusion and help with that}, a xenophobic irreligious misogynistic homophobic anti LGBT vet deriding 5 time draft dodging disabled mocking idiot of a failed Barnum there’s a sucker born every minute snake oil salesman on a carnival sideshow of freaks {AKA Republicans in House and Senate etc} who is morally, ethically, and financially bankrupt as his ‘brain’…yes, this song comes up.


Hotmail, not hot, no decent ‘outlook’ & not ‘Live’ but DOA.

I would really like to know WHY I am told I can NOT block email FROM my email address, the ones sent specifically to me, but SUPPOSEDLY BY me. I don NOT, NOR have I EVER sent myself email from a particular email address to the same email address, because well basically what would be the BLOODY REASON. If someone does that for backup reasons, that is what ‘sent’ email is for, and also why I have OTHER email accounts {one yahoo, a couple or so gmail, and the stupid hotmail}.

AGAIN, why would’NT I want to block mail from myself, BECAUSE I DO NOT NOT SEND BLOODY EMAIL TO MYSELF, and OTHERS do not send email FROM that address, UNLESS SPAMMERS/PHISHERS, AND Hotmail, Outlook, ‘Live’ and whatever else pitiful excuse Microsoft has and IS does NOTHING to STOP this crap.

Send it to spam? NOPE, can’t send stuff ‘from’ me to spam. Block it? NOPE, can’t block ‘me’. Block the email or domain coming from, after having to click around for about 10 minutes to get it to pull up? NOPE AGAIN, does NOT block them or hinder them in any way. How do I KNOW? Because I spent an HOUR PLUS just yesterday blocking the domains, not just the first part of the sender but the part after the @, that’s the domain. Did NOTHING.

Hotmail, you ain’t ho’; you fizzed out and LOST the plot AND the email ‘wars’. YOU SUCK!.

Happy Birthday Space Team!

Space Team
Space Team: The Holiday Special
Space Team: The Wrath of Vajazzle
Space Team: The Search for Splurt
Space Team: Song of the Space Siren
Space Team: The Guns of Nana Joan
Space Team: Return of the Dead Guy
Space Team: Planet of the Japes
Space Team: The Collected Adventures: Volume 1
Space Team – Space Team: The Wrath of Vajazzle – Space Team: The Search for Splurt

NOW Dial D for Deadman: A Space Team Universe Novel

Space Team is 1 year old! One year ago today, Cal Carver and Space Team blasted off on their first ever adventure. To celebrate the first book will be free from now until 28th of September! Look up Space Team by Barry J. Hutchinson on Amazon {and probably other book providers}. {The shirt show below was limited time availability, already past, shipped from England, and yes, I do have one of ‘The many faces of Splurt’ shirts…and yes, he is more expressive than Bella from Twilight.}

Space Team: A Lot of Weird Space Shizz: Collected Short Stories — Currently on pre-order 99 cents for release in December; A collection of short stories gathered from the far reaches of the Space Team Universe. NOTE: Some of these stories have been available elsewhere over the past few months {I have at least one and have read almost all, but js}, while others are new for this collection. The spectacular tales of space adventure you’ll find within its pages are:

“Dead Men Don’t Get Paid” Undead detective, Dan Deadman, has a problem. He has a number of them, in fact. He’s missing an arm. He needs money to repair his broken window. Someone has opened a portal to the hell-like Malwhere in a nightclub, filling the place with slavering flesh-eating monsters. Fortunately, Dan’s diminutive house guest, Artur, has a plan to help him fix at least one of these problems, but like everything else in Dan’s afterlife, nothing quite works out the way it should. A brand new Dan Deadman Space Detective adventure, set in the aftermath of “Dial D for Deadman”.

Space Team: The Holiday Special Die Hard meets The Nativity in Space! It’s Space Christmas Eve, and all through the space station not a creature was stirring except a load of evil space pirates who’re trying to kidnap a very special newborn baby so it can be eaten by their pirate king. They hadn’t counted on Cal Carver and the Space Team, though, who happen to be on the station for some much needed R & R. Originally published in December 2016 as a standalone short story.

The Last Bounty Once the baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy, all Konto Garr wants these days is a quiet family life with the woman he loves, and the respect of Deenia, the step-daughter who hates his guts. But when Deenia is taken hostage, Konto must employ all his skills to mount a death-defying rescue mission. With a terrorist-filled station between him and the hostages, and an infuriatingly upbeat boy from Deenia’s class for company, Konto’s talents will be stretched to their limit as he goes after the most important bounty of his life—his daughter. Originally published as part of the comedy scifi anthology, “Pew Pew – Sex, Guns, Spaceships… Oh My!”

Death Comes to Carverville – A Tobey Maguire Mystery Former Hollywood actor, Tobey Maguire, now spends his days as an imaginary construct inside the subconscious of Space Team’s Cal Carver, only ever called upon when Cal is knocked unconscious. But when a murderer starts to stalk the corridors of Cal’s mind, Tobey Maguire – accompanied by a wise-cracking racist squirrel only he can see or hear – must turn detective and unmask the killer before the imaginary inhabitants of Cal’s subconscious are picked off one by one, leaving Cal completely brain dead. The first ever solo Tobey Maguire adventure, written just for this collection.

Nun Shall Pass Former Nun, Ronda Sallas, is on a mission to save her son, Narp, from himself. And also from some evil Xandrie gangsters who have tricked him into helping them steal a weapon of mass destruction. Mostly from them, actually. Fortunately, Ronda’s time at the convent has left her more than capable to deal with a few dozen gangsters, but when an Anti-Nun strips her of her precognition powers, things suddenly become more difficult. First published in “The Expanding Universe – Volume 2” anthology.

Bonus Splurt Story!
An all-new solo adventure starring everyone’s favorite adorable green blob. splurt



You might {ARE} a ‘snowflake’.

Snowflakes are unique things, and some people {to use that term loosely} are that…in that they are faux newz alternative ‘facts’ climate change denying over-privileged ass-hats. Take Tomi Lahren, who got FIRED from a hack ‘news’ place for stating her opinion, one that did not agree with management’s. She has bitched about ‘snowflakes’, yet this is coming from an over-privileged whiny bleached blonde airhead that can’t get facts right with a script and a teleprompter. She complains about everything that happens because it doesn’t meet her standards, as if she actually had any, which for her is anything she can vomit or spew out to try to get another second or two of ‘fame’.

She is for Freedom of Speech…until the Blaze fired her over some of her comments. She complained about NFL members who knelt during the Anthem, even though that is their free speech.  She lashed at Beyoncé’s performance at the Super Bowl show over the reminiscent Black Panther outfits, and again where was THEIR free speech.

She complained about ‘illegals’ and DACA, then refused to comment when it was found her ancestor from Russia was charged with two separate immigration violations {forgery and making false affidavit in connection with naturalization}. According to her, though, she would meet ALL ‘illegals’ with a swift BYE!

Bubble head openly supports fracking, a proven danger to the whole planet, as is climate change, which she claims is a ‘myth’ despite 99.99% of scientists saying otherwise.

She claims she is a ‘leading voice of conservatives and Republican Millennials; she also says that Millennials are lazy and the men ‘soft’.

She has ranted on about America and the flag and military service, but never served a minute in her over sheltered life; she seems to think that coming from a military family and her boyfriend being military makes her an ‘expert’ somehow.

She attended college in Las Vegas, for broadcast journalism, with one of her early pieces giving a glowing article about a fellow student who turned to stripping due to financial reasons. One assumes with Lahren’s inherent stupidity would show up and cost her jobs if she were to attempt to do the same thing, and with her so so looks and rotten personality and grating voice, well….

So, here’s to the biggest whitest snowflake of them all, Miss Know Nothing Done Nothing Bobble head 2017!





This rant’s for you, Wild….

Relative of mine {won’t say who, because would rather not admit have such brain dead jackasses in my family tree} posted a video on facebook supposedly showing the effect of a flu vaccine that went bad, totally messing up her life. Let’s stop and cover that part first.

The video was fake; it’s been proven many times and ways that it was and is faked. The girl in question also had a PREEXISTING GENETIC condition that caused what {little actually did} happen, happen. There are hundreds to thousands of scientific and other PROVEN documentation, not hearsay not wishful thinking not alternative facts nor faux newz that PROVE that I and thousands of others keep telling thickheaded morons. There is ‘herd immunity’, and the reason it’s the LAW to get vaccinated/series of vaccinations is because while everyone has personal rights,  the right you claim to have to not vaccinate your child has been ruled child abuse, and in a few cases the so called right to not vaccinate has been ruled manslaughter and/or attempted murder, plus charges for neglecting parental responsibilities. The REST of us have the RIGHT not to be infected with something because of your ‘alternative facts’ bullshit that’s been disproved, by scientists and other professionals that know more than you ever will about this, but on the off chance you ever actually go look, at real news sources, the ‘the truth is out there’ and it ain’t freaking x-files either. Argue all you want; stupid should be painful.

Now…be it Republican, Democrat, Independent, or whatever else, we ALL have to abide by the same RULES and LAWS. One has the right to their rights, as long as those rights do NOT infringe on others’ rights. Do you have the right to free speech; so does everyone else, whether you like it or not. Do you have the right to hate speech/inciting to riot? NO, you do NOT, nor does anyone else. Do you and yours have the right to vote for a political party; yes, you do, BUT…if your party is for taking away everyone ELSE’s rights, your party is WRONG. All republicans are not retards or irredeemable, but the ones that tend to stay in the political spotlight are. Not all Democrats are dumb asses, though there are definitely some that are. All ‘liberals’ are NOT ‘snowflakes’. Let’s get some HISTORY on that, because your IGNORANCE is showing full blast, you white supremacist moron .

[Urban Dictionary is most up to date/recent} Referring to someone, usually the Alt-Right, Yiannopoulos, And Nazi Sympathizers (A.K.A. ARYANS), whose immense white fragility causes a meltdown when confronted with the most minute deviation from orthodox White Supremacy. They often cry bloody murder when expected to give the most modest expression of basic human decency.

This is all a continuation of how Snowflake historically refers to people who are against the abolition of slavery. The ARYANS have attempted to hijack this term to use against progressives and those opposing Fascism. It failed ultimately, because nobody was foolish enough to believe anti-Fascist resisters to be, by any stretch of the imagination, comparable to the snowflakery of the ARYANs and their cheeto-dusted Fuhrer.

But the ARYANS succeeded in poisoning the well on calling people “snowflakes,” when it became widely understood that they were using it as a euphemism for the human ashes falling in Nazi Germany when they were burning people. This revelation became particularly useful for decoding the ARYAN tendency of referring to snowflakes as a “Generation.” Especially telling is the pseudo-concept of a Snowflake Generation, which operates as a front for the ARYANS’ need to mark out groups of people to direct their genocidal lust towards.

Just BECAUSE I don’t intend to let you use your rights to trample on MINE does not make me a snowflake. Just because I voted for Bernie does not make me a snowflake, nor does him being a Socialist Democrat mean what you claim, either. This country has been, always, a Democratic Republic, which the makers of the Constitution sought to make sure that the government had limited, select and overall specific rules and regulations.

HOWEVER, along with rights AND responsibilities, for the protection of ALL citizens {not just the ones you like or the ones you agree with or the ones that are the ‘right’ sexual orientation, color, creed, nationality, religion, ad nauseum}. YOUR rights END where they want to STOP MY rights. You don’t believe in handouts, don’t take them, even if your kids are starving to death; of course, at that point social services will take them away and put them in a home because you are an unfit parent and human being. By the way, shut off your running water, that’s municipal socialism provided, as is fire and police and 911 and paved roads and you can’t send your kid to school unless you pay for private one and…. Short version {with no details, that are given in the link below all that, in full}.

Military/Defense, War, The Pentagon,
CIA, FBI, Department Homeland Security, Customs/Border Protection,  Secret Service,
Court System, Public Defenders, IRS, Department of Justice
White House, All Elected Government Officials {positions}, Congressional Health Care
Corporate/Business Subsidies, Corporate Bailouts/Welfare, Government Scholarships,

EPA, FDA, Health Care for 9/11 Rescue Workers, Polio Vaccine, Bird Flu Vaccine, Swine Flu Vaccine,  Centers for Disease Control and Prevention {CDC}, FEMA, OSHA, USDA,
Police, Fire Department, Jail/Prison System, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Energy

Highways/Roads, Bridges, State Construction, Garbage Collection, Public Landfills, Sewer System, Hoover Dam, TVA, Farm Subsidies, State Snow Removal, City/Metro Buses, Public Street Lighting, National Weather Service

Student Loans and Grants, Public Libraries,  Museums, Public Schools, Public Parks, State/City Zoos, Postal Service, Town/State Run Beaches, PBS, Amtrak, NPR, State and National Monuments, Department of Education, Peace Corps

Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid {in some states/instances}, Disability Insurance/SSDI, Unemployment Insurance, Food Stamps, Free Lunch Program, Welfare, WIC, S-Chip/State Children’s Health Insurance Program, Veteran’s Health Benefits, G I Bill

SO…try to spoon feed me the BULLSHIT yet again that we are not and have not been since America STARTED, a socialist democratic country. Our Government is that, our Law is that, our country’s Civilization rises and falls on that…you supremacist SNOWFLAKE !

Don’t like what I wrote? FACTS are rough and tough to take, aren’t they, SNOWFLAKE.




‘Wild’ Bill Rice, aka William John Rice.


I had no idea; with his new work schedule only tried to call on saturday or sunday when knew he would be up and about already. I was in the middle of things last weekend and waited too late to call…technically and in reality. He will definitely be missed, and it’s a shock, because as I joked to him when he would get morbid, I lose someone close to me once a decade, and Jeff Roberts passed in 2012, so Wild Bill Rice would have to wait 2020 or so. He never did listen well to me about some things.

Never would call him by his name/s…John because of John Mark, William because of a close friend that had died, Bill because ewww reasons won’t go in to…so, never called him by his name, just Wild … Wild {Rice}, get it, he’d had that nick name since college.

I like to think, as political as he was, that he just couldn’t deal with Trump world anymore, and yes he’d think me saying that was funny, man could he go on tears of rants about politics; I was in Iowa in the last election, we went to caucus together, and yes we were in the same room, voting for the same person {Bernie}.