Somebody spin the wheel and give Amazon a vowel so they’ll have a clue.

I F*cking Hate Monsters (Monster Hunter Extraordinaire, #1) by Paul W. Ryan and We’re All Going To Die (Monster Hunter Extraordinaire, #2) will not post the reviews except on goodreads, have tried on amazon and also later each day on amazon uk 6 times so far and they will not post.

Went in to online chat with amazon, because they bloody have useless help button for ’email’ {you mail them through that page, get no copy unless you copy and send to yourself, and oh yeah they never help you much in any way}. So went to online chat crap, at which time gave them all that information, in even more detail. Well, yesterday finally get email back saying that they had not posted the I hate f*cking monsters review because it had been flagged for language. Uhm, morons, you have the book online and you have published or otherwise promoted it, so what ‘language’ are you against? Are you against * sign or something, you f*cking m*rons?!

Oh, by the way, they STILL have NOT posted the book 2 review We’re all going to die…what is their excuse for that one, the word ‘die’?! Who knows, they never talked about that one, although mentioned them BOTH each and every time.

Coming from a company that has made available, in several ways, 50 Shades of Grey, they claim there is a problem with the word f*cking?! Yeah well f*ck them and the horse they rode in on, the jockey that rode it, and the person that feeds it oats.


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